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The Shigure is one of the Grade swords.[1] It currently belongs to Tashigi of the Marines.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Concept art of Shigure.

Shigure is a normal katana with a blue handle[2] (green in the anime) and a blue guard[3] (green in the anime) with a four-petaled design. The blade itself is normal. The sheath is elaborate, with the first half with a green and bumpy design, while the second half is white and smooth. There are circular designs embedded on the entire sheath.

After the time-skip, its petals became more rounded in appearance.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Tashigi deflecting a cannonball using Shigure.

Little can be said about Shigure, as not much of it has been shown in action. A testament of its strength is that it is strong enough to withstand strikes from Zoro's Wado Ichimonji, a remarkable feat considering that Wado Ichimonji is two grades higher.[4] Shigure is also able to resist the impact of a cannonball and deflect it thanks to Tashigi's skill in wielding it.[5] The blade is also shown to be strong enough to clash against Monet's wing blades, which could clash with Zoro's Sandai Kitetsu and Shusui.[6]

Techniques[edit | edit source]

  • Kiri Shigure (斬時雨 Kiri Shigure?, literally meaning "Cutting Autumn Rain"): A quick-draw technique apparently named after Shigure, where Tashigi passes and cuts her enemy in one motion. Her end-stance uses both hands to position Shigure overhead, blade parallel to her back. Its first named use was against Monet.[7] Interestingly, Tashigi was seen using an unnamed—but functionally identical—technique against Koze and Packy in Loguetown.[8] In the Viz Manga, this is called Cutting Mist.

Video Game Only Techniques[edit | edit source]

  • Kamaitachi (鎌居太刀 Kama-i-tachi?, literally meaning "Sickle-House Sword"): A game interpretation of the quick-draw technique Tashigi used to defeat Koze and Packy, varying between games but usually depicted as a quick multi-slash ending in the same "overhead" position as Kiri Shigure. Introduced in the original Grand Battle!, it was featured in almost all of Tashigi's pre-timeskip game appearances, including every Grand Battle! sequel (up to the American-produced Grand Adventure). The name is a pun on the mythical Kamaitachi, using completely different characters to substitute the kanji for weasel ( Itachi?).[9]
  • Ranga Cho (乱香蝶 Ranga Chō?, literally meaning "Wild Fragrant Butterfly"): Tashigi readies her sword and rapidly rushes at lightning speed to deliver a flurry of slashes from several directions, then ends it with an uppercutting swat into the air to launch all collected targets away (as the attack sucks them into the center per hit). This move is used in Pirate Warriors 3 as her second Special Attack, localized as Odoriferous Butterfly.[10]
  • Usugasumi "Haru" (薄霞「春」 Usugasumi "Haru"?, literally meaning "Dilute Mist: 'Spring'"): Tashigi's special skill that's only used as an attack cancel, where she leaps into the air and plants her scabbard on the ground hard enough to launch enemies into the air. This move is used in Pirate Warriors 3 via pressing the R1 button to cancel a standard attack animation, localized as Light Mist: Spring.[10]
  • Usugasumi "Honoka" (薄霞「仄」 Usugasumi "Honoka"?, literally meaning "Dilute Mist: 'Faint'"): Tashigi's special skill that's only used as an attack cancel, where she dashes forward to deliver a quick horizontal battoujutsu slash to them before sheathing her sword (along with the attack seeking out any high-priority enemy target in the way as she dashes forward a fairly far distance). This move is used in Pirate Warriors 3 via pressing the R1 button added with a direction to cancel a standard attack animation, localized as Light Mist: Faint.[10]
  • Usugasumi "Senbonzakura" (薄霞「千本桜」 Usugasumi "Senbonzakura"?, literally meaning "Dilute Mist: 'Thousand Origin Cherry Trees'"): Taishigi's standalone special skill. Slowly drawing her sword, Tashigi spins once and strikes downwards over her shoulder with the blade, which is powerful enough to take out a large group of enemies at once, although it is rather slow to activate. When using this technique cherry blossom leaves appear around her as she goes to strike her foes. This move is used in Pirate Warriors 3, localized as Light Mist: 1000 Cherry Trees.[10]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the English localization of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, it is named Showers and appears as a rare gold coin. The Showers coin can be obtained by getting Tashigi's Crew Level to MAX (Level 5), and is one of the 3 Rare Coins needed to break Tashigi's Level Limit.

References[edit | edit source]

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