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Shirauo is a nodachi[2] wielded by Charlotte Amande and is one of the Meito.[3]


Shirauo is an extremely long nodachi, being about as tall as Amande herself and taller than average-sized people. Appropriate to its name, the sword has a pure white fish-shaped tsuba guard and a grip with scale patterns.[2]

Amande keeps Shirauo in a very long sheathe on her right hip.[2]


Shirauo has great sharpness and superior cutting power, being able to cut through a very large and thick wood even at slow speed if Amande wants to[3] and through metal armor.[1] Due to its length, it has great range and can cut through large targets.[3]


Slow Ballad.

  • Slow Ballad (スローバラード Surō Barādo?): Amande bisects her opponent vertically from top to bottom, cutting slowly in order to maximize her opponent's pain. This was first used to torture Kingbaum in an attempt to kill him in the most agonizing way possible.[3]
  • Slow Waltz (スローワルツ Surō Warutsu?): Amande rapidly moves behind her opponent and swings Shirauo in a full circle in order to catch the opponent in their side. It is strong enough to cut through Perospero's Candy Wall. It was first used against Monkey D. Luffy, although he managed to dodge it.[4]


  • Its name means Icefish (salangidae), a family of fish found in East and Southeast Asia.
  • In its first appearance in Chapter 827, Amande's sword had a generic floral shaped guard. It was changed to its distinctive fish shape for its next appearance in Chapter 845.


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