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Seastone is a naturally-occurring—but immensely rare—mineral substance, best known for its negation of Devil Fruit abilities.

Though it originates from Wano Country,[2] Seastone is currently utilized in many inventions and devices across the world. As the most advanced research on it was conducted by the Marine scientist Dr. Vegapunk, its use is particularly common among the Marines and World Government.[3]


We still don't understand all the properties of Seastone, but we do know that it emits an energy identical to the ocean's. Think of it as the sea in solid form.
— Smoker

According to Pagaya, one of Seastone's main components is Pyrobloin (パイロブロイン Pairoburoin?, Funimation: Pyrobroine), a type of "corneous particle" (角質の粒子 Kakushitsu no ryūshi?) dense enough to form both Sea and Island Clouds if absorbed of enough atmospheric moisture.[4] Consequently, a solid mass of Seastone—in addition to holding several of the sea's metaphysical properties—is as hard as diamond.[5]

(What Seastone looks like in its raw, unprocessed state remains unknown, though most if not all of its byproducts tend to be a dark gray color.)

Because Seastone so strongly resembles the sea itself, Sea Kings cannot perceive it. By layering the bottom of ships with Seastone, creatures that are underneath the ship will be unaware of the vessels presence, and thus will not attack it.[3] However, while the Seastone hides the movements of the vessel while it is traversing above the Sea Kings, that does not mean they cannot see the ship; if a Sea King comes to the water's surface, then it will be able to perceive the part of the ship that isn't protected by Seastone.[6]

Effects on Devil Fruit Users

Smoker using Seastone to incapacitate Luffy.

Upon contact with a Devil Fruit user, Seastone will drain the Devil Fruit user of their stamina and nullify their powers. Coming into contact with Seastone has the same effect on a Devil Fruit user as if they fell into the sea, minus the risk of drowning. This weakening effect only works upon direct and constant physical contact with the Devil Fruit user in question, the effect stops immediately once the Devil Fruit user is no longer in contact with the substance.[7]

Seastone can be modified to make a Devil Fruit user weak to only a certain extent; for example, Seastone handcuffs are generally modified to rob a prisoner of their powers, but still leave the prisoner strong enough to walk normally, and in some cases, perform hard labor.[8][9] The degree of "weakness" induced by the Seastone depends on its density and composition, 100% pure Seastone having the greatest weakening effect on Devil Fruit users.[10] Although, a Devil Fruit user can resist and even ignore the weakening effect if they have enough physical endurance.[11]

It has been suggested that being weakened by Seastone affects a Devil Fruit users ability to use Haki, as Luffy was unable to use it with Seastone handcuffs on and became able to use it once again they were removed.[12] It is unknown whether Seastone affects Haki users without Devil Fruit abilities this way.

Although a Devil Fruit user loses their powers when in contact with Seastone, said powers can still be used on and affect Seastone, as long as the user themself is not making contact with the substance. An example is Mr. 3's Doru Doru no Mi allowing him to create candle wax keys that can unlock Seastone cuffs and cell doors.[13][14] Another example is Shiki levitating battleships in Marineford despite the hulls being lined with Seastone, and Trafalgar Law was able to switch Seastone chains with regular ones using his swapping ability.[15]


Because Seastone is as strong as diamond, and because it is such an effective countermeasure against Devil Fruit users, it is often used by various organizations to make a variety of weapons, such as blades or bullets, and restraints, such as shackles or cages.

Some of these items are adapted so that people with Devil Fruits can use them without actually making contact with the Seastone itself, a circumstance which would nullify their own powers in the process of trying to handle another Devil Fruit user.[7]

Wano Country has many craftsmen who have expertise in working with the mineral and are the only ones skilled enough to forge it into delicate items, such as nails.[2]


  • Nanashaku Jitte: Smoker's jitte, where the tip is made of Seastone, so Smoker can use it to nullify his opponent's Devil Fruit powers.[7]
  • Wyper's Skates: Wyper's skate-type Waver has added Seastone, so he could use it to nullify Enel's Logia abilities.[16][17]
  • Battle Smasher: Z's large mechanical arm is embedded with Seastone, allowing him to effectively nullify Devil Fruit powers.[18]
  • Bullets: Z uses them for long-ranged attacks against Devil Fruit users, such as Monkey D. Luffy. Those bullets not only wound Devil Fruit users, but also rob them of their strength and their ability to use their powers until they are extracted, making them very effective weapons.[18] Capone Bege threatened to shoot down Caesar Clown with such bullets if he did not show himself, only to reveal he did not have such bullets.[19]
  • Spear: Bege has a spear made of Seastone which he had one of his subordinates use in order to restrain Caesar Clown.[19]

A seastone nail.

  • Nails: A member of the Beasts Pirates who serves as a subordinate to Basil Hawkins has access to nails made of Seastone that he fires off from a gun. It was used on Trafalgar Law to take away his strength and Devil Fruit ability, having essentially the same effect of Seastone bullets.[2]


  • Prison Bullets (監獄弾 Kangoku Dan?): Prison Bullets are nets made of Seastone which were designed by the Marines to capture Devil Fruit users. They were first used in Loguetown by Marines to nullify Buggy and Alvida's powers after Smoker apprehended them. In the anime, these are shown being fired out of bazookas.[1] A much larger net was used to capture Luffy, Buggy, and Mr. 3 in Impel Down, but a Sphinx captured with them tore it apart, indicating that only parts of the net contain Seastone, while the rest is steel cable.[20] They were later seen being fired out of bazookas to capture escaping prisoners by Impel Down's Prison Bullet Bazooka Unit.[21] They are called Jail Bullets in the Odex dub and Cage Shots by Funimation during the Loguetown Arc.
  • Seastone Cage: Seen in the Arabasta Kingdom, it was used by Crocodile to drain Luffy and Smoker's powers and make them unable to use their Devil Fruit abilities. The World Government's central prison, Impel Down, also uses Seastone cages.[7]
  • Seastone Cuffs: A special handcuff made to arrest those with Devil Fruit powers. The lock is made of Seastone so that when a Devil Fruit user is wearing them, they cannot use their powers, but unlike other Seastone, it does not inhibit their mobility. During the Enies Lobby raid, Nico Robin wore them until Sogeking delivered the key to the bridge. Despite being unable to use her powers to fight back, she was able to move, and could attempt to escape or otherwise resist being taken to the Gates of Justice.[5] Sogeking tried to throw Seastone handcuffs at Jabra and Kaku in order to prevent them from using their Devil Fruit powers and make them easier to defeat, but got distracted by Kaku's "square" giraffe face and accidentally threw them on Zoro's wrist, and got handcuffed to him while also ducking due to Kaku's Amanedachi.[22] These were also hooked onto Ace's arms and legs in his prison cell in Impel Down to prevent him from using his Devil Fruit powers. Boa Hancock was required to wear one while visiting Ace at Impel Down. Onigumo also clasped one onto Marco during the Summit War of Marineford, to nullify his Devil Fruit powers.[23] Usopp fired a pair of Seastone shackles to coil around Caesar Clown's neck, disabling his Gasu Gasu no Mi ability.[24]
  • Seastone Chains: Caesar had several Seastone chains on Punk Hazard, however, Law replaced some of them with regular ones. The chains were used to bind Law, Luffy, Smoker, and the rest of their party in a cage to be used to show Shinokuni power.[25] The Prisoner Mine in Udon has access to 100% pure Seastone chains. They were used by Queen's subordinates to restrain Big Mom after she fell asleep.[26]

Other Uses

  • Marine Ships: Dr. Vegapunk has discovered that Seastone can mask the presence of a ship from Sea Kings and other sea-dwellers, and therefore had the bottom of Marine ships covered in a layer of it, which is especially useful when traveling across the Calm Belt.[3] However, the Sea Kings can still see the ship, so it is not an absolute protection.[6]
  • Jewelry: Nico Robin was weakened by a jewel (a Seastone necklace) in a filler when she tried to stop Ian from escaping the Rainbow Mist.[27]
  • Fortification: Some people use it to fortify sensitive buildings and facilities, making them virtually indestructible. The SMILE Factory in Dressrosa was made out of Seastone.[28]

Translation and Dub Issues

While Seastone is used almost universally among English-speaking fans, it technically abridges the original term Kairōseki (海楼石?), by excluding the (?) character between the "sea" ( Kai?) and "stone" ( Seki?) characters. This may be variously translated as "storey", "building", or "tower"; its particular significance to the material, if any, is yet unclear.

In any case, 4Kids, Viz, and Funimation all refer to the material as sea prism stone. More obscurely, 4Kids' localization of One Piece: Grand Battle! Rush! (and by extension One Piece: Grand Adventure) refers to it as cherry stone.


  • The Marines appear to have vast quantities of Seastone, using it for jail cells,[7] handcuffs,[5] weapons,[7] and the bottoms of battleships.[3]
  • Devil Fruit users can feel the energy coming from a Seastone object, even from a distance.[29]


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