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The Shark Emeralda is the ship of the Treasure Pirates. It appeared in the Heart of Gold special.[1]

Ship Design and AppearanceEdit

The Shark Emeralda is a very large steel ship with shark features, including a shark's face at the bow and fins at the sides and stern. The ship is adorned on the sides with jewels; the steel and jewels covering it help make it very durable and capable of sailing in gastric acid. The ship also has a gold mast and golden claw-shaped structures on its sides. It has three masts, with the first one having one sail and the other two each having two. The front sail has "MAD TREASURE" written on it, while the top middle sail has Mad Treasure's Jolly Roger on it. The sides of the ship are also decked with many cannons. At the bottom deck of the ship is a rowing room, where people row the ship with giant oars when there is no wind to sail with.[1]


Mad Treasure and his crew sailed the camouflaged Shark Emeralda into battle against a Marine fleet, and they destroyed the fleet, though failed to acquire their target, a girl named Myskina Olga. The Shark Emeralda was camouflaged again as Treasure sailed it toward Olga's new location, the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates, the Thousand Sunny. While the two crews battled, Olga lost her ring in the ocean, causing a giant fish named Bonbori to devour it. Upon seeing the Straw Hats and Olga sailing into Bonbori's mouth, Treasure decided to sail into it as well. Treasure rammed the Shark Emeralda into the Thousand Sunny before the two ships fell down Bonbori's throat into its first stomach.[1]

Treasure captured Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Robin, and Brook, in order to force Olga to guide him to Alchemi, forcing the five Straw Hats to help row the Shark Emeralda toward the island. The Shark Emeralda later docked at Alchemi. Much later, after Treasure and his subordinates were defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates, Treasure's crew returned to the Shark Emeralda and tried to get him to leave Bonbori's gastric acids and come onboard, though he refused.[1]


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