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Seira is a bluestriped angelfish mermaid and a dancer in the Mermaid Cafe.[2]


Seira without her headphones

Seira is a mermaid with brunette hair tied in a ponytail and a pink tail with purple marks.

She wears a pair of shell headphones, a yellow bikini with blue flowery straps, a red pearl necklace and red lipstick.[1]


Like all other mermaids, Seira is kind and caring, and is apparently fun loving.[3] When meeting Luffy, Usopp, Sanji and Chopper for the first time she comments approvingly on their boldness of having entered Fish-Man Island illegally, stating that she loves pirates, which is probably why she seems to like Sanji like the rest of her friends.

Abilities and Powers

Seira dancing at the banquet.

Being a mermaid, Seira has several abilities unique to her race. It is not yet shown but she may have the ability to talk to fish and call out to them using sonar waves, which is one of the basic abilities found in all mermaids and some Fish-Men. Apart from the ability to breathe underwater, as a mermaid she also has the ability to swim very quickly at speeds much faster than the flying fish used by the Flying Fish Riders. However, like any mermaid, she is vulnerable on land.

She also appears to be a skilled dancer.[4]


Fish-Man Island Arc

Seira and her friends first appeared in Mermaid Cove, welcoming the Straw Hat Pirates when Camie brought them there for a visit.[5] When the three princes arrived to inquire the crew's illegal entry into Fish-Man Island, the mermaids denied the crew was there, hiding them. However, when the crew's presence were made known anyways by Sanji's nosebleed and Hammond's attack, the princes made it clear that they were simply trying to deliver Jinbe's message to Monkey D. Luffy.[6]

Seira and her friends bidding the Straw Hats goodbye.

After the civil war between the Straw Hats and the New Fish-Man Pirates ended, Seira and her friends danced at the Ryugu Palace banquet in honor of the Straw Hats' victory and saw them off when they departed to the New World.[7]

Caribou's Kehihihihi in the New World

Some time after the Straw Hats left, Seira and her friends witness Caribou attempting to kidnap a helpless mermaid.[8]


Video Games

Non-Playable Appearances


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