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Scopper Gaban[3] was a member of the Roger Pirates.[1]


Gaban is a tall, well-built man with long black hair. His hair is tied in a bushy ponytail in the back, while two thin strands of hair fall over his face. He is always seen wearing a pair of round, black sunglasses.[1]

27 years ago, he wore a long-sleeved blue shirt with white stripes on each sleeve, which was only held closed at the middle with one button.[2] In the anime, he was initially depicted in this outfit with lighter colored hair, silver sunglasses and a purple shirt with a yellow stripe on the collar and down each arm.[4]

26 years ago, he initially wore a yellow t-shirt with two orange blotch-like patterns on the right side, blue pants, and a purple sash. He then wore a purple shirt, orange pants and a pale yellow sash.


Scopper Gaban in Buggy's Flashback.png
Gaban in Buggy's flashback.
Scopper Gaban Edd War Outfit.png
Gaban's outfit at the Battle of Edd War 27 years ago.
Scopper Gaban 26 Years Ago.png
Gaban's initial outfit 26 years ago.
Scopper Gaban Anime Color Scheme.png
Scopper Gaban's initial anime color scheme.


Gaban can be very quick to get to the point, as he proposed stopping the rampaging Kozuki Oden early on before the samurai could cause more damage to the crew.[5] He was also the first to voice the crew's dissatisfaction towards Oden after the latter joined the Roger Pirates. Gaban does not seem to care for small talk, cutting Neptune off when he started talking about Shyarly's popularity across Fish-Man Island.[6]

As a long-time member of the Roger Pirates, he understands Roger better than most and knows it is pointless to convince him to run from an enemy.[2] Gaban seems to hold his captain to a high standard and tried to stop him from bowing his head to Whitebeard.[7]

Abilities and Powers

Gaban wielding his axes.

Gaban appears to have been a prominent figure in terms of strength and authority, as he was shown leading the charge alongside Rayleigh during the crew's last battle with the Whitebeard Pirates.[5][8]

In the anime, Gaban was shown to be strong enough to clash on even terms with soon-to-be crewmate Kozuki Oden, one of the strongest-ever samurai from Wano.[9]


Gaban wields a pair of axes as his main weapon. The axes are single bit, with a large axe head and a plain handle.[5][8]



Twenty-seven years ago, Gaban was present with the rest of the Roger Pirates in the sea known as Edd War, where they were confronted by Shiki, the captain of the Golden Lion Pirates. Shiki demanded to form an alliance with the Roger Pirates in hopes of taking over the world and if they did not agree, Shiki would destroy them with his armada. While this event occurred, Gaban tried his best to calm down Buggy, who was hoping to surrender to Shiki, but in the end Roger refused the alliance thus resulting in an epic battle where the entire crew, including Gaban fought it out. Luckily, fate was on the Roger Pirates' side as during the battle, a massive storm formed and sunk half of Shiki's armada, resulting in the Roger Pirates' victory. This event was forever known as the Battle of Edd War[2].

Around 26 years ago, the Roger Pirates were causing a ruckus on an island. After defeating a group of Marines, they learned that the Whitebeard Pirates had docked on the other side of the island.[10] The Roger Pirates were then confronted by Kozuki Oden. Gaban and Silvers Rayleigh prepared to fight him, but Gol D. Roger charged in and blew Oden away with a single slash. The Roger Pirates clashed with the Whitebeard Pirates for three days and three nights before the skirmish turned into a gift exchange. The Roger Pirates were later joined by Oden and his family as well as Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. At some point, the Roger Pirates visited Skypiea.[11]

After leaving Skypiea, the crew's voyage took them to Water 7, Tequila Wolf, Sabaody Archipelago, and Fish-Man Island. Sometime later, they left Toki, Momonosuke, Hiyori, Inuarashi, and Nekomamushi in Wano Country. Sometime after the visit to Zou, the Roger Pirates finally reached Laugh Tale. When the crew discovered Joy Boy's treasure, they responded with a burst of laughter.[12]

Sometime after Roger became Pirate King, Roger decided to disband the crew. Roger was the first to leave and the crew tearfully parted ways with him. They later returned Oden to Wano Country and they tearfully bid farewell to him as well.[13]

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Anime and Manga Differences

Gaban debuts in the manga during Buggy's flashback in Chapter 19, but does not appear in the anime adaptation of the chapter.[1]

In the manga, Gaban's outfit inexplicably changes in the span of a few pages during the conflict with the Whitebeard Pirates. This is corrected in the anime, where he maintains the same outfit until the story skips four days to the end of the conflict.[5][8] However, this correction was seemingly made at the last minute, because the preview in the previous episode still showed him in a different outfit.

Scopper Gaban 966 Preview Oufit.png
Gaban's outfit in the episode preview.
Scopper Gaban 966 Final Outfit.png
Gaban's outfit in the episode itself.

While the manga did not show any details of the battle with the Whitebeard Pirates, the anime depicts Gaban clashing with Kozuki Oden. Later, the anime expands on the events at Mock Town, showing Gaban enter the town with Shanks and Buggy to purchase supplies. The trio then notice Oden causing a ruckus and chase after him to stop him from stealing food from ordinary citizens. However, after being attacked by a group of thugs and realizing the town is lawless, Gaban allows Oden to run wild.[9]


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  • The name "Scopper" may be a reference to copper, a component of bronze, continuing the metal naming theme among some of the members of the Roger Pirates.


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