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Scorpion is a former bounty hunter who lives in the Badland after retiring there to raise his two sons, Chip and Dip.[1] He only appears in the anime.


Scorpion is a middle aged man, with brown hair and a beard. He also has an arrowed-heart tattoo on his forehead. In his bounty hunter outfit, he has a black helmet with a red scorpion mark and wears a squared red shirt, black long-sleeved undershirt, knee-length overalls with pants underneath, and brown shoes.[1]


Even the most insignificant person can still challenge the world's greatest hero if he tries hard enough!
— Scorpion to his children

Scorpion is a passionate man who dedicated himself to try and capture Portgas D. Ace.[1]

Abilities and Powers


Scorpion's Prescorraci Rifle.

The Prescorraci Rifle (消化作銃 Shōka Sakujū?) is Scorpion's personal weapon. It is a backpack weapon that can shoot acid (a compressed extinguisher foam in the 4Kids) from its target hose. Ace manages to escape the acid shot at him, but it is shown to be powerful enough to break through rock.[1]

He can also shoot a very strong bomb, that, upon contact with a surface, will protrude spikes from its shell to stick to the surface before detonating. He also has a steel net that can be shot out of his bazooka.[1]


Arabasta Arc

After hearing his sons wishing for a better life, he tried to capture Portgas D. Ace (after luring him there with rumors that he had defeated Blackbeard). He fought with Ace using a bazooka that can shoot a steel net, a high pressure acid gun, and a polka-dotted bomb that can blow up a mountain. When a landslide was about to crush him and his boys, Ace saved him with his Hiken and he went back to raising his sons after telling Ace about Blackbeard's last whereabouts.[1]

Translation and Dub Issues

In the 4kids version, his acid gun was changed to a water gun.

Major Battles

  • Scorpion vs. "Double Barrel" Danny[2]
  • Scorpion vs. "Hellbattler" Luther[2]
  • Scorpion vs. Portgas D. Ace


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