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Satchin is a newkama and former Impel Down prisoner who lived in Level 5.5 and escaped with the Prison Escape Team. He only appeared in Super Kabuki II: One Piece.[1]


Satchin has heavy white makeup on his face, with large bushy brown eyebrows, black eyeshadow, and pink blush on his cheeks. He has curly green hair styled upward. Satchin wears a burgundy and blue jumpsuit with puffy purple shoulders, a frilly pink collar, and silver cuffs. He also wears yellow cheetah print boots and a large plume of black and yellow feathers on his back.[1]


Abilities and Powers

Not much is known about Satchin's abilities, but he is dangerous enough to be imprisoned in the great prison.[1]


Summit War Saga

Impel Down Arc

Satchin performed alongside Ivankov and Inazuma. He assisted Luffy in his escape from Impel Down.[1]


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