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Sekken De Tearai is a bounty hunter and captain of the Otearai Pirates. He appears in Chin Piece.[1]


Tearai is a middle-aged man with an exaggerated cleft chin and wire-thin hair. He wears a skin-tight onesie, displaying six pack abs and a large groin. He has small wings protuding from his back, but it's unclear if they're biological or part of his onesie.


Tearai is an intense germophobe, and despises anything dirty. This dislike extends to jokes and speech.

Abilities and Powers[]

Tearai uses a fighting style called Tsurupika Mochi Mochi Floral (ツルピカモチモチフローラル, Tsurupikamochimochifurōraru?) that's focused on forcefully cleaning opponents until they shine.


Tearai wields a very elaborately designed sword, with three gemstones in the blade and one in the hilt, though he doesn't use it.


Chin Piece[]

Tearai stepped in to the battle between the Otearai Pirates and Chinpy, intending on backing up his crew. He was able to easily stop Chinpy's first attack, cleaning his crotch until it sparkled, but succumbed to Chinpy's Rubber Poop Dragon Tornado Hold.[1]

Some time later, Chinpy thought about previous people he's met while trying to obey Mooo...rgan's rules and avoid laughing, Sekken De Tearai included.[2]

He was later asked by Eunkov to act in their movie, but left when they revealed that the cast wouldn't be paid.[3]


  • Tearai's name is a play on "hand wash with soap" (石鹸・で・手洗い, Sekken de tearai?), which is pronounced the same as his name but spelled with different kanji
  • Tearai's middle initial, De (, de?), is likely a parody of D (ディー, ?), which begins with the same character


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