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Shells Town[1] is the third setting of the Romance Dawn Arc. It is located in the Yotsuba Island Region (ヨツバ島海域 Yotsuba-tō Kaiiki?) of East Blue.[2]

Notable PlacesEdit

Food FooEdit

Food Foo is a restaurant in Shells Town.[3]

153rd BranchEdit

Main article: 153rd Branch

The 153rd Branch is a Marine Base at Shells Town and the seat of the 153rd Marine Branch in East Blue.[4] It is where Luffy and Zoro defeated Morgan.[5]


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Romance Dawn ArcEdit

It was the location of the Marine 153rd Branch, headed by Captain Morgan.[4] Shells Town was being ruined by Morgan's actions until Monkey D. Luffy intervened.[6] Since Morgan's "deposition" by Luffy, the Marine base was last heard to be under the temporary command of Ripper.[7]


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