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The Shandia Chief is the leader of the Shandia tribe.


The current Shandia Chief.

The Shandia chief is, usually, an elderly man with a gray beard and mustache, and long hair of the same color. He wears the standard Shandia attire, covered by a long robe, and carries a staff, with a tribal mask on the top, and white fur underneath it. On his head, the Shandia chief wears an animal's head as a helmet, decorated with feathers, probably a symbol of his status.[1]

Known Shandia Chiefs

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Shandia Chief (Year 1122) Current Shandia Chief


The chief is depicted as a peaceful and honorable man, respectful enough to be entrusted with the tribe's leadership. He is considered wise enough to make crucial decisions and, although he is not doubted, he often bothers to explain the reasons behind his actions to his people.

Abilities and Powers

As the leader of the tribe, the Shandia chief is responsible of making decisions that concern his tribe and these decisions are not to be questioned. The chief also has enough life experience and detailed knowledge of his tribe's history, which leads him to the correct judgment in crucial cases.

Other than that, it is unknown if the chief has any fighting skills as well.



The Shandia chief from 400 years ago, was first seen during the attempt to sacrifice Mousse, in order to please the God Kashigami. When Mont Blanc Noland saved the girl from certain death, and explained that there is a cure for the illness that wrecked the tribe, the Shandia chief decided to give him one day's time to prove himself, but instead his crew would be held captive. He is later seen trying to calm the villagers, and convince them that the survival of the tribe is worth a day's wait, to which Kalgara complies. When, the time is close for the end of the deadline, the chief gives the order for Noland's crew to be taken at the altar. Later on, however, when Noland finally manages to cure the Shandia, the chief is seen relieved gazing at the moon.

Sky Island Saga

Skypiea Arc

The Shandia chief told Wyper stories about his ancestor, Kalgara. Through him Wyper learned about his ancestor's good friend Mont Blanc Noland and that he was the sole reason Kalgara continued to ring the golden bell so his friend could find them in the sky.

From the Decks of the World

The current Shandia chief was seen next to Gan Fall, enjoying a glass of pumpkin juice and having fun.[3]


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