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Savarin is a food critic who visited the Baratie in the Shokugeki no Sanji one-shot.[1]


Savarin is a large, overweight woman with large lips, a turned up nose, and thin eyebrows. She wears her hair up in a spiral on the top of her head, and she wears a short, sleeveless dress. She also wears a necklace, earrings, bracelets, and a belt, all of which are designed to look like fruit.


Savarin is a pretentious woman who looks down upon other chefs. She does not care about wasting food, and she is cruel when writing reviews for restaurants. She behaves this way because she has gained prestige in the culinary world, cooking for royalty and garnering a reputation as a respected critic.

Savarin also believes that cooking and food are only about money and prestige. She sees restaurants like the Baratie as third-rate establishments that do not deserve respect, and she berates Sanji and the Baratie's cooks for having more wholesome ideals.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Savarin is a skilled planner and is said to have worked for royal dinner parties. She is quite knowledgeable about cooking and seafood, as she was able to recognize Sanji's technique and was impressed by his ability to cook difficult foods.[1]


Shokugeki no SanjiEdit

Savarin came to the Baratie because she heard rumblings of the restaurant on water. After ordering a few items, she loudly criticized the food to nearby guests. Unimpressed with the establishment, she called Sanji over to her table, thinking he was a waiter. She asked to speak to the head chef before leaving, which angered Sanji, as he does not like food being wasted. The other cooks, including Patty and Carne, demanded that she be allowed to pay and leave, but Sanji made her stay and try his cooking. She berated him and criticized Zeff, prompting Sanji to make a bet with her: if he made a dish she liked, she would have to eat everything else on her table.

When Savarin tried Sanji's Tomahawk Spiny Lobster, she was shocked and demanded to know how a waiter could cook so well. Sanji admitted that he was actually the Baratie's sous chef and demanded she clear her table. Savarin was overcame by the flavor of Sanji's dish and passed out.[1]



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