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Sentomaru[4] is the bodyguard of Dr. Vegapunk and is in command of the Marines' Science Unit (科学部隊, Kagaku Butai?) as its captain (隊長, taichō?).[3]

During the timeskip, he became a full-fledged Marine officer, but was later branded a rebel for allying with the Straw Hat Pirates during the Egghead Arc.[2] Due to his actions, he can also be considered a supporting antagonist in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc and the secondary antagonist of the Return to Sabaody Arc.


Sentomaru is a large man with light skin and a stocky build similar to that of a sumo wrestler. He has a large scar extending from his left eye to the left corner of his mouth caused by wild bears. His outfit consists of a shirt that resembles a giant brown bib or apron with an emblem meaning "heaven" on the front, and a large red and white rope or "tsuna" (traditionally worn by yokozunas). Sentomaru also has bandages wrapped around his right fist and elbows, along with the kanji 戦 (sen?, "battle") tattooed on his left shoulder. Sentomaru carries around a huge, two-edged axe, as tall as himself, and just as large.

Following the timeskip, he is shown wearing a Marine coat over his shoulders due to his acceptance into the Marines. He has also removed the bandages around his arms. On his coat, the middle design's outline changed from a light green to white and the white tomoe around that became thicker.


Sentomaru's Manga Color Scheme
Sentomaru's color scheme in the manga.
Sentomaru As A Child
Sentomaru as a child.
Sentomaru Digitally Colored Manga
Sentomaru in the Digitally Colored Manga.
Sentomaru Anime Concept Art
Sentomaru's concept art from the anime.
Sentomaru as a Young Marine
Sentomaru in his youth as a marine.
Sentomaru One day
Sentomaru's portrait in One day.
Sentomaru Pirate Warriors
Sentomaru Burning Will
Sentomaru Thousand Storm


Since he asserts to having the tightest defense, Sentomaru also claims to have the tightest mouth and refuses to reply to any questions. However, despite his claim, he is willing to tell everyone about himself whenever something related to a question, or an event occurs. Whenever he gives away information, he claims he is giving it away freely and not because the person he is talking to asked or was curious about something.

Sentomaru is confident in his abilities. He took it upon himself to deal with the Straw Hat Pirates with only PX-1 to accompany him. He remains unfazed even in the most serious events, as he was surprised to see Chopper in his monster form while keeping his composure. He was visibly shocked when Luffy easily defeated a Pacifista two years later.

He appears to be perceptive as well, having quickly observed that Luffy enforced the impact of a Jet Pistol with Busoshoku Haki after striking down a Pacifista.

He is very loyal to the Marines and although he does not have anything against pirates, he still takes his duty to apprehend them seriously. After the two-year timeskip where Sentomaru was officially inducted into the Marine ranks, he takes the position bestowed upon him very seriously, having opted to partake in the attempted arrest of the Straw Hat Pirates after they were reported to have once again appeared in the Sabaody Archipelago, with two Pacifista units to back him up. However, his personal debt with Vegapunk led him to defend him against the World Government, specifically CP0.[6]

Sentomaru seems to have a sense of respect for worthy opponents, as when confronting and questioning the fake Luffy, who boasted that he was the real felon, Sentomaru notes that Luffy was not a piece of filth like he was. He seems to show disinterest when someone does not meet his expectations, as he pointed out that Devil Dias could not possibly have survived in the New World after he attempted to escape from the World Nobles. He even called the pirates who joined the Fake Straw Hat Crew "idiots" because he felt that they were dumb enough to be fooled in the first place.



Young Borsalino and Sentomaru with Vegapunk

Borsalino showcasing his powers to an enthusiastic Sentomaru.

Sentomaru had known Borsalino since he was a child, having requested the Marine to train him to become strong enough to protect Vegapunk after being hired as the scientist's bodyguard. Sentomaru was also entertained by Borsalino's abilities, which the latter was more than happy to demonstrate for testing purposes. As an adult, Sentomaru has been shown to have good combat synergy with Kizaru, although he is often annoyed by the Admiral's lack of common sense and restraint during missions, having to frequently give him basic orientations. Sentomaru refers to Kizaru as "Uncle" (黄猿のオジキ, Kizaru no Ojiki?, a Japanese word commonly used to refer to a yakuza family "father" boss). The Japanese term used does not mean they are family. It truly means that the pair are on a high level of respect (despite Sentomaru shouting at Kizaru for using the wrong Den Den Mushi).

Sentomaru vs Borsalino

Sentomaru confronts his "uncle".

During the following timeskip, Sentomaru and Kizaru became at odds after Kizaru arrived at Egghead on orders to eliminate Vegapunk, with Sentomaru having been branded a traitor for siding with the latter. Sentomaru chose to protect Vegapunk and was expecting to fight his old friend, a desire that Kizaru acknowledged and respected.[7] Sentomaru was later more than happy to fight Kizaru when the latter entered Egghead with his Devil Fruit powers, having anticipated his arrival.[8] In spite of their prior friendship, however, Kizaru did not spare mercy towards his former protegeè and took him out before moving to kill Vegapunk, even if regrettably.

Dr. Vegapunk[]

Vegapunk saved a young Sentomaru by giving him a job as his personal bodyguard, allowing him to survive after being exiled from his village, leading to his loyalty as a way of repaying this debt. Vegapunk does bring this up as a means to pressure Sentomaru into swaying him to defy the World Government to protect him.[6] Sentomaru sees this as a lifetime debt as he was willing to protect Vegapunk at any cost, even rebelling against the Marines and facing Kizaru when the latter was ordered to kill Vegapunk.

Sentomaru also calls Vegapunk as "Old Man Punk".


Sentomaru is able to command Pacifistas and is one of the few people they are shown to obey besides Bartholomew Kuma. Presumably his ability to command them is due to him being a Captain in the Marine Science Unit and is shown to be somewhat knowledgeable of their capabilities. He also seems to be able to identify individual PX units by their serial number.


Sentomaru claims that he does not "particularly have anything against pirates". Nevertheless, he still fights against the Straw Hat Pirates with PX-1 and Kizaru. He was also anxious for Kizaru to contact him, as he was afraid that the rookies would all be killed if he did not. This was when Sentomaru was just a bodyguard for Vegapunk. Following the timeskip, Sentomaru has joined the Marines and his attitude does not seem to have changed much, though he does seem to take pride in the fact that he can now arrest pirates officially. He planned to arrest all the pirates who joined the Fake Straw Hat Crew, despite them being tricked by a group he considered to be "idiots", because he felt that they were dumb enough to be fooled in the first place.

Monkey D. Luffy[]

Sentomaru has shown a certain level of respect for Monkey D. Luffy after having fought him personally. When he defeated Demaro Black, he dismissed him as someone worthless and an insult to Luffy's name. When he confronted the real Luffy, he swore to capture him but was shocked as Luffy not only evaded the laser beams of a Pacifista but also destroyed it with one punch. He deduced that Luffy used Haki and could not stop him from leaving as the latter met up with Roronoa Zoro and Sanji. He tried to have the other Pacifista attack them though he was shocked to see them destroy it easily as well. While arresting the recruits of the Fake Straw Hats, Sentomaru reported to his superiors that the real Straw Hats were alive and on a dangerous level.

When he saw Luffy again at Egghead, Sentomaru declared he was only going to help Luffy for Vegapunk's safety and reminded the Straw Hat captain that they are still enemies.

Bartholomew Kuma[]

Sentomaru Pays Respects

Sentomaru silently pays his respects to Kuma.

Sentomaru met Kuma four years ago when he and his daughter Bonney visited Vegapunk in a search to cure her disease. During the six months that the two stayed on Egghead for Bonney's treatment, Sentomaru befriended the both of them, as he ate and danced together with them. After this however, Sentomaru's friendship with Kuma came to unfortunate end as Kuma became a Warlord, and a living weapon as a Pacifista, with Sentomaru addressing the Warlord of the Sea on the Sabaody Archipelago as "Kuma-ko" (くま公, Kuma-kō?), an honorific meant as a sarcastic and insulting way of addressing someone. This new dynamic may also stem from the fact that Sentomaru is Vegapunk's bodyguard and sided with the Marines, while Kuma himself is a Pirate, and now a living weapon for the World Government. Despite this Sentomaru gave a silent prayer for Kuma after his modification into a human weapon was about to be completed. The extent of Sentomaru's thoughts on Kuma's enslavement by the World Government, and Kuma's well being in general are unknown, but it is clear that he still harbors care for Kuma, as well as his daughter, as he did not hesitate to come to his daughter's aid when she fell from the Labophase, and tell her to hide from the incoming Marines, despite his own injuries. This is further supported by his silent paying of respects to Kuma, following his full conversion into a human weapon.[9] Hearing Kuma came to Egghead, Sentomaru is relieved to see his longtime friend.

Jewelry Bonney[]

Sentomaru first met Bonney four years ago when she and Kuma visited Vegapunk in a search to cure her disease. During this time she would often play with his axe or run around the lab while he chased after her, it seemed he was not amused with Bonney's comments towards describing him to Kuma, however the two became better friends during Bonney's six month stay at the Labophase. Sentomaru cares enough for Bonney's well-being to use his remaining strength in order to save her from an otherwise deadly fall, while also alerting her from the incoming Marine invasion. Even as she hid from her pursuers, Bonney remained concerned with Sentomaru.

Abilities and Powers[]

Sentomaru claims to be a world-class guard and the fact that he is in charge of the Marine's Science Unit suggests that he has great insight in that field of expertise.

As an official Marine officer and as the Captain of the Science Unit (科学部隊隊長, Kagaku butai taichō?); Sentomaru is one of the few people that has direct control over the Pacifista, not requiring an command chip to give them orders. His authority is only superseded by that of the Five Elders; Dr. Vegapunk plus his satellites; and the pirate Jewelry Bonney, who was secretly made the highest authority by Vegapunk himself.

Physical Abilities[]

Sentomaru possesses immense physical strength, being able to casually carry around a giant ax and using said ax to instantly knock out Demaro Black with great force. His fighting style is similar to that of Bartholomew Kuma's, standing like a sumo wrestler and striking with open-palm thrusts which are enhanced through the use of Haki. This allows him to injure even Devil Fruit users as easily as normal people. He is faster than his size and build would suggest, being able to outpace Luffy's normal running speed. In addition, he appeared unfazed by Usopp's giant smokescreen shortly beforehand.

As a child, Sentomaru was capable of defeating a group of wild bears that were a major threat to his village.

He also possess a great deal of endurance, as he was able to remain conscious for some time after being stabbed by an awakened Lucci in order to prevent the Seraphim from falling under the command of CP0.[10] Despite suffering major injuries and burns from his fight with Kizaru, he was able to remain barely conscious enough to catch Bonney as she fell from the Labophase, before finally passing out.[11]


Main article: Haki

Busoshoku Haki[]

Sentomaru's Busoshoku Haki

Sentomaru using Busoshoku Haki.

Sentomaru can use Busoshoku Haki to enhance his attacks.[12] His control is such that he can not only strike Devil Fruit users and cause them harm by bypassing their defenses but do so without actually making physical contact. He claims to have the "world's greatest defense", shown when Luffy could not land even a single punch on him. Sentomaru can use Busoshoku Haki at an advanced level that allows him to emit his armament a short distance without a medium.[13]

After the timeskip, however, it was shown that his Haki defense could be broken through by someone such as Lucci, who in his Awakened Form, was able to pierce through him using a Haki-imbued Shugan.

Ashigara Dokkoi

Sentomaru using Ashigara Dokkoi against Luffy.

  • Ashigara Dokkoi (足空独行アシガラドッコイ, Ashigara Dokkoi?, literally meaning "Leg-Locked Heave-Ho"): Sentomaru smashes his opponents with an open-palm using Busoshoku Haki. It does not actually need to connect to cause damage; the force of his Haki alone is enough to send his opponent flying and cause damage. This was first seen used against Luffy. The name of this attack is a pun as "Ashigara" (Japanese for "Leg-Locked") sounds the same as Ashigara, the name of the mountain where Kintaro (the character on whom Sentomaru is based) was raised. This is called Sumo Strike in the Viz Manga and Ashigara Dokkoi Shove in the Funimation adaptions.

Kenbunshoku Haki[]

Sentomaru possesses the ability to use Kenbunshoku Haki.[4]


Sentomaru carries a massive executioner ax, but only uses it against tougher opponents such as Chopper in his monster form and Kizaru. He used the broad side to flatten Demaro Black, smashing him into the ground with enough force to bury him halfway.



Vegapunk and Borsalino Find Sentomaru

Sentomaru meets Borsalino and Vegapunk.

As a child, Sentomaru was a violent and ever-hungry delinquent who always caused trouble to his hometown. After the townsfolks banished him to the mountain, he survived on his own. At one point, Vegapunk and Borsalino visited the town and the people informed that the town was plagued by wild bears. Vegapunk decided to build a weapon to drive away the wild bears, but he needed to go to the mountain to check on the bears first. Eventually, he stumped upon Sentomaru who beat up the wild bears with Sumo technique but succumbing to hunger. Impressed with his strength, Vegapunk gave Sentomaru a job as his bodyguard.[14][15] When he grew up, he joined the Marines.[6] At some point Borsalino agreed to utilize his Devil fruit abilities for Vegapunk's research on a future project. He also used his ability to entertain Sentomaru.[16]

Four years ago Sentomaru first met Bartholomew Kuma and Jewelry Bonney who had travelled to Vegapunk's lab to attempt to cure Bonney's Sapphire Scales. While Kuma and Vegapunk talked Bonney played on Sentomaru's axe which worried him.[17]

Summit War Saga[]

Sabaody Archipelago Arc[]

On the Sabaody Archipelago, Sentomaru was sitting on top of a building when Devil Dias attempted to escape his slavery from the World Nobles Rosward and Shalria. After Dias failed, Sentomaru remarked that Dias could not possibly have survived in the New World.[1]

After the Straw Hat Pirates assaulted some World Nobles, the Admiral Kizaru was sent to the archipelago and, upon arrival, attempted to contact Sentomaru but was unsuccessful due to using the wrong Den Den Mushi.[18] When Kizaru appeared to be late, Sentomaru worried that the Pacifistas would finish off the pirates by themselves.[19] Sentomaru finally contacted Kizaru and scolded him for mixing up his Den Den Mushi. Sentomaru then informed him that the target pirates were Monkey D. Luffy, Eustass Kid, and Trafalgar Law.[20]


Sentomaru and Luffy meet each other.

After the Straw Hats defeated PX-4, Sentomaru arrived in Grove 12 with another Pacifista, PX-1. Although he initially refused to identify himself, Sentomaru repeatedly claimed to have the strongest defense in the world and then dropped his name in passing. When Sentomaru ordered PX-1 to attack, Luffy ordered the crew to split up into three groups, so Sentomaru went after Luffy, Nico Robin, and Tony Tony Chopper. As Luffy tried to attack, Sentomaru used Busoshoku Haki to block and then counterattack, knocking back and injuring Luffy despite the pirate's rubber body. Kizaru then arrived, attacking Roronoa Zoro, Usopp, and Brook, but they were saved by Silvers Rayleigh.[21] After Luffy ordered his crew to keep running, Rayleigh stopped Kizaru from pursuing them, which impressed Sentomaru. Since Zoro was dying, Sentomaru ordered PX-1 to take out the swordsman, while he continued chasing Luffy. After Sentomaru struck Luffy again, Chopper charged at him and transformed into his Monster Point. While Sentomaru was distracted by the rampaging beast, Robin grabbed Luffy and carried him away.[22]

When the real Bartholomew Kuma arrived and made Zoro disappear, Luffy demanded answers, so Sentomaru, who was still dodging Chopper's attacks, explained the rumors behind Kuma's powers. Sentomaru was confused when Kuma also sent PX-1 away before doing the same for the rest of the Straw Hats. Sentomaru demanded an explanation for Kuma's actions.[23] Some time after Sentomaru was at Egghead island where Kuma's modification would be completed, he let out a silent prayer along with various other doctors as Vegapunk tearfully pulled the switch to complete the operation.[9]

Marineford Arc[]

Sentomaru Arrives With an Army of Pacifista at Marineford

Sentomaru arrives at Marineford with an army of Pacifistas.

About an hour and a half into the Summit War of Marineford, Sentomaru arrived at the mouth of Marineford's bay with an army of Pacifistas.[24] Sentomaru questioned his order since the pirates were not all trapped in the bay as planned, but Fleet Admiral Sengoku ordered him to target the pirates not in the bay first, despite the risk to the Marine battleships.[25] Sentomaru was unsurprised by Squard stabbing Whitebeard since the appearance of Whitebeard betraying his allies had been part of Sengoku's strategy.[26]

Later in the battle, Sentomaru questioned Boa Hancock's destruction of some of the Pacifistas; she replied that love was like a hurricane, which left Sentomaru confused.[27]

After Shanks' arrival, he stood down along with the Pacifistas he commanded.[28]

Fish-Man Island Saga[]

Return to Sabaody Arc[]

After confirmation had been made that the Straw Hat Pirates had returned, Sentomaru—now officially a member of the Marines—was eager to head out and fight Luffy once again, commenting that he was on a different level from the rookies who arrived on the Archipelago every now and then. He also mobilized PX-5 and PX-7, knowing that Luffy must have got stronger after two years. Sentomaru then stated that the strange actions that Kuma started two years prior suddenly ended without any explanation and he figured that the Straw Hats would return to the island one day.[29]

Demaro Black Easily Defeated by Sentomaru

Sentomaru smashes Black into the ground.

He later arrived to Grove 46 with the Marines, surrounding the pirates and blocking all entrances and exits. As the Pacifistas were decimating the assembled pirates, Sentomaru confronted the Luffy impostor, Demaro Black, questioning why he was being called "Straw Hat". All the impostor could do was try to intimidate Sentomaru with Luffy's reputation and heritage. Unfazed by the impostor's empty threats, Sentomaru proceeded to smash him into the ground with the broad side of his axe. Disgusted by the fake trying to pretend to be the real Luffy, he then ordered PX-5 to identify him. Sentomaru realized that the pirates had been fooled but decided that the fact that they had allowed themselves to be fooled was reason enough to arrest them. Having been made aware of the real Luffy's presence by the Pacifista, he ordered PX-5 to target him. Luffy dodged PX-5's laser, but the blast made him lose his disguise. Sentomaru once again ordered PX-5 to attack Luffy, but Luffy dodged the second attack with ease and destroyed PX-5 with a single, Busoshoku Haki-imbued Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol. Sentomaru was shocked by Luffy's ability to wield Haki. Luffy then left the scene, despite Sentomaru's ineffectual pleas for him to wait. Zoro and Sanji then showed up and easily destroyed PX-7. The Monster Trio fled the area back to their ship as Rayleigh blocked the Marines' pursuit.[30]

After tying up Black and many of his allies, Sentomaru informed his superiors about the events that transpired on the Archipelago and warned them that the real Straw Hats had grown greatly in the past two years and were heading to the New World.[31]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Wano Country Saga[]

One Piece: Stampede[]

Sentomaru entered Delta Island, commanding the Pacifista's to arrest all the pirates who were attending the Pirates Festival. He was a bit annoyed when Dracule Mihawk appeared to assist the Marines, but soon became very depressed when Perona used her Negative Hollow on him. Later, when Douglas Bullet used his ability to seal off the island, he was a bit startled. Afterwards he called the outside in order to get some orders on what to do in this situation.[32]

Concludes non-canon section.

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

Lucci Stabs Sentomaru

Lucci attacks Sentomaru for control of the Seraphim.

When CP0 agents attacked Vegapunk's laboratory on Egghead, Shaka ordered the mobilization of the Seraphim S-Snake, S-Shark, and S-Hawk and their placement under Sentomaru's control.[33] Sentomaru was initially confused about Vegapunk's orders since CP0 were their allies while pirates were their enemies. However, Vegapunk reminded Sentomaru about saving him as a child, and giving into the pressure, Sentomaru ordered S-Bear, S-Shark, and S-Hawk to wipe the CP0 agents while S-Snake escorted the Straw Hat Pirates up to the Frontier Dome. Sentomaru reunited with Luffy and talked with the new Emperor. Meanwhile, CP0 chose to target and eliminate Sentomaru in order to eliminate his command over the Seraphim, so Rob Lucci used his hand to stab Sentomaru through the chest.[34]

As he falls down, Luffy apologized for distracting him, but he spat back that he had anticipated Lucci's attack and had defended against it to some degree. After Luffy defeated Lucci, he urged Luffy to get Vegapunk out of the island as he prepared to face off the remaining CP0 agents. Later on, he collapsed from his wound, enabling the agents to take command of the Seraphim units.[35]

Sentomaru woke up some time later, too injured to move. Realizing the Marines already considered him a rebel and were jamming his communications to Dr. Vegapunk, he activated all fifty Mark III Pacifista units stationed on Egghead, and ordered them to aid Luffy and help Vegapunk escape safely.[36] Afterwards, someone asked him why he deployed the Pacifistas. He replied by telling them about Ohara, because he thought that an even worse situation would happen on Egghead, as they were planning to kill the smartest man in the world, Vegapunk.[37] Stussy called Sentomaru on a Den Den Mushi and said that Admiral Kizaru and the Marines were planning to go to Egghead and CP0's mission was to kill Vegapunk and wait for Kizaru, to which Sentomaru replied that the World Government sounded set on the plan. Stussy then told him it was worse than Ohara since Vegapunk continued Ohara's research, and because Egghead was stronger. Sentomaru replied that that was enough reason to send a lot of Marines. Stussy told him to contact her on Den Den Mushi since the Labophase's communications systems were down. Afterwards, Sentomaru told everyone to evacuate fast after what they heard.[38]

Sentomaru was later eating and recovering from his injuries when he entered a Den Den Mushi call with Kizaru, telling the fleet outside to cease their attacks on the Sea Beast Weapons after having seen one be destroyed by Kizaru's laser beam. Sentomaru then pointed out the irony in Kizaru going for Vegapunk's head, since Vegapunk's research on Kizaru and the subsequent creation of the Pacifista's lasers were based off of Kizaru's abilities. Kizaru, however, only replied he could only do what he was ordered to and his hands were tied, but regretted attacking Egghead since the island held important value to the Marines and damaging it would only hurt the Marines, and Sentomaru confirmed that CP0's mission failed due to the Straw Hat's involvement in the Egghead events.[39]

Sentomaru Defeated by Kizaru

Sentomaru is defeated by Borsalino.

A bit later, Borsalino is sent by Jaygarcia Saturn to infiltrate the Labophase, due to his Devil Fruit abilities being the same as the technology used to make the laser defense. Borsalino opts to face Sentomaru, declaring that he would activate the Pacifista defense and sink their entire fleet if he wasn't dealt with first. Borsalino then uses his Devil Fruit to quickly appear on Egghead, which Sentomaru was anticipating. Sentomaru activates the Pacifistas, ordering them to attack the Marine fleet. He then puts up his guard, blocking against an attempted strike from Borsalino as the two begin a fight.[40] Despite being told by Kizaru to surrender, Sentomaru said he sided with the Straw Hat Pirates to help Vegapunk, as the scientist had saved his life in the past. Sentomaru quickly begins to lose, failing to land any sort of hit on Kizaru until his guard was down. Despite the success of the strike, Kizaru simply shrugged it off and proceeded to blast Sentomaru into the ground using a laser beam. After the battle, Sentomaru was left unconscious, and command of the 50 Mark III was taken hold of by Kizaru.[41]

Sentomaru Saves Bonney

Sentomaru saves Bonney's life.

Some time later, Bonney was kicked off of the Labophase above by Kizaru, resulting in her falling all the way down to the Fabriophase. Just before she hit the ground, she was caught by a barely conscious, severely wounded Sentomaru, saving her life. He told Bonney to get away while she can, as the Marines had just begun their ground invasion of Egghead. Bonney did so, and Sentomaru was found a bit later by the Marines, unconscious and suffering from burn wounds.[42] Shortly after Sentomaru is found and captured by the Marines, with them notifying the other Marines stationed via their comms.[43] When Kuma arrived at Egghead and struck Saturn, Sentomaru was pleased upon knowing he was there.[44]

Major Battles[]

Translation and Dub Issues[]

  • Sentomaru's name contains the kanji for "peach" (桃) in reference to the Japanese story Momotarō, from which the admiral names are also derived. He is also seen eating peaches while waiting for Kizaru to call him.
  • Each kanji in Sentomaru's name, when broken up, is read as Sen (, battle?), to (, peach?) and maru (, ring?, also a suffix for male names). Put together, it means "Battle Peach Ring". When roughly translated, it means "Little Fighting Peach".

Anime and Manga Differences[]

In the manga, Sentomaru was seen looking through bounty posters after Dias was shot and named his name and bounty. In the anime, this never happened, leaving Dias' name unknown to the audience.

In the manga, Sentomaru wields his axe with both hands when he attacks Demaro Black. In the anime, Sentomaru used his axe with only his right hand.


Video Games[]

Playable Appearances[]

Enemy Appearances[]

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Other Appearances[]

Other Media[]

Sentomaru and Drip Premier Show

Sentomaru and Drip in Premier Show 2012.


  • Sentomaru's design is heavily based on that of the Japanese folklore hero Kintarō (also known as samurai Sakata no Kintoki), who was notable for wearing nothing but a bib, carrying a massive axe, and sumo wrestling with bears. Additionally, his attack, Ashigara Dokkoi, is a pun on Mt. Ashigara, the place where Kintarō was raised. However, his name, Sentomaru (戦桃丸?, literally meaning "Battle Peach Boy") is most likely derived from another popular Japanese folklore hero, Momotarō.
  • Sentomaru, like Enel, is seen with the tomoe symbol; in his case, on the "heaven" emblem on his outfit.
  • Sentomaru is the first character in the series to have his name written in kanji, rather than katakana or hiragana (barring aliased people like the three admirals). This characteristic is later shared with those from Wano Country.
  • Sentomaru's favorite foods are onigiri and baked sweet potatoes.[4]


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