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The Shark Superb[2] was the ship used by the Arlong Pirates.


The Shark Superb was a large red ship with many sails hung over one mast. The crew's Jolly Roger was painted on one of the sails, as well as on a flag posted on the top of the mast.

The figurehead was that of a saw shark, and the edges of the ship had fang-like designs all over.


Eight years prior to the start of the story, after Arlong and his crew parted ways with the Sun Pirates due to conflicting ideals, they used the Shark Superb to leave the Grand Line and approached the Conomi Islands in the East Blue, the weakest of the four oceans, taking over the entire archipelago at the start of their conquest.[1]

What became of the ship after the Arlong Pirates' conquest is unknown (though it should be noted that a structure essentially identical to the ship's figurehead sits atop Arlong Park, suggesting that it may have been partly or even wholly stripped for building materials).


  • In the Vivre Card databook, the name of the ship was erroneously written as "Shark Suburb" (シャーク・サバーブ号 Shāku Sabābu-gō?) on Arlong, Chew, and Kuroobi's cards, but this was later corrected on the databook's official website.[3]


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