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Sandy Beaches Where Fossils Sleep: The Seaside Zone is a beachfront area of the unnamed island Popora inhabits. It is the first area the Straw Hat Pirates explore in One Piece: Unlimited Adventure.[1]


A map of the Plain Zone.

The Seaside Zone is a grassy region of the game's unnamed island with terraced rock that lowers down to sand dunes. There are some average trees at the zone's entrance from the Plain Zone, and the ground gets rockier and sandier as the elevation decreases. It features a small flower field with a fruit tree at the center, a small cave, a pond near the entrance, another pond under a rock cliff, and a giant skeleton of a Sea King.

The Seaside Zone's skeletal path.

After the orb is activated, the skeleton's tail creates a path to the zone's second seal. Along the shore, coconut trees and thin grass decorate the beach. The zone also features some geological formations, with a stone archway close to the entrance and scattered boulders near the beach.

The Seaside Zone connects to the Plain Zone, Jungle Zone, Ruins Zone, and Cave Zone.[1]


At the beginning of the game, the following enemies appear:

  • Normal Marine
  • Bazooka Marine
  • Saber Pirate

After Chapter 4, the following enemies also appear:

Smoker and Dracule Mihawk are the zone's bosses, and Bentham is the zone's secret boss.


One Piece: Unlimited Adventure

Popora guards the Seaside Zone's first seal.

Luffy entered the Seaside Zone from the Plain Zone and found Marines while running through the beginning part of the zone. He entered a cave to find Nami, Usopp, and Chopper, and after the orb showed them memories of each of them joining the crew, they discussed the orb. Nami wanted to sell it, but they soon realized that it had to power to alter the island's terrain, as it opened up an exit in the cave the rest of the zone.

They descended a flight of stone steps created by the orb and came upon the zone's first seal. Popora charged in front of them and tried to block their way. The orb showed Popora's memory of Sealed and Luffy's memories from Loguetown of Buggy's failed execution and his encounter with Smoker. The seal produced an apparition of the Marine captain, and the group fought and defeated him. The apparition turned into energy that the orb absorbed.

They continued to explore the Seaside Zone, finding Robin and Franky on the beach, and the orb showed the group the memories of the two joining the crew. They proceeded and found Zoro and Sanji standing on top of a boulder. The orb showed them more memories of them joining, and Robin realized that the orb was spoken about in a stone monument next to them. She deciphered parts of the monument that were legible, exciting the crew to search for treasure. They also decided to look for the Thousand Sunny.

Popora warns the Straw Hat Pirates about breaking the seals.

The whole crew, now reunited, activated the orb again. Suddenly, the giant Sea King skeleton's tail raised high into the air and came crashing down to form a path to a small island with the next seal. When the stepped onto the small island, Popora ran onto the skeleton tail and let out a warning call to them, prompting Zoro to turn around. The orb activated, showing memories of Popora challenging the Evil Guardian and Zoro's promise to Mihawk. The seal produced an apparition of the Warlord swordsman. After the Straw Hat Pirates defeated him, Popora ran off, and the crew returned to camp.[1]


Swallowtail Butterflies and Hidden Black-winged Swallowtails can be found on the Seaside Zone's flowers, and Hercules Beetles and Golden Hercules can be found on the area's trees. Umbrella Frogs can be found in the area's watery sections in the first half. Lovely Angels, and Scissor Shrimp can be caught in the zone's pond near the entrance from the Seaside Zone. Island Clams, Pumpkin Octopi, Treasure Pargai, and Golden Whales can be caught from the zone's beach. Lovely Angels, Adventure Fish, Pumpkin Octopi, and Great Terigius can be caught in the zone's cliff-bound pond.[1]


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