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The Sea Animal Pirates is an anime-only pirate crew founded by a Kung-Fu Dugong from Arabasta.

Jolly Roger

The Sea Animal Pirates' Jolly Roger consists of a Kung-Fu Dugong's face with its eyes closed and crossbones behind it.


The whole Sea Animal Pirates crew.

The Sea Animal Pirates are full of and only sea animals, led by a Kung-Fu Dugong trained under Luffy. The crew includes:

  • A black belt penguin (クロオビペンギン Kuroobi Penguin?)
  • A sumo capybara (スモーカピバラ Sumō Kapibara?)
  • An octopus boxer (たこボクサー Tako Bokusā?)
  • A group of Sea Lapahns (シーラパーン Shī Rapān?)

Crew Strength

The Sea Animal Pirates seem to possess a sufficient amount of strength, as they successfully made it to the New World. The captain also possesses Busoshoku Haki.



After being defeated and inspired by Luffy at Arabasta, the leader of the Kung-Fu Dugongs set sail and formed a crew of only sea animals. When they reached the New World the crew met Breed, who used his power to enslave them.

Caesar Retrieval Arc

Following Breed's orders, the kung-fu dugong and his sea lapahns kidnap Caesar Clown from the Straw Hat Pirates, forcing them and Law to chase the animals in order to recover the scientist. Later Luffy and the Dugong have a short fight and then recognize each other. Breed then appears and orders Luffy and Law to fight. After the dugong protests, Breed instead orders him to throw Law and Luffy into the sea.

Major Battles

  • Sea Animal Pirates (under Breed's control) vs. Straw Hat Pirates
  • Sea Animal Pirates and Luffy vs. Breed


  • This is the first animals-only pirate crew to appear.
  • The Octopus Boxer's birthday is December 26th.[2]


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