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Sealed[2] was an old man from One Piece: Unlimited Adventure[1] who created Popora.[3] He was the acting leader of the unnamed island from the game, but he sacrificed himself to seal away the Evil Guardian.[4]


Sealed was a tall man with light skin, white spiky hair, and a white spiky beard with part being shaped like an arrow on his lower lip. He had thin eyebrows and very prominent cheek bones, as well as deep creases around his mouth.

He wore dark, round glasses and a tall, light-colored hat that has a diamond pattern on the front, a small, circular object on the top, and a feather hanging off of it. He also wore a long, light-colored cloak that has a zipper down the front, a pair of socks that go above the knee, and loafer-like shoes. He had a necklace made of large beads that holds an orb and a bell. He was usually seen sitting in his wheelchair, which has only two large wheels, and carrying a golden polearm.


Sealed Portrait.png
A close-up of Sealed's face.
Sealed Full Body.png
Sealed's full-body appearance.


Sealed was quite caring, since he desired for Popora and the island's residents to be safe and happy. He was angry and disappointed at the island's residents when they wanted Popora to fight off invading pirates and when they took the orb to use for their own purposes. [5] He even went to the extent to protect Popora and the island to seal himself inside the orb with the Evil Guardian.[4] He was also very intelligent, as he knew that reviving the Evil Guardian would only bring trouble to the island. He also was brave and daring, since he sacrificed himself for the good of the island.[4]



Sealed uses the orb to give life to Popora.

Sealed created Popora with the power of the orb and his good-hearted spirit. He cared greatly for Popora and loved him like a father would love a son, and he also named him. [3] Later, when the island's residents wanted to use Popora, he defended him and told them that he was not created to be a weapon. When he sacrificed himself, Sealed entrusted Popora with the responsibility of protecting the island and keeping the Evil Guardian sealed away.[4]

Evil Guardian

When the idea of reviving the statue of the island's ancient guardian came up in discussion of how to protect the island, Sealed strongly disapproved and warned that giving something life out of hate would only bring more pain. After the Evil Guardian was animated, it turned against the island's residents and slaughtered all of them, leaving behind only Sealed and Popora.[5] Sealed felt that the creature's existence was his fault, so he took it upon himself to seal it away.[4]

Island's Residents

Sealed seemed to be the acting leader of the island, since the island's residents addressed him for help and guidance. Sealed provided the island with bountiful harvests and cared greatly for their well being. The residents, however, began to trust Sealed less and blamed him for not using Popora to protect the island. [6] They used the orb to animate the statue of their ancient guardian, but it killed everyone but Sealed and Popora in the process.[5] Sealed vowed to seal the creature away to avenge them.

Monkey D. Luffy

Sealed was very grateful towards Luffy for his kindness to Popora and thanked him for being the creature's friend. The rest of Luffy's crew could not see or hear him, showing that Luffy had the strongest bond with Popora and the orb's magic, though it is also possible that he heard him through the Voice of All Things.[7]

Abilities and Powers

Though Sealed may have been quite old, he did have decent endurance and willpower, since he was able to hold off the Evil Guardian for some time before sealing it inside the orb.[4]


Main article: Orb

Sealed used the abilities of the orb to do miraculous things. He used this ability to create Popora[3], provide his island with good harvests, and seal away the Evil Guardian.[4]


Sealed was seen carrying a polearm with a hammer on the end of it, but he has not been shown fighting with it. It is unknown how skilled he was in using it.



Over 1000 years ago, Sealed created Popora out of a clay-like substance and named him “Popora”.[3] Later, the island's residents approached Sealed, thanking him for providing them with a bountiful harvest but demanding that he use Popora to defend the island from invaders. After refusing to use Popora as a method of defense, Sealed discovered that the island's residents had stolen his orb with plans to animate the statue of the island's guardian god. He warned the people that if something was given life out of hatred, the creation would cause harm.[6]

Sealed seals away the Evil Guardian.

The residents did not listen, animating the statue, but the creation killed everyone on the island except for Sealed and Popora.[5] The two visited the grave for the fallen, and Sealed deemed that he was personally responsible for the recent events. He and Popora approached the Evil Guardian, and, after some struggle, Sealed decided that he must sacrifice himself to save Popora. Dying, Sealed asked that Popora protect the island until someone came to stop the evil force for good and uses the last of his remaining strength to seal the creature away.[4]


Sealed's grave, erected by Popora.

After Sealed sacrificed himself, Popora erected a grave for his fallen master and vowed to protect the island like Sealed had wanted him to do. A remnant of Sealed's essence remained inside the orb.

Unlimited Adventure

Luffy fished the orb out of the sea and was unknowingly guided by Sealed throughout the duration if he and his crew's journey around the island releasing its seals; at one point, after they broke the first two seals, he spoke to Luffy, but though Luffy heard him, he didn't understand him. The orb showed them a variety of flashbacks from Popora's point of view, many of them containing Sealed. With each flashback of Popora and Sealed, another flashback with one of the Straw Hat Pirates was shown in comparison. This showed the similarities of their relationship with those of Luffy and Shanks, Sanji and Zeff, Chopper and Hiriluk, as well as others.

Sealed creates friends for Popora as his final parting act.

After the Evil Guardian was defeated by the Straw Hats and Popora, Sealed's ghost appeared before them. He thanked Popora for protecting the island properly and thanked Luffy for helping him and becoming his friends. When Luffy responded to him, the rest of the crew started the think their captain was crazy, since they could not see Sealed's ghost. Sealed then used the last of his essence to restore the island to the paradise-like state that he and Popora has always wanted it to be. In his final act, he not only transformed the entire island, but created more Popora-like creatures to keep the creature company.[7]

Major Battles


The endgame credits where Sealed's name is revealed.

  • Though he was not named in the story of the game, his name was revealed in the credits.[2]


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