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Sayori was a pirate who washed up on Medaka's island over 10 years ago. She decided to stop being a pirate to stay on the island and marry Herring.


Sayori is described as being a kind person. When her former crewmembers attacked the island, she tried to convince them to leave peacefully, giving them supplies in exchange. However, when they attacked, she didn't hesitate to try and defend the village.

Abilities and Powers

Sayori was described as being a normal pirate, with no special abilities. Though usage is not described, she left Medaka her naginata.[1]



Over 10 years ago, Sayori's lifeboat got caught in a storm, and she washed up on Medaka's island. She was rescued by Herring, a fisherman, and decided to give up her piracy to stay with him. They got married, and eventually had a daughter, Medaka. Sayori's stories of adventure inspired Medaka to become a pirate when she got older.[1]

A few years ago, the island was under attack by a pirate crew. However, Sayori realized that it was the crew she used to belong to. Being the captain's daughter, she convinced them to leave the village peacefully, in exchange for supplies and water. However, once they obtained the supplies, the pirates pillaged the village, burning it to the ground. They attempted to kidnap Sayori, and she sacrificed herself to blow up the ship, killing herself and the pirates.[1]


Sayori's death, as well as the cruel treatments of her former crew, disillusioned Medaka, causing her to hate all pirates. As a memento to her mother, Medaka got another villager to retrofit her old armor, which Medaka later used against the Ganzack Pirates.[1]


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