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Scholastic is an American book publisher that released a series of One Piece novelizations in 2007. Each book was aimed at ages seven to ten, grade level 2-5, and had an MSRP of $4.99.

These novelizations were based on the 4Kids version of the anime and retained the 4Kids names, terminology and story alterations.

One Piece Books[edit | edit source]

King Of The Pirates[edit | edit source]

King Of The Pirates
Scholastic King Of The Pirates Novel.png
Release Date January 1, 2007[1]
Author Micheal Anthony Steele
Pages 112
Adapted from 4Kids episodes 1-3

Novel and Anime differences[edit | edit source]

In addition to the changes already made to the Japanese version and original manga, the following was changes were made for the novel:

  • At his execution, Gold Roger's crimes are read out to him by a Marine as "treason on the high seas, piracy, pillaging and robbery..." before Roger interrupts him. Roger's specific crimes are not stated in the anime. Additionally, in the novel Roger's speech about the One Piece is provoked by the Marine asking if he has any final words rather than by being asked about it directly by a person in the crowd as it was in the anime.
  • The two sailor's who find Luffy in a barrel are given the names Shiro and Tomeo. Shiro's introduction explains that he is bored on the ship and wants to find adventure, but regrets this a moment later when Alvida attacks.
  • In the novel, Koby hands out swords to the rest of Alvida's crew before they attack the cruise ship.
  • Heppoko is referred to as Alvida's first mate. Nether he, Peppoko or Poppoko are named in the novel.
  • Luffy plans getting picked up by a ship while inside the barrel in the novel, whereas his dialog in the anime implies that it was just a fortunate coincidence.
  • Luffy's introduction to Peppoko and Poppoko is more formal in the novel, as he offers them a handshake.

The Circus Comes To Town[edit | edit source]

The Circus Comes To Town
Scholastic The Circus Comes To Town Novel.png
Release Date March 1, 2007[2]
Author Howie Dewin
Pages 112
Adapted from Orange Town Arc

Tall Tales[edit | edit source]

Tall Tales
Scholastic Tall Tales novel.png
Release Date 2007
Author Michael Anthony Steele
Pages 88[3]
Adapted from Syrup Village Arc

Pirate Attack[edit | edit source]

Pirate Attack
Scholastic Pirate Attack Novel.png
Release Date 2007
Author Michael Anthony Steele
Pages 85[4]
Adapted from Syrup Village Arc

Recipe For Disaster[edit | edit source]

Recipe For Disaster
Scholastic Recipie For Disaster Novel.png
Release Date 2007 (School market only)[5]
Author Michael Anthony Steele[6]
Pages 90
Adapted from Baratie Arc

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