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The Shibo Shibo no Mi[2] is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows its user to drain liquid from both living and non-living things by wringing them, as well as absorb liquid into themselves and their weapons, making them a Dehydration Human (脱水人間 Dassui Ningen?, Viz: "Evaporation Human"). It was eaten by Charlotte Smoothie.[1]


  • "Shibo" is short for Shiboru (搾る?), which means "wring" or "squeeze" in Japanese.
  • In the official English translation, it is called the "Wring-Wring Fruit".

Strengths and Weaknesses

This fruit's main strength is the ability to extract liquid from both living creatures[1] (the user included)[3] and inanimate objects[4], with the user's hands. The user simply has to squeeze and twist the chosen target (akin to wringing out a soaked cloth) to extract liquid from them. The wringing itself does not seem to cause any physical damage, no matter how severe, and actually seems to even bring a pleasurable sensation rather than a painful one. However, living beings that are wrung out this way still suffer from dangerous dehydration, and can be left as thoroughly shriveled pale husks.[1]

The liquids extracted by this fruit's ability can take the form of special juices that can be drunk, and seem to have a variety of delicious flavors depending on what they were extracted from, even if derived from something that would have originally been hazardous to consume, such as a "lava drink" from a volcanic rock. It does not appear that these juices have any special qualities beyond their taste.[1][4]

Smoothie squeezing out poison from her body.

This fruit also provides great defense against poison as the user can simply wring it out of their body with ease.[3] Additionally, the user can transfer their abilities to their weapons; for example, if holding a sword, they can dehydrate whatever the sword cuts.[2] Furthermore, the user can absorb liquid into their body or weapons to make them larger and heavier, and can then release the stored up liquid as massive super-pressurized blasts.[5]

Absorbing too much liquid to grow in size can damage the user's surroundings due to their increased weight, such as risking sinking the ship they are riding on.[5] Otherwise, the user is affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Smoothie unleashing a blast of liquid.

Smoothie often uses this fruit for leisurely purposes, as a source of drink for herself and others. During events like Big Mom's tea parties, Smoothie offers guests special, if not bizarre, juices as party drinks, like a giraffe or a chunk of volcanic rock.[4]

In combat, Smoothie's large size allows her to grab a regular sized human with ease to juice them out and leave them desiccated.[1][6][7] Smoothie is also able to transfer her powers to her sword, draining out all liquid from her enemies by slicing them.[2] Her ability also makes her practically immune to poison since she has the ability to wring it out.[3]

Furthermore, while pursuing the Thousand Sunny with her ship, Smoothie demonstrated the ability to absorb a large amount of liquid into herself and her weapon to enlarge them, causing her to grow close to the size of a giant and inadvertently threatening to sink her ship. She was also seen unleashing the absorbed liquid from her sword as a massive flying liquid blast to attempt to sink the Sunny from range.[5]


Smoothie full of liquid and enlarged.

  • Juicy Giant (ジューシージャイアント Jūshī Jaianto?): Smoothie drains liquid from people in her surroundings and absorbs it into her own body, allowing her and her weapon to grow to gigantic size. It was named in the game Pirate Warriors 4.


  • The fruit's ability to drain liquid from another's body and turn them into a dried husk is similar to the Suna Suna no Mi's power of absorbing moisture on touch.
  • The fruit was originally going to be named either the "Kaju Kaju no Mi" (Fruit Fruit Fruit) or the "Shiru Shiru no Mi" (Juice Juice Fruit).[8]
  • The fruit is the only fruit so far to allow pure liquid based attacks
  • In the SbS#88 is showned the taste of the giraffe juice. Answering a question about the taste, Oda confirm the reference to "Kirin Beer" a famous trademark on japan.


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