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Scholastic is an American publisher that has published original One Piece books, predominantly aimed at children, since 2007.

In 2007, they published a series of One Piece novelizations adapting the 4Kids version of the anime. From August 2023, they began publishing original activity books.


Each book was aimed at ages seven to ten, grade level 2-5, with an MSRP of $4.99 USD. The first two books were available through retail, and at least the first five were available through the school system. Additionally, digital copies of books four and five are available to borrow from the Internet Archive.[1][2]

These novelizations are based on the 4Kids version of the anime and retain the 4Kids names, terminology, and story alterations.

King Of The Pirates[]

King Of the Pirates
Scholastic King Of The Pirates Novel
Printed October, 2006
Published January 1, 2007[3]
Author Michael Anthony Steele
ISBN 978-0-439-89719-8
Pages 105
Adapts 4Kids episodes 1-3


Monkey D. Luffy is determined to be King of the Pirates, even if he doesn't have a boat or a crew! And his first choice for a crew member? Roronoa Zolo, a pirate hunter imprisoned by the navy. Even if Luffy can make it on to the navy base and past the guards, he'll still be face-to-face with Zolo - the most famous pirate hunter in history.

Is Luffy as foolish as everyone thinks?
Or does he have some unexpected tricks up his sleeve?

Novel and Anime differences[]

  • At Gold Roger's execution, a Marine reads out his crimes as "treason on the high seas, piracy, pillaging and robbery", none of which are stated in the anime. Additionally, Roger's One Piece speech is prompted by a Marine asking for his final words, rather than a member of the audience.
  • The two sailors who find Luffy in a barrel are given the names Shiro and Tomeo. Shiro is introduced with an internal monologue in which he complains that he's bored and wants to find adventure, a wish he regrets when Alvida attacks them.
  • In the novel, Koby hands out swords to the rest of Alvida's crew, and Heppoko is referred to as Alvida's first mate.
  • Compared to the Anime, Luffy is slightly less oblivious when he arrives on the cruise ship. He has planned on his barrel getting picked up by a passing boat and offers Peppoko and Poppoko a handshake.
  • All of Nami's scenes are omitted.
  • Initially, the narration erroneously describes the Grand Line as a continent. However, later dialogue from Koby correctly identifies it as an area of the sea surrounding the Red Line.
  • Zolo defeats Morgan by blocking his swipe at Luffy's head and kicking him in the face. The 4Kids anime implies that Zolo slashes Morgan's chest, which is depicted but obscured in the uncut version.

The Circus Comes to Town[]

The Circus Comes To Town
Scholastic The Circus Comes To Town Novel
Printed November, 2006
Published March 1, 2007[4]
Author Howie Dewin
ISBN 978-0-439-89726-6
Pages 101
Adapts 4Kids episodes 4-7


Luffy and Zolo are one step closer to One Piece when they track down a map of the Grand Line. Too bad it's under lock and key in the ship of the most feared pirate on the sea - Captain Buggy! And as if that weren't bad enough, a mysterious, pirate-hating navigator named Nami is after the very same map and always seems to be one step ahead of them.

Can Luffy and Zolo face down the entire crew of fearsome clowns and outwit Nami on their way?

Novel and Anime differences[]

  • The weapons used by the Mountain Bandits and Red Hair Pirates are simply referred to as revolvers, and it is not stated whether the bandit survives being shot by Shanks' men.
  • It is directly stated that Buggy strangles one of his men without touching them.
  • The flashbacks of Chouchou and his owner are imagined by Luffy, and not actual memories.
  • Following the deflected Buggy Ball, Buggy does not use his own men as a shield, and there is no rivalry between Mohji and Cabaji.
  • The fights with Zolo vs Cabaji and Luffy vs Buggy are heavily abridged. Cabaji's fight consists of him attacking Zolo's injury, using spinning tops, and a quick summary of his other abilities; Buggy's attempt to sabotage Zolo with his floating hand is skipped. Luffy and Buggy only take one hit against each other before Shanks is brought up. Nami's simultaneous interaction with Buggy's drunk crew-mate is also omitted.

Tall Tales[]

Tall Tales
Scholastic Tall Tales novel
Published 2007
Author Howie Dewin
ISBN 978-0-439-89720-4
Pages 88[5]
Adapts 4Kids episodes 8-10


Luffy's pirate crew is in serious need of some supplies. They're hungry, thirsty, and - as Nami points out constantly - can't expect to sail the Grand Line in a boat the size of a bathtub. But they happen to set their sights on an island already inhabited by pirates - Veggie Pirates, that is!

But is there something more sinister going on that Luffy realizes? And can a ragtag group of young landlubbers help them with their mission?

Novel and Anime differences[]

  • The spotting of a pirate ship is credited to the lookout instead of Rayleigh.
  • Buggy's plan after selling the Chop Chop Fruit is changed from wanting to find the map's treasure to wanting to find the One Piece.
  • The Tightrope Walking Funan Bros aren't waiting at the ship Nami stole, and Luffy's group takes it without incident.
  • Instead of preparing his swords when noticing the Veggie Pirates, Zolo draws a dagger.
  • Yasopp claiming he can shoot an ant between the eyes is changed to an event Luffy witnessed.
  • Usopp trying to warn the villagers about the Black Cat Pirates' assault is shortened, stopping after a couple compares him to Klahadore.
  • Zolo, Nami, and the Veggie Pirates searching for Luffy is removed, with the next novel beginning after they already found him.

Pirate Attack[]

Pirate Attack
Scholastic Pirate Attack Novel
Printed February, 2007
Published 2007
Author Howie Dewin
ISBN 978-0-439-89721-1
Pages 85[6]
Adapts 4Kids episodes 11-13
  • This is the only novel that begins with a recap of the previous one.

Novel and Anime differences[]

Recipe for Disaster[]

Recipe For Disaster
Scholastic Recipie For Disaster Novel
Printed June, 2007
Published 2007 (School market only)[7]
Author Michael Anthony Steele[8]
ISBN 978-0-439-89722-8
Pages 90
Adapts 4Kids episodes 16, 18-20


A brand-new ship and some target practice. A floating restaurant and a nasty naval officer. An escaped pirate and some seriously tough chefs. The Straw Hat Pirates wander into even more trouble than usual in their latest adventure, as they fill their bellies one last time before setting sail for the Grand Line.

Will our heroes figure out how to use a cannon?
Can they befriend the mysterious Sanji?
And will Luffy finally get enough to eat?

Novel and Anime differences[]

  • Kuro's and Luffy's final attacks take place in a daydream of Luffy's, after him, Zolo, and Nami have returned to the restaurant.
    • The entire preceding fight, Django chasing the Veggie Pirates and Kaya, and the Black Cat Pirates leaving the island are all removed.
    • After Luffy's daydream, a scene is added of Nami and Zolo discussing how Kuro was more of a typical pirate than Luffy while he thought back to how they all met.
    • Usopp disbanding the Veggie Pirates, informing them that he's heading out to sea, and packing for his journey are all removed.
    • Kaya's explanation about her sickness is removed.
  • The Veggie Pirates discussing Usopp's departure and deciding to continue spreading his lies are removed.
  • The explanation for Usopp lying about pirates coming to the village is removed.
  • Zolo planning his final duel against Kuina and Kuina overhearing her father compare her to Zolo are removed.
  • Months are added between their final duel and Kuina's injury, during which she began training with men from other villages and grew a reputation as a powerful swordswoman.
  • In the anime, time passes between Kuina's initial injury and when Koushirou informs Zolo that she can no longer fight. In the novel, he rushes to the hospital when he first hears that she's been injured, and is informed right away.
  • Zoro cutting the giant boulder before leaving the dojo is explicitly stated to be his final test in the novel.
  • Fullbody and Moodie heading to Baratie is removed.
  • Instead of Johnny and Yosaku introducing themselves, they're introduced by Zolo.
  • Johnny and Yosaku spreading wanted posters across the floor, including Arlong's, is removed.
    • Their subsequent discussion with Nami is also removed.
  • Fullbody attempting to guess the wine is moved to after the Straw Hat Pirates enter the Baratie. Him placing a fly into his soup and blaming Sanji is moved to the same time, and Zolo watches it all unfold.
  • The Baratie chefs discussing Don Krieg is moved to after Luffy begins working in the kitchen.

Other books[]

As of August 2023, Scholastic has begun publishing One Piece activity books. Unlike the previous novels, these appear to use original translations, largely inspired by the Crunchyroll dub (i.e. using "Marines" instead of "Navy", and "Zoro" instead of "Zolo").

Differences from the Crunchyroll dub include "Jinbe", "Straw Hat Crew", and "Hody Jones".

The Official One Piece Coloring Book[]

The Official One Piece Coloring Book
One Piece The Official Coloring Book
Published August 1, 2023
ISBN 978-1-339-01747-1
Pages 96

Featured characters including Monkey D. Luffy, Nami, Charlotte Linlin, and Kaidou and locations include Fish-Man Island, Punk Hazard, and Whole Cake Island. It retails for $15.99 USD.[9]

One Piece: Treasure Trace[]

One Piece: Treasure Trace
One Piece Treasure Trace
Published April 2, 2024
ISBN 978-1-339-01748-8
Pages 112

Featured characters include Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Charlotte Linlin, and Kaidou. It retails for $12.99 USD.[10]

This book contains the first appearances of the Hana Hana no Mi, Hito Hito no Mi, and Yomi Yomi no Mi's fruit appearances in English media.

Despite the Scholastic website listing Buggy as a featured character in this book, he is not actually included.

One Piece Official Sticker Book[]

One Piece Official Sticker Book
One Piece Official Sticker Book
Published October 1, 2024
ISBN 978-1-546-13892-1
Pages 16

Included over 1,000 One Piece stickers divided among 24 sheets, featuring characters like Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, and Nami. It retails for $12.99 USD.[11]


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