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Sasaki is a Headliner and one of the Tobiroppo of the Beasts Pirates.[2]


Sasaki is a large man who resembles a fish-man, as he possesses sharp teeth including prominent lower canine teeth. He has long, wild light hair that reaches to the middle of his back, as well as curved horns jutting upward from the front of his head, and wears a large sailor's cap. His torso is uncovered except for a cape with flame designs on his back, and he has a prominent wing-shaped tattoo on his chest, shoulders, upper arms, and back. He wears a pair of dark pants with flame designs on the top, and a pair of geta sandals on his feet.[2]


Sasaki appears to have a cold personality, as he discouraged both X Drake and Page One from pursuing advancement in the crew, calling the latter dead weight. He seems to heavily respect Kaido, as he looked forward to receiving a request from him and became serious and shocked when Ulti spoke rudely about their captain.[2]

Abilities and Powers

As a Headliner in the Beasts Pirates, Sasaki holds a high position in his crew and has authority over the lower-ranking members, and as a member of the Tobiroppo, he also is among the strongest Headliners, with only Kaido and the All-Stars ranking above him.[2]


Wano Country Arc

Sasaki and the other Tobiroppo members arrived at Onigashima during the Fire Festival. Kaido had them brought into his fortress,[1] and as they waited, they started discussing about which of them would be promoted to All-Star if Queen died. X Drake denied any interest in promotion, and Sasaki gladly accepted his noncompetitive attitude, suggesting that Page One do the same. Sasaki then looked forward to meeting with Kaido after their wait, and reacted with shock along with the other Tobiroppo when Ulti insulted their captain.[2]


  • Sasaki is possibly named after the card game "44A", also known as Sasaki (ササキ?), fitting with the card game-themed names of the Headliners.


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