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The Seven Warlords of the Sea, or simply the Seven Warlords, were a selection of seven incredibly powerful and notorious pirates allied to the World Government.[2] Collectively, they constituted one of the Three Great Powers that kept the world in balance.[15]

After two members (Crocodile and Donquixote Doflamingo) had their titles revoked after their heinous crimes became public, Marine Admiral Fujitora led a campaign to abolish the Seven Warlords system. He achieved this goal during the most recent Levely, as the council of rulers voted to abolish the system; the five remaining Warlords at the time immediately had their bounties unfrozen and became enemies of the World Government once again.[16] Additionally, the World Government intended for the SSG's Seraphim to replace the Warlords.[17]

The Seven Warlords of the Sea are a major group in One Piece's overall story, with most of its individual members having encounters with the Straw Hat Pirates at different points of their adventure, either as primary antagonists or as important allies.


Chapter 532

The Seven Warlords before the Summit War of Marineford.

The Seven Warlords of the Sea were seven extremely powerful pirates who entered into the service of the World Government.[2] The purpose of the Seven Warlords was to have the pirates deal with other pirates. They were also a great symbol of the government's strength. In return for their alliance with the World Government, every member's bounty was frozen, and they had significantly more leeway to commit crimes.

Although they worked for the World Government, the Seven Warlords themselves typically did not care about nor respect the Government (excluding Bartholomew Kuma, who was later modified into their puppet[18]) or even the other Warlords and were often considered by the Marines to be no different from any other pirate. On the other hand, they were known at large as "government dogs" and despised by other pirates,[2] yet were still feared and respected for their infamous reputation and strength they had acquired before and during their Warlord tenure.

The Seven Warlords seemed to be a balance between the chaotic Four Emperors and the orderly Marines. The majority of the Warlords were composed of New World veterans, those who have met the Emperors or even fought against them.

Of the eleven pirates to hold the title of Warlord, only seven were captains of their respective pirate crews. Crocodile was secretly the leader of the criminal organization Baroque Works, while the remaining three (Mihawk, Kuma, and Weevil) had no crews during their tenure. Also, all but three of them (Mihawk, Jinbe, and Weevil) are Devil Fruit users.


The Seven Warlords were considered to be a significant and crucial part of the government's strength. In the days before the Summit War of Marineford, the then Fleet Admiral Sengoku gravely dreaded the idea of entering into battle against Whitebeard with only one less Warlord after Jinbe was imprisoned. The government made it a point to only select exceptionally strong pirates to be offered the Warlord position. Some of the Warlords had bounties that were close to Beli100,000,000 while others had bounties well over that amount. However, there was an enormous range in the bounties between the members due to differences in circumstances under which they were recruited, with Weevil, who had a bounty of Beli480,000,000,[5] and Blackbeard, who had no bounty at all at the time.[19]

It should be noted that these are their former bounties, and do not represent the current threat they could achieve as active pirates. Jinbe's bounty, for example, jumped from Beli250,000,000 to Beli438,000,000 after his resignation.[20] Another example is Crocodile, who, with a bounty of Beli81,000,000,[13] was imprisoned in Level 6 of Impel Down, while Luffy with a bounty of Beli300,000,000 at the time was only imprisoned on Level 5. After the Seven Warlord system was abolished, some of them gained bounties over Beli1,000,000,000, further highlighting how much stronger and more dangerous they currently are compared to when they first joined.

Some of the Warlords possessed extremely powerful Devil Fruit powers. Some had powers that were borderline impossible to win against without proper knowledge of them, such as Hancock's ability to turn people to stone if they feel attracted to her, Doflamingo's ability to control people with invisible strings and Moria's ability to steal shadows to empower his army of invincible undead. Others had powers that could cause massive levels of destruction, even to the point of destroying an entire country, such as Kuma's power to create a powerful air bomb, or Doflamingo's power to create a massive constricting cage of strings that slash through anything in their path. Other Warlords were exceptionally powerful combatants, even without Devil Fruits. Mihawk is known as the world's greatest swordsman and wields one of the 12 Supreme swords, Yoru, and Jinbe is the world's foremost master of the fish-man fighting style.

The World Government also chose members for other reasons other than strength. While he was still a Warlord, Jinbe's allegiance to the government served as a symbol of inter-tribal peace between humans and fish-men, and Buggy, despite being very weak, was able to garner incredible fame and a large amount of followers simply due to his connections to both the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger and the Emperor Shanks. They may also be chosen due to their resentment for the Four Emperors, such as Crocodile and Moria's grudges against Whitebeard and Kaidou respectively, or at the very least against their crews, such as Edward Weevil's grudge against his supposed father's crew and allies.

Relations Between Warlords

The terms that the Warlords were on with each other is best described as very unstable. They had very little (if any) respect for each other and would for the most part not accept help from one another, apparently due to a firm sense of pride. During the meeting of the Seven Warlords where only two members are absent (Hancock and Jinbe), it was stated that the very notion of them working together as a team is entirely unthinkable.[21] However, Kuma and Doflamingo did not disregard the notion of allying with another Warlord of the Sea: Kuma offered Moria assistance in defeating the Straw Hats and Doflamingo offered Crocodile an opportunity for a partnership. Both offers were refused due to pride.[19][22] Nonetheless, there were occasions that would compel the Warlords to temporarily cooperate such as Hancock offering Jinbe sanctuary on Amazon Lily from the Marines' pursuit in the aftermath of the Summit War of Marineford, though this was more for Luffy's sake.[23] After the Seven Warlords was abolished, Crocodile partnered with Mihawk to create Cross Guild.

During Hancock's visit at Impel Down's Level 6, Jinbe stated that he did not know much about her, possibly suggesting that only some of the Seven Warlords are familiar with each other or even have personally met all the other members.[24] Despite this, all of the Warlords of the Sea (including former) introduced prior to the timeskip fought at the war between the Whitebeard Pirates and the Marines.[25]


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Name Age[26] Origin Bounty Abilities and Powers Epithet Reason for Loss of Title
Dracule Mihawk[27] 43 Grand Line Unknown[28]
  • "Hawk-Eyes" (鷹の目, Taka no Me?)[30]
  • "Greatest Swordsman in the World" (世界最強の剣士, Sekai Saikyō no Kenshi?)[29]
Revoked as a result of the organization's disbandment.[16]
Jinbe[31] 46 Grand Line (Fish-Man Island) Beli250,000,000[32]
  • "Knight of the Sea" (海侠, Kaikyō?)[32]
Resigned during the Summit War of Marineford.[7]
Crocodile[33] 46 Grand Line Beli81,000,000[13]
  • "Sir" (サー, ?)[13]
  • "Desert King" (砂漠の王, Sabaku no Ō?)[34]
Revoked by Tashigi due to illegal actions in Arabasta.[10]
Donquixote Doflamingo[11] 41 Red Line (Mary Geoise) Beli340,000,000[11]
  • "Heavenly Yaksha" (天夜叉, Ten Yasha?)[6]
Revoked due to illegal actions in Dressrosa.[3]
Bartholomew Kuma[11] 47 South Blue (Sorbet Kingdom) Beli296,000,000[11] Revoked as a result of the organization's disbandment.[16]
Gecko Moria[36] 50 West Blue Beli320,000,000[9]
Revoked due to his failures at Thriller Bark and the Summit War of Marineford.[8]
Boa Hancock[37] 31 Calm Belt (Amazon Lily) Beli80,000,000[12]
  • "Pirate Empress" (海賊女帝, Kaizoku Jotei?)[38]
  • "Snake Princess" (蛇姫, Hebihime?)[39]
Revoked as a result of the organization's disbandment.[16]
Marshall D. Teach[19] 40 Grand Line Beli0[19]
  • "Blackbeard" (黒ひげ, Kurohige?)[40]
Resigned during the Summit War of Marineford.[41]
Trafalgar Law[42] 26 North Blue (Flevance) Beli440,000,000[42]
  • "Surgeon of Death" (死の外科医, Shi no Gekai?)[44]
Revoked by Issho due to the creation of an alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates.[4]
Buggy[6] 39 Grand Line Beli15,000,000[45]
  • "The Clown" (道化, Dōke?)[46]
  • "The Star Clown" (千両道化, Senryō Dōke?)[6]
Revoked as a result of the organization's disbandment.[16]
Edward Weevil[5] 35 Grand Line Beli480,000,000[5]
  • "Whitebeard Jr." (白ひげJr., Shirohige Junia?)[5]
Revoked as a result of the organization disbandment.[16]
Hanafuda[47] Unknown Unknown Unknown
  • "King of Lizards" (?)[47]
Revoked due to his defeat against Portgas D. Ace.[48]


Out of the Seven Warlords at the start of the story, the following is known about their recruitment order:

The following is a chronology of the known Warlord lineups:

Information Members
The Seven Warlords four years ago. Dracule Mihawk PortraitJinbe PortraitCrocodile Mr. 0 PortraitDonquixote Doflamingo PortraitGecko Moria PortraitBoa Hancock PortraitHanafuda Portrait
The Seven Warlords after Kuma joined. Dracule Mihawk PortraitJinbe PortraitCrocodile Mr. 0 PortraitDonquixote Doflamingo PortraitBartholomew Kuma PortraitGecko Moria PortraitBoa Hancock Portrait
Crocodile's title is revoked after he is defeated by Luffy and his crimes exposed. Marshall D. Teach replaces him. Dracule Mihawk PortraitJinbe PortraitDonquixote Doflamingo PortraitBartholomew Kuma PortraitGecko Moria PortraitBoa Hancock PortraitMarshall D. Teach Portrait
Teach and Jinbe both resign during the Summit War of Marineford and Gecko Moria's title is revoked. Over the next two years, their positions are filled by Buggy, Trafalgar Law, and Edward Weevil. In addition, Kuma was in fact absent for two years and later became a Slave, although he still retains the title. Dracule Mihawk PortraitDonquixote Doflamingo PortraitBoa Hancock PortraitBartholomew Kuma PortraitTrafalgar D. Water Law PortraitBuggy PortraitEdward Weevil Portrait
Doflamingo's title is revoked after he is defeated by Luffy and his crimes exposed. Law's title is revoked for allying with the Straw Hat Pirates. The lineup remains incomplete until the system is abolished. Dracule Mihawk PortraitBoa Hancock PortraitBartholomew Kuma PortraitBuggy PortraitEdward Weevil Portrait


Most Warlords seemed to have only limited knowledge of each other, such as Jinbe never meeting Hancock before her visit to Impel Down.[24] However, some others, such as Doflamingo and Crocodile, converse as though they are familiar with each other.[22] In fact, Doflamingo is knowledgeable of Kuma's participation in the Pacifista program yet does not know of his past relationship with the Revolutionaries.[18] During these interactions, most of them are hostile, such as Jinbe and Crocodile snarling at each other over matters with Whitebeard.[56]

At times, however, they might be courteous, such as Kuma offering to help Moria in fighting against the Straw Hat Pirates, though the latter angrily refused.[19] Law used to be Doflamingo's subordinate,[57] but eventually, after joining, Law openly betrayed and blackmailed his former superior to resign from the Seven Warlords, threatening not just the man but the balance of the seven once again.

Other Relationships

Name Personal affiliation Friction against World Government Four Emperors
Dracule Mihawk
  • Was once known as the "Marine Hunter", supposedly for taking down Marine soldiers.
  • Got acquainted with the Straw Hat Pirates prior to the Marines becoming aware of them.
  • Appears to be a friend of Shanks, one of the Four Emperors.
  • He refused to further aid the Marines at the Summit War of Marineford when Shanks showed up.
  • Provided shelter and training to Roronoa Zoro during the two-year timeskip.
  • Provided shelter for Perona, subordinate of Gecko Moria.
  • Suspected the government's report that Moria had died during the Summit War of Marineford as a fabrication.
  • Accepted Crocodile's invitation to form the Cross Guild with him.
  • Former rival of Shanks, though the two seem to be on good terms.
  • Seemed to be very interested at the prospect of fighting Whitebeard and attempted to attack him before being stopped by Jozu.
  • Sparred evenly for some time with Vista of the Whitebeard Pirates.
  • Provided mentorship and training to Roronoa Zoro, Luffy's subordinate.
  • Took an interest in Straw Hat Luffy when they first met and attacked him during the Summit War to test his fate.
  • Established the Cross Guild with Buggy as his figurehead superior.
  • Helped hide slaves and attack Marine ships as a member of the Sun Pirates.
  • Allowed Arlong to leave the Sun Pirates and run free on the East Blue, unaware of the damage caused by him.
  • Refused to fight on behalf of the World Government against Whitebeard and was imprisoned in Impel Down.
  • Escaped from Impel Down and waged war against Marineford in order to prevent Ace's death, which ended in failure.
  • Upon landing in the war, Jinbe told Sengoku that he officially resigned from the Seven Warlords, then participated in the war on behalf of Whitebeard.
  • Returned to Marineford after the war and helped Luffy to ring the Ox Bell.
  • Formed an alliance with two members of the Worst Generation.
  • Joined the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • Led the illegal organization Baroque Works.
  • Sought to obtain the ancient weapon Pluton by taking over Arabasta.
  • Employed Dance Powder, an illegal substance, in his schemes to dry up Arabasta.
  • Attempted to eliminate Marine Captain Smoker.
  • Abused his title and privileges, was stripped of his status, arrested[10] and then imprisoned in Impel Down.[58]
  • Escaped Impel Down and then invaded Marineford.
  • Fought against Akainu to protect Luffy.
  • Established the Cross Guild, a Marine-hunting organization.
  • In the past, he was defeated by Whitebeard.[59] As a result, he still held a grudge against him.[58]
  • Defeated Luffy twice in battle before losing to him in their third fight during the events of the Arabasta Arc.
  • Joined forces with Luffy and Buggy to escape Impel Down.
  • His former subordinate, Galdino, is now a member of the Buggy Pirates.
  • Allied with the Whitebeard Pirates to protect Luffy during the Marineford War.
  • Invested in Buggy's Delivery. Took over control of the organization after Buggy failed to pay his debt.
  • Established the Cross Guild with Buggy as his figurehead superior.
Donquixote Doflamingo
  • Lost his world noble status as a child due to his father's decision to live like a human.
  • Attempted to return to Mary Geoise with his father's head, only to be chased off.
  • Evaded capture by Tsuru for at least thirteen years.
  • Murdered Commander Donquixote Rosinante, his own brother, who was working undercover for Sengoku against the Donquixote Pirates.
  • Captured ships holding the "Heavenly Tribute" for the World Nobles and blackmailed the World Government to acquire his Warlord position.
  • Aware of the World Government's "national treasure", using this as a blackmail tool to acquire special privileges.
  • Has used his power to make Marines fight each other for entertainment.
  • Claimed that he had very little interest in the World Government and would leave the Seven Warlords if they started giving him uninteresting work.
  • Had immense control over the criminal underworld, under the alias of "Joker".
  • Used Vergo as a mole into the Marines.
  • Severely wounded Vice Admiral Smoker.
  • Illegally manufactured artificial Devil Fruits.
  • Overthrew Dressrosa and hid all evidence of his tyrannical activities until exposed, at which point he tried to annihilate the entire kingdom.
  • Sought to destroy everything in the world ruled by the World Nobles.
  • Abused his title and privileges, was stripped from his title, arrested and locked up at Impel Down Level 6.
  • Formed an alliance with Kaidou to create a Zoan-based army. Due to the loss of the artificial Devil Fruit production with Doflamingo's defeat, Kaidou cannot acquire any more SMILEs.
  • Kaidou's subordinate, Jack, attempted to save Doflamingo from his imprisonment, but failed.
  • Blackbeard's subordinate, Jesus Burgess, fought in the Corrida Colosseum for the Mera Mera no Mi.
  • Was defeated by Luffy during the events of the Dressrosa Arc.
  • Had some of his underworld influence taken over by Buggy.
Bartholomew Kuma
  • Member of the Buccaneer race, deemed as ancient criminals by the World Government.
  • Was enslaved as a child by the World Nobles, but escaped during the God Valley Incident alongside 500 other slaves and civilians.
  • Directly confronted Jaygarcia Saturn of the Five Elders at God Valley.
  • Founded the Revolutionary Army alongside Monkey D. Dragon and Emporio Ivankov.
  • His friend Ginny was kidnapped and forced to become the wife of a World Noble, leading to her death by Sapphire Scales.
  • Overthrew King Bekori, the officially recognized monarch of the Sorbet Kingdom.
  • Was a victim of hostile propaganda by the World Government during his tenure as King of the Sorbet Kingdom, leading to his moniker of "Tyrant".
  • Was forced to become a Warlord and a mindless weapon in exchange for Dr. Vegapunk's help in curing his daughter.
  • Assisted the Straw Hat Pirates by allowing them to escape from death in two almost consecutive situations: during the aftermath of Thriller Bark and during the battle against Admiral Kizaru, Sentomaru, and a Pacifista.
  • Guarded the Thousand Sunny until the Straw Hats returned and asked Vegapunk to program him with this mission before giving up his personality.
  • Became a slave-to-rent of the World Nobles for defying the World Government in his past as a King and Revolutionary.
  • His daughter, Jewelry Bonney, is a member of the Worst Generation.
Marshall D. Teach
  • Stole a Marine ship with his crew, using it to break into Impel Down, attacking the prison guards in the process and severely injuring its Warden, Magellan.
  • Recruited five Level 6 Impel Down prisoners from into his crew, as well as letting loose others, causing global-scale danger.
  • Upon arriving at Marineford, he forfeited his title and tried to destroy Marineford.
  • Recruited former Admiral Kuzan into his crew and made him one of his Ten Titanic Captains.
  • Kidnapped Captain Koby and held him for ransom in exchange for the World Government making Hachinosu a World Government-allied island.
  • Gave Shanks the three scars on his eye sometime in the past.
  • Earned Whitebeard's wrath by betraying his former comrades by killing the fourth division commander, Thatch.
  • Attempted to capture Monkey D. Luffy for his bounty near Jaya and later fought him in Impel Down.
  • Turned in Portgas D. Ace, Whitebeard's second division commander, to the World Government.
  • With the help of his crew, he killed a weakened Whitebeard and stole his Devil Fruit abilities.
  • Avoided fighting Shanks at Marineford and decided to battle him in the future.
  • He fought against and defeated the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates during the Payback War.
  • Became an Emperor sometime in the two years after the Summit War of Marineford, acquiring many of the Whitebeard Pirates' old territories.
Gecko Moria
  • Abduction of civilians and Marines, plus the inconvenience inflicted by the theft of their shadows, was troublesome.
  • His defeat against Monkey D. Luffy risked causing a global uproar if it had not been covered up.
  • Did not care whether which side of the war won but thought that Whitebeard's death would be a treat.
  • He used the corpses and shadows of Marines to make zombies and to power himself up.
  • After the war, Doflamingo and the Pacifistas were ordered by the government to dispose of him due to his failures.
  • Despises Kaidou for the massacre of his old crew, and still bears emotional trauma.[61] He created his army of zombies specifically to get revenge on Kaidou.
  • Stole the shadow of Lola, one of Big Mom's daughters.
  • Stole Luffy's shadow and attempted to use it to control the ancient giant Oars.
  • Found joy in the prospect of Whitebeard's death.[62]
  • Attempted to kill Little Oars Jr., one of Whitebeard's subordinates, to make him one of his zombies.
  • Invaded Hachinosu in search of Absalom, who was killed by the Blackbeard Pirates and had his Suke Suke no Mi subsequently consumed by Shiryu.
  • Currently imprisoned on Hachinosu after refusing Blackbeard’s offer for him to join his crew.
Boa Hancock
  • She despises the World Nobles for enslaving her and her sisters.
  • Initially refused to live up to her title as Warlord and fight Whitebeard, petrifying many Marines in the process.
  • Accepted to fight Whitebeard only because this allowed Monkey D. Luffy to rescue the important prisoner Portgas D. Ace.
  • Attacked both pirates and Marines alike during the war.
  • Openly assisted Luffy by striking Commodore Smoker and destroying some Pacifistas.
  • Assisted the Straw Hat Pirates against the Marines while they took off from the Sabaody Archipelago.
  • In love with Monkey D. Luffy. Assisted him on several occasions while he was separated from his crew.
  • Was targeted by Blackbeard for her Mero Mero no Mi powers.
  • Participated in the war against Whitebeard where she indirectly aided the Whitebeard Pirates in trying to save Ace.
Trafalgar D. Water Law
  • Became an enemy of Kaidou for his part in Doflamingo's defeat and destroying SMILEs.
  • Formed a pirate alliance with Luffy.
  • Fought against Kaidou and Big Mom alongside Luffy and Eustass Kid. Defeated Big Mom with Kid's help.
  • Involved himself with Blackbeard during the Rocky Port Incident.
  • Was defeated by Blackbeard, who sought after his Road Poneglyph copies.
  • Former apprentice on the Pirate King Gol D. Roger's ship.
  • Believed to be the co-orchestrator of the biggest mass break out from Impel Down along with Monkey D. Luffy.
  • Recruited several Impel Down prisoners into his crew.
  • Regarded as a major threat to the World Government due to his connections to Roger and Shanks.
  • Inadvertently saved Luffy and Jinbe at the end of the Summit War of Marineford.
  • Currently leading the Cross Guild, an organization that specializes in issuing bounties on Marines.
  • Former apprentice of the Roger Pirates along with Shanks.
  • Fought against the Whitebeard Pirates many times during the past as part of Roger's crew and dreamed of taking the Emperor's position.
  • Was defeated by Luffy all the way back in the Orange Town Arc.
  • Attempted to kill Luffy at Loguetown but failed.
  • Ordered his crew to not kill Portgas D. Ace while he was on board the crews' ship to not incur Whitebeard's wrath.
  • Joined forces with Luffy to escape Impel Down.
  • Assisted Whitebeard during the Summit War of Marineford.
  • Stated by a marine that he is like a brother to Shanks.
  • His former subordinate, Hajrudin, resigned membership to join the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.
  • Became an Emperor after the fall of Kaidou and Big Mom and creation of the Cross Guild.
Edward Weevil
  • Actively engaging in battle against remaining allies, captains, and divisions of the Whitebeard Pirates who do not recognize him as Whitebeard's son and in the hopes of obtaining his fortune.
  • Frequently causes massive casualties and destruction of cities in the wake of his rampages.
  • Feared for his powers and strength, rivaling those of a young Whitebeard in his prime.
  • His mother, Buckin, was a member of the Rocks Pirates.
  • Was defeated in battle and arrested by Admiral Ryokugyu.
  • Claims to have a direct blood tie to Whitebeard.
  • Seeks to acquire the riches left behind by Whitebeard along with his mother.
  • Attacked Whitebeard's allies in search of his treasure.
  • Has expressed a desire to avenge Whitebeard's death by killing Blackbeard.
  • Wants to find and confront Luffy to know Marco's whereabouts.


There have been other pirates who have been selected to become Warlords but did not receive membership for one reason or another.

  • Portgas D. Ace was granted an invitation after defeating Hanafuda, but he turned down the invitation.
  • Simon was on the waitlist for the Seven Warlords, but he never got the chance to actually apply for a position after being defeated by Luffy and his crew.
  • The pirate who defeated Zephyr was granted an invitation to become a Warlord, though it is unknown whether he accepted or not. Nonetheless, the act of inviting him caused Zephyr to leave the Marines and build the Neo Marines.

Methodology of the "Government Dogs"

Becoming a Warlord of the Sea

A pirate could choose to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea if a space became vacant (which means that at least one Warlord must resign or be expelled from the group, the former being Jinbe's case and the latter being Crocodile's case). However, in order for one to have become a Warlord once this position opened up, one must have been able to exhibit their strength against other pirates[63] while choosing to pledge loyalty to the World Government (this ironically encourages pirates to gain infamy to become a Warlord) by making a pact with the Five Elders. If the pirate in question could be used as intimidation, the position may be offered to them, if no other pirate has accepted the position or proven to be more of an asset to the World Government.

As expected, most members were already notorious pirates with high bounties, but even relatively unknown pirates could have been admitted if they accomplish a feat to prove their strength. Blackbeard's victory over Portgas D. Ace[19] and Trafalgar Law obtaining and sending the hearts of 100 pirates to Marine Headquarters[42] are examples. The World Government could also be extorted by pirates into offering the prestigious status. This was demonstrated by Donquixote Doflamingo, when he ransomed the heavenly tribute meant for the World Nobles to be appointed to a vacant position.[64]

Some cases also happened such as Jinbe, Buggy, and Ace, who were offered a position in the organization when the World Government's Carrier Bat sent a letter to their location and the pirates reply by coming to Marine Headquarters as a sign of accepting the invitation or declining the offer. According to Chew, refusing to accept the invitation would cause the chosen pirate's bounty to rise even higher.[6][65][51][66]

Duties of the Seven Warlords

Seven Warlords of the Sea Waiting Room at Marineford

The Seven Warlords assembled together.

They did not express open defiance to the authority of the World Government but were not obligated to follow its orders either. They were technically only allowed to attack other pirates and must also compensate the Government with a portion of their plunder, although this regulation is not followed most of the time. Each member of the Seven Warlords must also have had strong intimidation skills and a fearsome image to put off others becoming a pirate and make them fear them.[2][63] In addition, given the discussion between Bartholomew Kuma and the Five Elders, it could be assumed that once someone became appointed to the Seven Warlords of the Sea they must have been undefeated to maintain their position, or at least were not allowed to have a widely known debacle or scandal that could have affected their reputation.[67]

Some of the members did various tasks for the government, such as conquering new islands for the World Government (described as "liberating") and protecting nations, but their ultimate purpose was to keep other pirates in check. Most importantly, the Seven Warlords provided assistance to maintain the balance of The Three Great Powers.

Technically speaking, the Seven Warlords of the Sea were considered allies of the government, and in times of war were obligated to collaborate with the Marines. Still, many Marine officers (for example Vice Admiral Smoker, Admiral Kizaru and former Fleet Admiral Sengoku) despised them and consider the Seven Warlords to still be pirates. Several high-ranking Marines expressed surprise that even two of the Seven Warlords actually bothered to show up when summoned for the meeting about Crocodile's removal, and they were very shocked when a third arrived; tellingly, of the others besides Kuma that showed up, Doflamingo came out of sheer boredom (passing the time before the meeting by nearly forcing two marines to duel each other), and Mihawk came only to hear about the pirates being discussed in the meeting.[68] When they were not under orders of the World Government, they had no commitment to assist the efforts of the Marines.[69][70]

Most of the Warlords appeared to show general apathy towards the World Government and in some cases even hostility. During the battle with the Whitebeard Pirates, Moria stated he does not care who wins[62] and Boa Hancock openly attacked both Marines and pirates.[71]

Benefits and Concessions

In exchange for these services, the Seven Warlords were pardoned for their former actions and any existing bounties were rescinded.

The Enemy Ship Capture Warrant (敵船拿捕許可状, Tekisen Daho Kyoka-jō?)[10] allowed Warlords to legally plunder other pirates and uncivilized lands (most likely referring to countries not affiliated with the World Government), so long as they gave a portion of their loot to the Government.[2]

As the Seven Warlords were no longer outlaws, they could have made money through legitimate business, as well as bounty hunting. Some, however, were content to simply float around the sea on their ships. The government did not seem to mind, and the Seven Warlords were granted a great deal of autonomy in how they operated. Other benefits included access to resources normally out of bounds to normal citizens and pirates, such as the use of Seastone equipment.

Boa Hancock, in particular, had a treaty that acts as a restraining order for all ships that come near Amazon Lily. Jinbe and his entire crew were given a pardon for their captain, Fisher Tiger's attack against the World Nobles, and their status as slaves nullified. Donquixote Doflamingo also managed to operate the Human Auctioning House with the government fully ignoring it before passing it to Disco. Buggy also utilized the perks of his position to run Buggy's Delivery, an organization that rents mercenaries.

Crocodile abused the privilege of being no longer monitored so closely to build himself a large and powerful covert organization,[10] while Boa Hancock, Blackbeard, Donquixote Doflamingo and Trafalgar Law exploited the benefits their statuses granted them in order to enter facilities that would otherwise have been unreachable to a pirate.[72][41][73][74]

The privilege of protection and pardon extended to any of the Warlord's subordinates, as Jinbe was able to have Arlong released from Impel Down and the rest of the Sun Pirates to return to Fish-Man Island freely, while Caesar Clown, guilty of destroying Punk Hazard via illegal chemical experiments, was given a pardon simply for working directly under Donquixote Doflamingo.[75] Prior to joining the Straw Hat Pirates, Nico Robin sought to be Crocodile's partner mainly for protection.[76] Admiral Fujitora notes if Law said the Straw Hat Pirates were his subordinates instead of allies, the notorious crew would have been amnestied.[75]

However, due to having the benefits of being a Warlord as well as the government choosing to ignore their actions, many members tended to abuse their privileges for their own personal gain. Crocodile, Moria, and Blackbeard used their privileges solely to increase their own respective crews, knowing the government would overlook such actions. Hancock used her status to assist Luffy in infiltrating Impel Down (unbeknownst to the government) to rescue his brother Ace, making her indirectly responsible for the mass breakout of prisoners prior to the war. Kuma used his status to help the Straw Hats escape twice despite being ordered by the government to eliminate them.

Doflamingo also used his privileges to profit off of selling weapons to other countries and promoting war throughout the world while using his title to rule Dressrosa despite being a pirate. Buggy used his benefits to profit off of Doflamingo's downfall and provide weapons and plunder under his name. Weevil hunted the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates, causing a large degree of destruction and death in the process, leaving the Marines unable to act. Teach himself acknowledged that was the only reason he wanted the title of Warlord in the first place, knowing he could abuse the system so easily.

Though a majority of the Warlords abused the system for their own personal gain, there have been a few that joined for more benevolent reasons. Hancock joined solely to protect her people on her home island.[77] Jinbe used his title to promote peace between fish-men and humans as well as protecting the Sun Pirates from being hunted by the Marines due to a majority of them being former slaves.[78] Kuma accepted a position in the organization due to an agreement he had with the government to treat his daughter's deadly disease. Later on, he used his status to help save the Straw Hats at least on two separate occasions as well as acting as a double agent for the Revolutionary Army.[79]

Law joined as part of a plan to take down Doflamingo and avenging the death of his benefactor Donquixote Rosinante.[80]

Dismissal or Resignation

Even if they violated the law, the World Government and Marines may have chosen not to take any notice.[81] Doflamingo used to own the Human Auctioning House before giving it to Disco.[82] Crocodile seemed to have gone unsupervised for an extremely long period of time, as he had created a large, malevolent organization that the World Government was completely unaware of, while Moria was abducting civilians and Marines alike to create an army of zombies without the Government raising any complaints. Because of the risk involved with maintaining the Three Great Powers, the Government tolerated the illegal activities of any Warlords and attempted to protect them if possible (or at least maintain their fame).[13][19][67][83]

That is not to say they would not have dismissed a Warlord for such actions. There are several Warlords who have been dismissed from their positions for several reasons. Crocodile's actions in Arabasta left the World Government with few options other than his dismissal, although, in fact, Luffy dealt with him (and his bounty was raised for that).[84][85]

In order for a Warlord to maintain their position, they must have not suffered a defeat for the world to know of, or it could have resulted in their immediate dismissal. Hanafuda was immediately dismissed when he was defeated by Portgas D. Ace.[47] Moria's defeat was met with horror by the World Government as they had only just replaced Crocodile's loss. Fearing what would happen if another fell, the World Government attempted to cover up his defeat by killing all of the survivors of Thriller Bark before word got out. Even though Kuma (the one sent to deal with the problem) chose to disregard the order of the Five Elders, Moria was able to retain his status for a time, later answering the call to arms against the Whitebeard Pirates. However, after the war, the government finally deemed Moria to be too weak to continue as a Warlord of the Sea, and decided to annul his pact and eliminate him, under the pretense of Moria dying in the war to preserve the Warlord's reputation of strength.[8]

Jinbe forfeited his position as a Warlord of the Sea for his refusal to assist in the war against the Whitebeard Pirates and was incarcerated in Level 6 of Impel Down. After Monkey D. Luffy helped him escape, he assisted the young pirate in breaking free from Impel Down and traveling to Marineford and cooperated with the Whitebeard Pirates during the battle choosing to abdicate his position permanently and again became a willing enemy of both the Marines and the World Government.[7]

Blackbeard only wanted to be a Warlord so as to be able to reach Impel Down in order to release several Level 6 prisoners and create a stronger crew. As soon as he achieved this goal, he was no longer interested, and resigned from his Warlord title.[41]

Dismissal from the Seven Warlords held not only the individual's loss of title, but in cases also the breakdown of possible politics affiliated to the Seven Warlords of the Sea. As Boa Hancock was warned, while she obeyed the World Government, her nation's treaty with the World Government would be respected. However, if she did not heed the call of the World Government, then the treaty with her home island of Amazon Lily would be made void.[86] Smoker has implied that Hancock and her people would have suffered repercussions for helping Luffy during the war; however, throughout the war, events related to her were often interpreted incorrectly by the Marines and others, thus her status as a Warlord seemed to not had been brought into question.[87]

Doflamingo has participated in several illegal activities such as the Human Auctioning House for the slave trade but having disowned it did not seem to affect him. He also stated he would quit the Seven Warlords should they bore him with menial assignments.[88] He also placed a deep cover agent in the Marines, Vergo, and has the rogue Marine scientist Caesar Clown to produce weapons for him in the underworld in the New World.[57]

These crimes could easily have revoked his status, but he had managed to keep this from being discovered. However, after Law blackmailed Doflamingo into forcing him to renounce his title to retrieve Caesar lest he face Kaidou's wrath, Doflamingo was left with no choice but to resign his Warlord status. This provoked international uproar (though it was later revealed to be a deception). By designating Caesar as his subordinate instead of associate, Doflamingo was able to maintain his position while releasing Caesar from his status as a wanted criminal.[75] Doflamingo's ability to make the world falsely believe that he resigned is a privilege beyond any Warlord,[89] and Law suggested it was something that only a World Noble can accomplish.[90] However, Doflamingo's status was eventually revoked when he was taken into custody of the Marines, arrested by Admiral Fujitora and imprisoned in Level 6 of Impel Down after he tried to destroy the entire Kingdom of Dressrosa to conceal his vast crimes and his subsequent defeat by Luffy.[3] In a way, Doflamingo was parallel to Crocodile's downfall from the Seven Warlords two years ago.[91]

When Law's alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates was in the news, his seat as a Warlord fell into jeopardy. Eventually Fujitora revoked his status as a Warlord of the Sea.[75] As a result, his bounty was reinstated and raised to Beli500,000,000.[4]

Due to the vote of majority from the Levely's royalty, the Seven Warlords system has been completely abolished. The remaining members were immediately dismissed from their connections with the World Government and all associating privileges and authority annulled, reinstating their bounties and making them wanted criminals again. Fleet Admiral Sakazuki immediately dispatched fleets to arrest them.[16]


Don't panic. You seem to have forgotten something. The reason they chose us to be the Seven Warlords was for our strength!!
— -Boa Hancock to her people when the marines came to arrest her.

The Seven Warlords of the Sea were a group of one of the strongest pirates in the world and one of the Three Great Powers, the others being the Four Emperors and the Marines.

In terms of power, the Seven Warlords of the Sea and Marine Headquarters made a balance with the Four Emperors. Therefore, the Seven Warlords were one part of what makes the balance with the Four Emperors.[15] At least two of the Seven Warlords (Gecko Moria and Dracule Mihawk) are said to have been rivals of Emperors Kaidou and Shanks, respectively. Bartholomew Kuma has also allowed himself to become part of the Pacifista project. The strength of at least one Warlord, Boa Hancock, has been acknowledged by former-Fleet Admiral Sengoku himself.[92] This, in addition to the fact that losing a single member of the Seven Warlords could have disrupted the balance of the world powers and would have caused distress to the World Government, indicates the extreme power each individual has.[93] The strength of a Warlord was so great, that should they have been imprisoned for any reason, they would have been sentenced to Level 6 of Impel Down, the lowest and most secure level of the prison (as both Crocodile and Jinbe were imprisoned there). The only known exception to this was Buggy, who appears to have gained the position through his reputation and influence, being on casual talking terms with the Emperor Shanks and commanding a large number of Impel Down escapees, rather than actual fighting strength. Even after the 2-year timeskip, he doesn't seem to have improved his abilities, as he was the only Warlord that wanted to flee rather than fight when the Marines came to arrest him.

Because of their pact with the World Government, the Seven Warlords were considered "Government Dogs" by other pirates.[2] At the same time, they were also feared by them because all of the Warlords are insanely strong, each capable of destroying an average pirate crew on their own with no effort, as seen with Mihawk and Crocodile. They had such a fierce reputation that even other powerful and famous pirates were unnerved by them, as seen when the captain of the Kid Pirates, Eustass Kid, actually seemed heavily disturbed when he witnessed the arrival of a Pacifista cyborg (mistaking it for the real Kuma) on the Sabaody Archipelago, close to where his crew were, despite the fact that his bounty was higher than Kuma's former bounty, demonstrating how their strength is even greater than that implied by their frozen bounties in the eyes of others. A testament to their great power would be shortly after the Warlord system was voided; few of them were actually bothered by this development, even when the Marines closed in on them in a bid to arrest them, with some of them even maintaining confidence that they will prevail, eager to make an example of these enforcers as to why these pirates became Warlords in the first place.

Each member had some ability or power, the majority of which are Devil Fruits, with Jinbe and Mihawk having been the only exceptions. These abilities can often vary depending on the Warlord's theme. Some of their abilities appear to conflict with each other: for example, Blackbeard's power involves drawing people to him, while Kuma's involves rejecting people away from him; and Doflamingo's power allows him to control the motions of other people to his will, while Hancock immobilizes them by turning them into stone; also, Buggy has the ability of splitting apart his own body, while Law can split apart the bodies of other people. In the case of Crocodile and Jinbe, this opposition also extends to the environment where their abilities reach their full zenith (i.e., being a Fish-Man, Jinbe's fighting abilities are at their peak in the deep and open sea, while Crocodile, having consumed the Suna Suna no Mi, favors the desert sand). It should be noted that Mihawk and Jinbe are the only two known Warlords to have relied on their own natural abilities, as they are not Devil Fruit users.

In relationship to each other, it is not entirely known how they compared in strength. However, during the Summit War of Marineford several members and former members battle each other, and none manage to defeat or significantly injure each other in any fight. Although while most appeared evenly matched, after Moria was defeated by Luffy, he was deemed a liability and it was decided that he could no longer continue as a Warlord of the Sea. As a result, Doflamingo was ordered to exterminate Moria along with a group of several Pacifista.[8]

Along with their impressive combat abilities, most members have shown to be highly intelligent, knowledgeable and crafty. More than a few of them have taken full advantage of the benefits they possess as Warlords to do things pirates would not be able to pull off while keeping the World Government and Marines from being able to do anything against them. Many of them have also proven to be very skilled manipulators, having fooled whole counties for years and even the World Government itself. Doflamingo has said the Seven Warlords get by with their trickery.



At some point, likely after the execution of Gol D. Roger and the subsequent beginning of the Great Pirate Era, the World Government established the Seven Warlords of the Sea as a means of creating a balance of power between the Four Emperors and Marine Headquarters. Following its formation, it became one of the Three Great Powers, and the balance between the three factions keeping the world from falling into disarray.[94]

Crocodile ascended to the title of Warlord in his early-twenties; around the same time, he suffered a humiliating defeat upon challenging the Emperor Whitebeard.[49] At age 30, Crocodile relocated to Arabasta and became renowned as a pirate-hunting hero.[95][49] Sometime after setting up his Baroque Works organization, for the next several years, Crocodile would work to make the Arabasta Kingdom perceive him as a hero while he secretly gained power to dethrone the royal family of Arabasta and obtain control of a weapon known as Pluton.

After Gecko Moria was inducted into the ranks of the Seven Warlords, he established the Thriller Bark Pirates twelve years ago, recruiting Dr. Hogback into his ranks. While Thriller Bark sailed around in the Florian Triangle, they began to amass an army of zombies using Moria's Devil Fruit abilities.[96]

13 years ago, at the young age of 18, Boa Hancock embarked on a single pirating campaign so great that when combined with the existing fearsome reputation of the Kuja Pirates, she was visited by the World Government with an offer. Hancock made a treaty with the World Government that protected her people from them in exchange for becoming a Warlord of the Sea.[50]

Jinbe Receives Offer

Jinbe being offered a warlord position.

After acquiring his bounty of Beli250,000,000, Jinbe was recruited eleven years ago, following the death of Fisher Tiger and the breaking up of the Sun Pirates into two smaller groups. Jinbe's recruitment made him the first and only fish-man to serve in the group,[97] and was an attempt to strengthen the bonds between the species. This allowed the members of the Sun Pirates who did not want to become pirates in the first place to return to Fish-Man Island and given a blanket pardon for Tiger's attack on Mary Geoise.[51]

Around the same time as Jinbe, Doflamingo also joined the Seven Warlords at age 31 by hijacking ships holding Heavenly Tribute and blackmailing the World Government for the position. Using his new status, he dethroned Riku Doldo III, king of Dressrosa by manipulating him and his soldiers into attacking civilians using his ability, thus tricking the citizens of the country into making him their king. After becoming king, he set up a secret dictatorship, transforming some people into toys, manipulating the memories of others, and condemning the unruliest to fights to the death in the Corrida Colosseum.[98] He then built his reputation in both as a world-famous World Government pirate and an influential Underworld broker for the next ten years to come.[99]

Four years ago, Doflamingo would enter a three-way alliance with the rogue scientist Caesar Clown and the Emperor Kaidou in producing SMILEs for the latter in exchange for weapons produced from the Wano Country to sell to warring countries all around the world. However, not trusting Caesar, Doflamingo placed Monet to watch him.

Saturn Negotiating With Kuma

Saturn negotiating with Kuma to become a warlord.

Around this time, when Portgas D. Ace was gaining acclaim as the captain of the Spade Pirates, he defeated Warlord of the Sea Hanafuda, resulting in the latter's Warlord status being revoked. Before or after this, Ace received an invitation to the Seven Warlords, but he turned down the offer. The government had been looking for a replacement since then, and while Bartholomew Kuma was negotiating with the government to have them save his daughter Bonney from her disease, Saturn said one of the requirements was for Kuma to become a Warlord to fill in the vacant position left by Ace's actions. Kuma accepted this and officially became a Warlord six months later.[54]

East Blue Saga

Baratie Arc

Mihawk Defeats Zoro

Mihawk strikes down Roronoa Zoro.

The Krieg Pirates encountered Mihawk at the start of the Grand Line, and the Warlord decimated them. He chased them all the way back to the East Blue,[1] but decided to leave them alone after defeating Roronoa Zoro in a challenge that impressed him.[100]

Arabasta Saga

Arabasta Arc

Crocodile Defeated

Crocodile is defeated and stripped of his Warlord status.

Crocodile, having established an image of himself as a hero to the citizens of Arabasta, unleashed his plan to take over the country known as Operation Utopia.[101] Having stoked the flames of civil war and prepared a bomb to destroy the capital Alubarna, Crocodile encountered resistance in the form of the Straw Hat Pirates, who had teamed up with princess Nefertari Vivi of Arabasta,[102] and a Marine force led by Smoker and Tashigi also became involved. Crocodile managed to imprison most of them,[103] but they escaped[104] and led the revolt against him as they foiled his plans and defeated his subordinates. Finally, after three hard-fought battles, Crocodile was taken down by Monkey D. Luffy[105] and arrested by Smoker, leading to him being stripped of his Warlord title[10] and taken to Impel Down.[106]

Sky Island Saga

Jaya Arc

Seven Warlords of the Sea Meeting at Mary Geoise

Three of the Seven Warlords and Five Elders meet to discuss Crocodile's replacement.

After Crocodile's arrest, the Five Elders called a meeting in Mary Geoise to discuss appointing a successor. Three Warlords of the Sea, Mihawk, Doflamingo, and Bartholomew Kuma, attended. There, they were approached by Laffitte, who proposed his captain Marshall D. Teach, also known as "Blackbeard", taking the role. His proposition was rejected due to Blackbeard not having any infamy.[63] Blackbeard, who was on Jaya at the time, tried to hunt down Luffy in order to earn the Warlord position, but failed to catch him. However, he continued his quest.[107]

Water 7 Saga

Long Ring Long Land Arc

On Jaya, Doflamingo came to punish the Bellamy Pirates, who sailed under his flag, for disgracing him after losing to Luffy on the island.[108]

Post-Enies Lobby Arc

Blackbeard Nullifying Ace's Powers

Blackbeard fights Portgas D. Ace.

Ace found Blackbeard after hunting him down due to the pirate killing one of their crewmates and hunting for Luffy.[109] The two fought, with Blackbeard emerging victorious.[110] Blackbeard turned Ace in to the government, allowing him to take Crocodile's spot in the Seven Warlords.

Thriller Bark Saga

Thriller Bark Arc

The Straw Hat Pirates encountered Moria's ship Thriller Bark within the Florian Triangle, and Moria had his henchmen capture them so he could steal their shadows and put them into his zombies.[111] When he captured Luffy's shadow, he placed it into the corpse of a legendary giant named Oars, who would be his top weapon when he returned to the New World.[112]

Kuma and Moria Meet

Moria and Kuma meet on Thriller Bark.

Moria was later visited by Kuma, who told him of Blackbeard's addition to the Seven Warlords. Echoing the government's worries that the Straw Hats may take down another in their ranks, Kuma offered to help Moria fight them, but Moria angrily declined.[19]

Oars Stretches While Using Gomu Gomu no Pistol

Moria fights the Straw Hats with his top zombie, Oars.

Moria then took control of Oars and took on the Straw Hats.[113] After a long and hard battle, the Straw Hats took down Oars,[114] and Moria consumed all the shadows on the island to power himself.[61] However, the shadows were beaten out of him by Luffy, and he was defeated.[115] Kuma then arrived to capture the passed out Luffy and knocked most of the Straw Hats out.[116] However, Zoro offered to sacrifice himself in Luffy's stead, and Kuma transferred Luffy's injuries to Zoro before leaving.[117]

Summit War Saga

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Kuma Defeats the Straw Hats

Kuma defeats the Straw Hats.

As the Straw Hats fought against Kizaru, Sentomaru, and PX-1, Kuma showed up and sent the Straw hats to various islands across the world. This act flouted the Marines' attempt at bringing down the Straw Hats, with the intended purpose of making the crew stronger.[118][119]

Amazon Lily Arc

Five Warlords of the Sea at Mary Geoise

The Seven Warlords gather before the oncoming war.

The Seven Warlords of the Sea all received summons to report to Marineford to participate in the upcoming war against the Whitebeard Pirates as the World Government attempted to execute Ace. Hancock refused her summons, despite the fact that her title would be revoked if she did so.[86] As this happened, she discovered Luffy on her island Amazon Lily after he was sent there by Kuma. She was initially hostile towards him and tried to kill him,[120] but had a change of heart after he covered up her sister's slave mark.[121] When Luffy wanted to break into Impel Down in order to save Ace, Hancock decided to accept the summons to Marineford in order to take him to Impel Down.[122]

Soon afterwards, the Seven Warlords, with the exceptions of Hancock and Jinbe, were all gathered at Mary Geoise soon before the execution and war was to start.[21]

Impel Down Arc

Jinbe in Impel Down

Jinbe imprisoned in Impel Down.

Due to his past relationship with Whitebeard and Ace, Jinbe rejected the World Government's summons and was subsequently imprisoned in Impel Down.[92] Hancock took Luffy to the giant prison and managed to sneak him inside while she took a tour of it.[123] Luffy eventually managed to make it to Level 6, and although he did not make it before Ace was taken away, he gained the assistance of Jinbe as well as former Warlord Crocodile.[56]

Blackbeard Freeing Prisoners

Blackbeard breaks into Impel Down and frees prisoners.

While this happened, Blackbeard and his crew broke into Impel Down.[124] They were able to go to Level 6, where they hosted a fight to the death between the prisoners in order to recruit them to their crew, and then defeated the warden Magellan as they escaped.[125] In the movie One Piece: Stampede Blackbeard locked eyes with Douglas Bullet among the prisoners but left him behind, due to him being too dangerous for a crew member.

Marineford Arc

Seven Warlords of the Sea Watching the War

Five of the Seven Warlords in the war against the Whitebeard Pirates.

All of the Seven Warlords except for Jinbe and Blackbeard gathered with the Marines in Marineford as Ace was set to be executed.[126] When the war began Mihawk was the first of the Warlords to attack, attempting to attack Whitebeard directly. But his attack was stopped by Jozu.[127] When the giant Oars Jr. attacks Marineford, several of the Whitebeard Pirates attack her, trying to take advantage of her distraction. Hancock, far from being unaware of the battle, annihilates the group attempting to attack her and then indiscriminately attacks everyone around her, pirates and Marines alike.[128]

When an angered Marine question her as to whether she is friend or foe, Hancock reasons that she only agreed to fight Whitebeard, not ally herself with the Marines. Upon discovering that Oars Jr. is under the command of Whitebeard, Moria was excited at the opportunity to take the giant's corpse.

Kuma Attacks Little Oars Jr

Kuma about to attack Oars Jr. with Ursus Shock.

As Oars pushed through the front lines Kuma hit him with an Ursus Shock, an attack that badly wounded Little Oars Jr. and swept both Marines and pirates alike aside devastating the battlefield. When Oars Jr. managed to get to the plaza of Marineford, the pirate attacked Doflamingo. However, Doflamingo dodged the attack with ease by jumping in the air, and then sliced off Oars Jr.'s leg, laughing all the while, much to Moria's anger.[129] Moria decided to finish him off properly by impaling the giant with Tsuno-Tokage.[130] stopping the giant in its tracks.

When Luffy's Impel Down escapee group arrived at Marineford, Mihawk was amused and remarked that the Straw Hat never failed to make things interesting. Jinbe renounces his title as Warlord of the Sea, becoming an enemy of the Marines.

Doflamingo Laughs at Chaos

Doflamingo reveling in the chaos.

Doflamingo was later confronted by the Whitebeard Pirates' 13th Division Commander 'Water Buffalo' Atmos. Doflamingo then used his ability on Atmos, forcing him to attack his own comrades. The Warlord himself shouted those terms for things that changed over time. People who had not seen war had different meanings for "Marine" or "Pirate". Doflamingo stated that the ground was neutral and whoever was at the top would define Justice, thus shouting that Justice would prevail.[131]

Kuma went on to start attacking Emporio Ivankov and Luffy when they got near him.[132] Doflamingo chimes in after Ivankov's attempted to talk to him, informing them that the Kuma they knew is dead. Doflamingo admitted that he did not know what kind of deal Kuma and the World Government made, only that he completed his transformation into the mindless machine: PX-0.

Jinbe Punches Moria With Samegawara Seiken

Jinbe lands a powerful blow on Moria.

Wanting to use Luffy's shadow to reanimate Little Oars Jr., Moria attempted to have his zombies fight Luffy, only for Jinbe to splash them with saltwater and reduce them to lifeless bodies. Jinbe and Moria briefly fight, with Moria brought to his knees by a single strike from Jinbe.[7]

When Luffy managed to break through the horde of fighting men, Mihawk set his sights on him.[133] Missing Luffy's head he unleashed a massive slash that cut through the frozen tsunami a great distance away. Buggy was used as a human shield against Mihawk, his Devil Fruit making him immune to his attacks. Mihawk was then countered by Vista, Mihawk commenting on Luffy's dangerous ability to gain strong allies.[134]

Doflamingo Takes Control of Jozu

Doflamingo takes control of Jozu and confronts Crocodile.

As Jozu attempted to attack Crocodile again, he was stopped by Doflamingo, who was riding on his back and controlling his movement. While Crocodile seemed antagonistic towards Doflamingo, Doflamingo suggested they team up.[135] However, Crocodile refused his offer and then attacked, performing Sables to blow Doflamingo away.[136]

Hancock Protects Luffy from Smoker

Hancock protects Luffy from Smoker.

Hancock comes to Luffy's aid and attacks Smoker, enraged at seeing him hurt Luffy.[137] She then gives Luffy the key to Ace's handcuffs, which she somehow came into possession of. Luffy hugs her in gratitude, making Hancock collapse from joy. Before Smoker can follow after Luffy, Hancock intercepts him again, easily breaking his jutte in half, and prevents him from giving chase.

Doflamingo and Crocodile Clash

Crocodile and Doflamingo clash.

As the execution for Ace was about to begin Crocodile interfered, attacking the executioners, prompting Doflamingo to behead him. Doflamingo remarked that he was jealous that he turned down his offer and is now teaming up with Whitebeard. Crocodile responded by saying that he was not teaming up with anyone. The two briefly had a stare down before Doflamingo attacks Crocodile, who parried it with his hook, their intense blows sending shock waves blowing nearby Marines away.[138]

Crocodile Protects Luffy from Mihawk

Mihawk vs. Crocodile.

Mihawk attempted to attack Luffy prompting Crocodile to protect him, stopping him from being able to pursue Luffy any further. Hancock is next seen blocking a group of Pacifista, who stand down because she is an ally, to prevent them from firing lasers at Luffy in order to buy him time to make it to the execution platform. Even after Luffy successfully moves ahead, she goes so far as to destroy a Pacifista's head with a slap. When Luffy managed to free his brother, Doflamingo said that it would be a lot funnier if they escaped Marineford, choosing to let them go.

New Blackbeard Pirates

Blackbeard leaves the Seven Warlords as he enters the war.

Shortly after Ace's death, the Blackbeard Pirates arrived at Marineford new crew mates from Level 6 of Impel Down.[25] Blackbeard then resigned from the Warlord position and together were able to finish off Whitebeard. Blackbeard was then able to mysteriously gain the the Gura Gura no Mi ability from his corpse, becoming the first to obtain two Devil Fruit abilities. With a mighty laugh, Blackbeard proclaimed to everyone present and everyone watching these events that from that moment on, this was his era.[139]

The Emperor "Red-Haired" Shanks arrived with his crew grinding the war to a screeching halt and told the remaining Marines and Whitebeard Pirates that he and his crew would fight anyone who wished to continue the war, prompting the Warlords standing down. Blackbeard and Shanks have a tense standoff in the middle of the battlefield, Teach and his new crew leaving having completed what they had come to do. Mihawk departed, saying he had agreed to help fight Whitebeard but not Shanks.[70] Hancock departs as well, meeting up with Luffy later back at her island. The remaining Warlords departed once the war ended.

Post-War Arc

Moria Attacked by Doflamingo and Pacifistas

Doflamingo takes orders to eliminate Moria after the war.

Eventually, Hancock caught up to the Heart Pirates, and offered them the safety of Amazon Lily for Luffy's and Jinbe's recovery period.[140] She later let Luffy train on the nearby island Rusukaina for two years.[141]

In the aftermath of the battle on Marineford, Doflamingo received orders to eliminate Moria due to his weakness. Moria managed to escape before Doflamingo could finish him off, but he was officially removed from the Seven Warlords of the Sea.[8] After having escaped from Marineford, Buggy received an invitation from the World Government[66] to join the Seven Warlords.[6]

Kuma returned to the Sabaody Archipelago,[142] having come to guard the Straw Hats' ship the Thousand Sunny. He remained at his post for two years, helping protect it from attackers.[143]

During the Timeskip

Within two years after the Summit War of Marineford, the vacant positions of the Seven Warlords have been filled.

Law Delivers 100 Hearts in the Anime

Law gives the government 100 pirate hearts to become a Warlord.

After accepting the invite to become a Warlord, Buggy somehow came into contact with Crocodile and recieved a large loan from him, which he used to establish Buggy's Delivery on Karai Bari Island. He also managed to recruit the New Giant Warrior Pirates as S-Rank Mercenaries.

The Supernova Trafalgar Law was accepted as a Warlord of the Sea after he sent the hearts of 100 pirates.[42]The other vacant position was occupied by Edward Weevil, a man who claimed to be the biological son of Whitebeard, due to his immense strength and heavy grudge against the Whitebeard Pirates.[5]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

The unknown pirate who took Zephyr's arm and killed his group of Marine cadets was invited to become a Warlord. It is unknown if he actually accepted it or not, but the action caused Zephyr and his two followers, Ain and Binz to leave the Marines and form their own pirate hunting organization.[144]


Upon the breakout of Impel Down, one of the prisoners that became a threat for the World Government was Byrnndi World and his crew. Boa Hancock had kept herself occupied with Luffy during this. Byrnndi would then attack her island and kidnap her sisters, demanding the Pirate Empress to surrender.

Hancock had Luffy tag along with her as she pursued World to his headquarters. Hancock attacked World's crew in retaliation. Buggy had happened to arrive in the area by coincidence and saw the fight ensuing on the Groseade. Buggy lays low to not get involved, letting Luffy take care of things. When Mihawk arrives, Buggy withdraws to not get pulled into the situation. Later when Buggy was watching the fight between World and Luffy he began to fear the possibility he could lose. When Luffy was defeated, he ordered his crew to help him, misinterpreted by the Impel Down escapees as Buggy caring for his friend.

Hancock made her way to a room where she faced Nightin. Nightin was able to counter Hancock's powers with medical herbs, which made her immune to her powers. She then proceeded to destroy some of Hancock's clothing and made a drink to make herself as young as Hancock. The two fought with Hancock having little difficulty against Nightin as Hancock was able to easily dodge her moves and eventually able to seduce her with her beauty. Nightin fell for her beauty and was turned to stone.

Buggy fell into a state of shock after World easily defeated Luffy in their fight. He then realized that his plan was bound to fail if Luffy was defeated and so ordered his crew to immediately revive him, which is misinterpreted by the Impel Down escapees as Buggy caring for his friend. Later, while his crew treated Luffy, Buggy continuously slapped him to wake him up. After a while, he succeeded and stated that it went all as planned.

Buggy and his crew encountered Gairam and was to be dealt with for trespassing. Buggy and his crew were then caught between an onslaught of cubes created by Gairam's Kyubu Kyubu no Mi ability. Upon hearing the cheers from his crew, Buggy told Luffy that he would handle Gairam. To his surprise, however, Gairam then compressed the air around him into a cube and attacked them with his Air Cube Booster.

Gairam Turns Buggy into a Cube

Buggy is turned into a cube.

Gairam turned him into a cube by using Cube Break. Before, Gairam could hit him, Buggy used Devil Fruit abilities to escape and, in the process, became decompressed. He then summoned back his body parts but became Chibi Buggy when Gairam held down Buggy's body. Buggy fought back attacking with a Muggy Ball.

Hancock Defeats Gairam

Hancock defeats Gairam.

After using his Special Muggy Ball, the attack created a big cloud of smoke and while Gairam was blinded, Hancock jumped out and turned Gairam to stone from a single kick to his head. The crew, oblivious to the fact that Hancock defeated Gairam, cheered on Buggy for his victory, to which a surprised Buggy happily took credit for.

Buggy and his crew narrowly escape the onslaught of cannon fire from the Marines Buster Call as as he flied through the air with Mr. 3 on his back and his crew swam back to their ship carrying his feet. World made one last ditch effort against the Marines firing a giant cannon ball at their fleet, with Mihawk effortlessly splitting it in half. Hancock reunited with Luffy after he defeated Byrnndi World, the two returning to Amazon Lily.

Concludes non-canon section.

Fish-Man Island Saga

Return to Sabaody Arc

After two years, Kuma was relieved of his task to guard the Sunny by Franky. The heavily injured Warlord departed, now a mindless servant like the rest of the Pacifistas with no free will left.[143] He was then forced to work as a slave-for-rent the the World Nobles.

Hancock and her crew later picked Luffy up from his training and brought him back to Sabaody Archipelago. As the Straw Hats departed for Fish-Man Island, Hancock and her crew held back the Marines.

Dressrosa Saga

Punk Hazard Arc

Caesar and Law Meet

Law makes a deal with Doflamingo's subordinate Caesar Clown.

Law took refuge in the island of Punk Hazard illegally, forming an alliance with Doflamingo's subordinates Caesar Clown and Monet.[145] When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived on the island, Law asked to form an alliance with them in order to take down Kaidou of the Four Emperors. Doing so would require them to take out Doflamingo's SMILE production that served Kaidou by destroying the SAD Factory on Punk Hazard.[146] Despite being discovered by Caesar and his subordinates and having to deal with one of Doflamingo's top officers Vergo, Law, the Straw Hats, and a the G-5 platoon led by Smoker and Tashigi successfully destroyed the SAD production and captured Caesar.[147]

With Caesar as a hostage, Law gave Doflamingo the ultimatum to step down from the Seven Warlords if he wanted Caesar back.[148] Doflamingo used his connections in the highest echelon of the World Government to manipulate the news to claim that he had left the Seven Warlords, despite not actually having done so.[149]

Dressrosa Arc

Green Bit Confrontation

Doflamingo and Fujitora confront Law.

With Doflamingo seemingly going along with their deal, Law and the Straw Hats went to Dressrosa not only to return Caesar, but to permanently cripple SMILE production by destroying the SMILE Factory on the island.[6] However, Doflamingo revealed his deception, and Admiral Fujitora, who had been sent to assist him, revoked Law's Warlord title for working on equal terms with the Straw Hats.[149] However, Law revealed that he had only allied with the Straw Hats to take down Doflamingo to avenge his deceased mentor Corazon.[150][151]

Doflamingo Being Arrested

Doflamingo being stripped of his title.

After Law was defeated by Doflamingo, the Straw Hats joined with a dwarf militia to depose Doflamingo and destroy his SMILE Factory.[152] They succeeded in liberating Dressrosa from Doflamingo's control by freeing all the people he had transformed into toys,[153] forcing Doflamingo to trap everyone on the island and start a "game" to eliminate all of his enemies.[154] Due to his Warlord position, Fujitora was left unable to go against him despite his illegal activities,[155] but the Straw Hats and Law gained enough support from the people on Dressrosa to battle and take down Doflamingo and his crew.[156] When Doflamingo was finally defeated, Fujitora stripped him from his position in the Seven Warlords and had him arrested; he was subsequently imprisoned at Impel Down.[3][157] Law's bounty was raised, confirming his removal from the Seven Warlords.[4]

Whole Cake Island Saga

Zou Arc

Weevil was engaging in warfare against pirate crews formerly allied with Whitebeard, due to his mother's claim that Whitebeard had left him inheritance in treasure. He then set his sights on finding Luffy in order to find out where Marco of the Whitebeard Pirates was.[5]

Meanwhile, Buggy had set up a pirate dispatch company, and partied after Doflamingo, his rival in business, was taken down. However, he lost his five giant employees when they left to serve under the Straw Hats.[158]

Levely Arc

Bartholomew Kuma Slave Outfit

Kuma enslaved to the Celestial Dragons.

After Kuma finished his mission to protect the Thousand Sunny, he became a slave to the World Nobles as a slave-to-rent at Mary Geoise as punishment for aiding Luffy. Rosward rented him out where Kuma was forced to carry the Celestial Dragon on his back and was constantly struck by weapons, but the mindless Kuma remained unresponsive. Upon the Revolutionaries arriving they hatched a plan to rescue him.

Wano Country Saga

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Cidre Guild Arc

On the way to the Pirates Festival, Boa Hancock stopped at an island to have a bath, where she encountered Luffy. Together, they fought off a gang of Bounty Hunters called the Cidre Guild.

One Piece: Stampede

The World Government requested the Seven Warlords' intervention on the raid on Delta Island during the Pirates Festival hosted by Buena Festa. While the Festival was going on, Crocodile snuck into Festa's lair. There, he encountered Nico Robin, who he referred to by her old code name, and Trafalgar Law and recruited Law into his plan to bring down Festa and his ally Douglas Bullet. Law managed to infiltrate the underground and escape, Buggy's crew was in a rush to find him, for fear of having their pay cut. Unfortunately, just as they found him, Law used his ability to stowaway on the passing Thousand Sunny. They attempted to pursue the Straw Hat Pirates in order to capture Law but were blown away as the Straw Hat Pirates used Coup de Burst to fly up the Knock Up Stream. The crew did ultimately succeed in getting up to the island and were unseen by the other pirates. Buggy used this to his advantage and successfully reached Roger's treasure while everyone else was fighting. He then exposed himself after getting the treasure, causing the other competing pirates to chased after him. However, as he was running away, he decided to take a peek at the treasure, and seeing that it was an Eternal Pose to Laugh Tale, he became visibly shocked. A ship was then thrown at the treasure island, destroying it and sending everyone falling back to Delta Island, with Buggy losing the treasure in the process.

Hancock and Buggy Movie Stampede

Hancock abusing Buggy

Law along with Nico Robin were confronted underground by Crocodile who recruited them into his plans to steal Bullet's treasure when the time was right. After forming the plan, Law went back above ground to confront Bullet who tore apart the island with his Gasha Gasha no Mi ability, forming a massive fighting colossus, Buggy ending up buried in the rubble in the chaos. He was eventually pulled out by Hancock (who was actually looking for Luffy) with her abusing him for not being Luffy. Bullet created a gigantic colossus and began trying to kill every pirate and Marine in front of him.

Law, Smoker, Hancock, Sabo and Buggy Attack Bullet

Four of the Seven Warlords vs Douglas Bullet

Law approached Smoker, Sabo, and Boa Hancock as Bullet sent Luffy flying toward them, Law telling the four of them his and Crocodile's plan to take down Bullet's colossus. Hancock and Crocodile proceeded to hit Bullet's colossus with powerful attacks, allowing Law to cut through the Haki protecting its shoulder. Smoker and Sabo then attacked the cut, successfully severing the colossus' arm. They succeeded in blowing off one of its arms. Buggy saw that the massive arm was falling onto him, and when he realized that he could not run away in time, he threw a Muggy Ball at it to destroy it, though it was completely ineffective, and was instead destroyed by Rob Lucci's Rankyaku (though Buggy mistakenly believed that it was his doing). He was then pulled in by Law to do a concentrated combo attack on the colossus.

Zoro vs Crocodile Stampede Movie

Zoro vs. Crocodile.

When the alliance succeeded at destroying the colossus, Crocodile attempted to seize Bullet's treasure. However, he was stopped by Zoro who held him off. Luffy then overwhelmed the colossus with a powerful attack, and Law and the rest of the group successfully brought it down with successive attacks of their own. Crocodile attempted to grab the Eternal Pose again before the dust settled, but Luffy destroyed it and left him empty-handed much to his fury. Each went their separate ways after this, with the Marines attacking the island. Mihawk arrived and helped Zoro cut down a meteor summoned by Admiral Fujitora's power to see the Straw Hats off.

Concludes non-canon section.

Wano Country Arc

Abolishment of the Seven Warlords

Nefertari Cobra and Riku Doldo III propose the abolishment of the Warlord system.

During the Levely, due to the actions of Crocodile and Doflamingo having brought tragedy to two government-allied kingdoms, the representatives of the World Government's member nations voted to officially dissolve the Seven Warlords system; the remaining five Warlords were stripped from their status and their bounties were reinstated. Fleet Admiral Sakazuki lamented the dissolution of the Seven Warlords in a private discussion with Admiral Fujitora, calling it a naive act; despite that, he immediately dispatched the Marines, ordering them to locate and arrest the former privateers.[16]

Mihawk was sitting in his castle as Perona learned from a newspaper that Moria was alive. As Perona was leaving, Mihawk mentioned the announcement in the newspaper.[159]


Blackbeard captures Hancock

Teach subdues Hancock in front of Koby.

The dissolution resulted in high-level pirates being unleashed upon the sea.[160] With the release of the news that the World Government was abolishing the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Teach ordered his crew to set sail,[161] with plans to acquire the Mero Mero no Mi before the Marines could take it from Hancock. While the Marines attempted to capture Hancock on Amazon Lily, Teach assaulted both the marines and Kuja in his attempt to acquire her Devil Fruit. However, thanks to the arrival of Silvers Rayleigh, both the Marines and the Blackbeard Pirates were ultimately unsuccessful. Due to the destruction the Marines and Blackbeard Pirates caused to Amazon Lily and understand they would attack her homeland again as long she's there, Hancock decided to leave her island to protect her people and reunite with Luffy.[162]

Crocodile and Mihawk Threaten Buggy

Mihawk and Crocodile heading the Cross Guild.

As a result of members losing their privileges from the group's dissolution, Mihawk began gaining bothersome attention from the Marines, leading to him wanting to relocate from Kuraigana Island. Crocodile contacted Mihawk and suggested that they combine their skills to combat the Marines. Accepting his offer, the pair allied with Buggy and his organization, leading to the formation of the Cross Guild. When Marineford became aware of the organization, the three former warlords had their bounties increased, and Buggy became recognized as one of the Four Emperors due to many misconceptions made by the Marines.[163]

Bartholomew Kuma was successfully rescued by his fellow Revolutionary allies during their attack on Mary Geoise,[164] and escaped alongside them to Momoiro Island, where he was asked by Monkey D. Dragon what he saw in Mary Geoise. Later, while he was in the middle of being repaired by the Revolutionaries, Kuma suddenly stood up, began running and used his Devil Fruit powers to propel himself off the island without letting anybody know where he was heading. He ultimately slammed into the Red Line, where he caused a ruckus among the civilians, with Marine squads being deployed to apprehend him, with Kuma standing up,[165] and trying to climb the Red Line but he was shot by Marines and fell down onto the Red Port again where he then started defending himself against the Marine squads and once again climbed the Red Line again after defeating the Marines.[166] Kuma eventually returned to Mary Geoise but only stayed briefly as he fought through the holly land's royal guards and fled after being severely injured by fleet admiral Sakazuki.[167] Kuma then arrived on Egghead just in time to save his adoptive daughter Jewelry Bonney from the wrath of Jaygarcia Saturn.[168]

Edward Weevil and his mother, Buckingham Stussy, found themselves surrounded by Marines when they received news that the system had been abolished and Weevil became a wanted criminal once more. Buckin then have Weevil permission to take out all the Marines which Weevil happily did.[169] Afterwards, they were making their way towards Sphinx which was left unprotected while Marco was gone aiding in the Raid on Onigashima. The island was invaded by Marine troops who wanted to confiscate Whitebeard's inheritage, but Weevil arrived and defeated their leader, Ratel, causing the Marines to call for backup. The call was then answered by Admiral Ryokugyu who arrived at the island, defeated and took Weevil prisoner.[170]

Inspirations and Influences

They are loosely modeled on the privateers employed by various European superpowers during the Age of Sail.[171] Like the Seven Warlords, privateers were essentially "legal" pirates, commissioned by high-ranking officials (up to and including royal sovereigns) to attack and plunder ships from opposing nations during war. Consequently, they were feared and despised by their targets, but could be greatly respected and honored in their homelands—Great Britain's Sir Francis Drake and Spain's Don Miguel Enríquez were arguably the most successful, securing not only millions in wealth but enough political favor with their respective sponsors to attain titles of nobility.

Of course, even the most successful privateers held a precarious status, totally dependent on their sponsors' own legitimacy. Any political change could revert them to "common" pirates open to arrest and prosecution—as eventually befell Enríquez, William Kidd, and countless others.

Ironically, while several of the Warlords' names were inspired by real-life pirates, none of these were known to be privateers.

Translation and Dub Issues

The group's original Japanese name, Shichibukai (七武海?), is a compound invented by Eiichiro Oda. It combines three unrelated terms:

  • Shichi (?), meaning seven
  • Bu (?), meaning war or martial
  • Kai (?), meaning sea

This compound appears to liken each individual member('s strength) to an entire sea—a metaphor unwieldy, if not outright infeasible, for literal English translation. As a result, most fan translations leave it as Shichibukai (notwithstanding some earlier attempts at "Seven Gods of Pirates"), while all official English translations from VIZ, 4Kids, and Funimation adapt it as Seven Warlords of the Sea. The latter form has been recognized by a few Japanese sources—including databook Green[172] and at least one episode of the anime[173]—though it remains unknown in manga canon.

Relatedly, the original Japanese treats the seven component as part of the overall name, not merely a counter, and so uses Shichibukai to describe the group as a whole and individual members alike.[174][175][176] Official English translations tend to adapt this to conventional grammar, using "Seven Warlords" for the group and modifiers (e.g., "one of") for individuals.

The original Japanese also occasionally prefixes Shichibukai with the term Ōka (王下?, lit. "Below King"),[177][178] indicating both high status and ostensible obedience to Mary Geoise. This prefix is occasionally adapted as "Royal" by English translations, but more frequently ignored (possibly due to the term "Warlord" already holding similar connotations).


Warlords DX Figures

The One Piece Seven Warlords DX figures.

As popular characters, they have made many appearances in the fan merchandise such as the Portrait of Pirates series. The Seven Warlords have been featured in the series of One Piece Seven Warlords Cellphone Strap, One Piece Super Deformed Figures, and One Piece World Collectable Figure series.


Shadowed Seven Warlords of the Sea
The figures from Yosaku's description.
Warlords in Gintama
The Seven Warlords appearance in Gintama anime.
23rd Log Oda Comment
Oda's drawing of the original Seven Warlords in 23rd Log.
  • While Yosaku was accurate in describing their immense powers and alliance with the World Government, the shadowy silhouettes he imagined in his head bore no resemblance to the actual members, aside from Mihawk.
  • Their appearance on the cover of Chapter 532 was parodied in Episode 240 of Gintama, where six of them made a silhouetted cameo, with Gintoki replacing Teach eating a cherry pie but holding his wooden sword instead of a gun.
  • The status of Warlord was offered to Portgas D. Ace, but he refused the offer. This is the only known time an invitation into the organization had been rejected.
  • In the anime special 3D2Y: Overcome Ace's Death! Luffy's Vow to his Friends, it was said that the Seven Warlords were only established within the last 30 years prior to the current timeline.
  • In the game One Piece - Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands, Otsu tells the Straw Hat Pirates that Simon is on the waitlist to be a Warlord of the Sea.
  • Both Jinbe and Buggy had their offers to become Warlords delivered by black bats.
  • Teach was the only Warlord that did not have any formal or official bounty when joining the Seven Warlords.
  • Moria is the only Warlord to have never been given an epithet.
  • Doflamingo and Hancock are the only known members who can use Haoshoku Haki, although only Doflamingo has been seen using the ability proper.
  • In One Piece Color Walk 7 Tyrannosaurus, Eiichiro Oda revealed that he originally wanted to have Basil Hawkins join the Seven Warlords.
  • Doflamingo and Law are the only known members to have awakened their Devil Fruits. However, it is unknown if Law had awakened his during his time as a Warlord.
  • Kuma is the only Warlord of the Sea known to be a parent.
  • All of the original Warlords of the Sea follow an animal theme with their names and appearances: Mihawk with hawks, Crocodile with crocodiles, Doflamingo with flamingoes, Kuma with bears, Moria with geckos and bats, Hancock with snakes and Jinbe with whale sharks. This is later referenced with the naming of their Seraphim clones: S-Hawk, S-Snake, S-Bear, and S-Shark.
    • Out of the new Warlords, Weevil's name and appearance is connected to weevils. Hanafuda is connected to lizards based on his epithet, "King of the Lizards" and his appearance, but his name is not connected with said animal.[47] Law, Teach and Buggy were given official animal resemblances in the SBS and Vivre Card databook, with Law resembling a spotted seal[179] and snow leopard, Teach resembling a hippopotamus,[180] and Buggy resembling a panda.[181] However, unlike the other Warlords, their names have no connection to their animal resemblance.
    • Jinbe was later also given a separate animal resemblance as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates: Bear.[182]
  • With the exception of Weevil, all others who have been members of the Seven Warlords were present during the Summit War of Marineford.
  • Based on his age and timeline information, Crocodile is by current knowledge the longest-serving Warlord in the story, having attained his status in his early twenties and then losing it his mid-forties. Ironically, he was the first of the original Seven Warlords to lose his title.
  • In the 23rd Log, Oda affirmed that the Seven Warlords were the biggest reason responsible for One Piece's extended serialization. The series was originally supposed to have the Four Emperors as the main antagonistic force, but Oda felt the Seven Warlords were too cool to not add.
  • The Seven Warlords are the only major pirate group to not include any Zoan users.
  • At least four Warlords are confirmed to be orphans: Donquixote Doflamingo, Bartholomew Kuma, Trafalgar D. Water Law and Marshall D. Teach. In fact, the only Warlord confirmed to have a living parent is Edward Weevil through Buckingham Stussy.

SBS-Based Trivia

Warlords as Children
The Seven Warlords as children.
Trafalgar Law as a Child
Law as a child.
Warlords Genders Swapped
The Seven Warlords' genderswapped.
Law as a Female
Law as a woman.
  • In SBS Volume 63, Oda drew all the known Warlords at the time, including former members, as children (being Hancock the only one shown previously as such in Chapter 0).[183] Law was not a Warlord then, but he was drawn as a child in the next SBS along with the rest of the Supernovas and his past was revealed.[184] Buggy was not shown as a child until Chapter 964. Weevil is the only Warlord who has not currently been shown as a child.
  • In SBS Volume 76, Oda drew all the known Warlords at the time, including former members, as their opposite gender.[185] Law was already drawn as a female in SBS Volume 72 along with the rest of the Supernovas.[186] Buggy and Weevil are the only Warlords that are yet to be drawn in the opposite gender.


  1. Bartholomew Kuma - Beli296,000,000
    Boa Hancock - Beli80,000,000
    Buggy - Beli15,000,000
    Edward Weevil - Beli480,000,000
  2. Bartholomew Kuma - Beli296,000,000
    Boa Hancock - Beli80,000,000
    Donquixote Doflamingo - Beli340,000,000
    Trafalgar Law - Beli440,000,000
    Buggy - Beli15,000,000
    Edward Weevil - Beli480,000,000[5]
  3. Bartholomew Kuma - Beli296,000,000
    Boa Hancock - Beli80,000,000
    Donquixote Doflamingo - Beli340,000,000
  4. Bartholomew Kuma - Beli296,000,000
    Boa Hancock - Beli80,000,000
    Gecko Moria - Beli320,000,000[9]
    Jinbe - Beli250,000,000
    Donquixote Doflamingo - Beli340,000,000
  5. Bartholomew Kuma - Beli296,000,000[11][9]
    Boa Hancock - Beli80,000,000[12]
    Crocodile - Beli81,000,000[13]
    Gecko Moria - Beli320,000,000
    Jinbe - Beli250,000,000[14]
    Donquixote Doflamingo - Beli340,000,000[11]


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