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Captain Sharinguru[2][3] is a Marine captain who helped in the Buster Call on Enies Lobby.[1]


Sharinguru in his youth as a Marine.

Sharinguru is a normal-sized Marine with a large nose and a chin that sticks out. He has black, curly hair under a hat with points on the sides, and goggles that cover his eyes. Like most of his fellow captain-ranked subordinates he also wears a marine coat, with a dark green button up shirt under it.

In his youth, he had the same goggles, but wore a Marines' cap instead, which reveals his shorter hair and pointed ears.


As a Marine, Sharinguru has a strong sense of justice. It is unknown whether he believes in moral justice or absolute justice.

Abilities and Powers

Devil Fruit

Further information: Shari Shari no Mi

Sharinguru attacking Franky.

Sharinguru ate the Shari Shari no Mi, a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows him to transform his arms and legs into wheels and rotate them at very high speed.[3] He can use these rotating wheels as formidable weapons to drive against his opponents to inflict scraping damage. However, targets with a higher defense, such as Franky's metallic body, are resistant to this, thus proving the fruit's rotating velocity or overall piercing powers to be rather low. This power was shown only in the manga.[1]


In the anime, Sharinguru used a sword against Franky instead of his Devil Fruit powers.[4]


Enies Lobby Arc

During the Buster Call that was called onto the Enies Lobby, Sharinguru attacked Franky on the Bridge of Hesitation. Franky managed to defeat him in a brief battle.[1]

Major Battles

Anime and Manga Differences

In the anime, Sharinguru is the only Devil Fruit user to not use his Devil Fruit powers. He instead attacks Franky with a sword.[4] He also has a slightly different appearance and the scene when he gets defeated by Franky is not shown.


Video Games

Support Appearances


  • Sharinguru's name is a pun corresponding to his Devil Fruit powers.
  • Sharinguru is currently the only Devil Fruit user to be introduced who did not get their Devil Fruit powers adapted into the anime when they were first revealed.


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