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Shimotsuki Village[1] is a village in East Blue where the dojo in which Roronoa Zoro trained is located. It was founded by pirates, around 55 years ago.[2]

The village was named after Shimotsuki Kozaburo, a member of the Shimotsuki Family from Wano Country.

Layout and Locations

Shimotsuki Dojo

Shimotsuki Dojo in Shimotsuki Village.

Shimotsuki Dojo (霜月道場 Shimotsuki Dōjō?)[3] is a kenjutsu school, a school of Japanese swordsmanship. Its owner is Koushirou, who is a skilled swordsman and father of the deceased Kuina. It is the place where Zoro trained his Three Sword Style and in the anime is the only dojo Zoro did not take down the sign of.

It is revealed that 12 years before the current storyline, the town was visited by Monkey D. Dragon and the revolutionaries, and that the dojo assisted them with supplies for the injured residents of the Gray Terminal.


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Shimotsuki Village
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Culture and Geography

The village looks like a typical rural village in East Blue with green grass and mountains all around the village. The village also seems to have a lot of rice fields.

The village culture seems to be based on feudal Japan and their customs, much similar to Wano Country. The people here are also shown to be Buddhists.


55 years ago, Shimotsuki Kozaburo left Wano, and ended up in East Blue, where he saved the village from bandits. He eventually settled down there and started a family, having trained the villagers in swordsmanship as well.[4]

Translation and Dub Issues

The VIZ Manga translated the name "Shimotsuki" into "Frost Moon" when the village was first named in the manga. Thus, when the Shimotsuki Family name was revealed over a decade later, the connection was not made apparent. In Chapter 1033, when it was confirmed that the village was founded by and named after Kozaburo, Viz retained the name of the village as Frost Moon, but added "Shimotsuki" next to it in parentheses to indicate the connection.


  • Shimotsuki Village was inspired by the Japanese city of Nara.[5]
  • The founding of Shimotsuki Village is very likely based on the famous Akira Kurosawa film Seven Samurai, in which the titular seven samurai train a group of farmers to combat bandits.
  • Shimotsuki is the traditional name of the month of November in the Japanese calendar.
  • The village's dojo, called Shimotsuki Dojo, was first named in the Yellow databook, though it was called Isshin Dojo (一心道場 Isshin Dōjō?),[6] rather than the name given in Chapter 1033.


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