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The Shandorian Golden Belfry Bell (黄金の鐘 Ōgon no Kane?, literally meaning "Golden Bell")[1] is an enormous golden bell located in Shandora along with the Shandorian Poneglyph Chamber. When it is struck, it plays a beautiful song, called the "Song of the Island" (島の歌声 Shima no Utagoe?). The name given to the bell by the locals is "The Light of Shandora" (シャンドラの灯 Shandora no Hi?).[1]



According to Kalgara, the bell was created to tell the world that "we are here", showing their ancestors the way back to their island as well as to signify to intruders that they are not afraid of them. It represents the days of the Shandorians' past glory.

Mont Blanc Noland originally found the island of Jaya by listening to the sound of the bell.[2] After Noland left, Kalgara rang the bell everyday as a way of welcoming his friend to return, even though the island was blasted up into the skies by a Knock Up Stream and Noland was executed by the Lvneel King due to this misunderstanding. Kalgara kept ringing the bell until he died, as a result the bell ceased ringing for the next 400 years.

During the Roger Pirates' visit on Skypiea, Roger had Oden inscripted a message for him.

Skypiea ArcEdit

Its tolls were heard once more when Monkey D. Luffy defeated Enel by knocking him into the bell, in order for Noland's descendant, Mont Blanc Cricket, and his crew to hear it, proving that the city of gold does exist. The belfry was broken due to the immense impact of Luffy's attack. The Shandorians thought of giving one of the pillars of gold to the Straw Hat Pirates as a gift, but mistaking the gift for a weapon, the Straw Hats ran away, back to the Blue Sea. The citizens of Skypiea tolled it again as the Straw Hats floated down to the Blue Sea in their honor, in hope that the pirates will come back again.

From the Decks of the WorldEdit

After the timeskip, it has been shown to be cleansed of the vines and seems to be in good condition.[3]


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