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The Shiro Mokuba I is a Waver owned by Nami, originally salvaged from a shipwreck in the proximity of Jaya.[1] After receiving many modifications (including its name) from Franky, it currently stands in Channel 1 of the Thousand Sunny's Soldier Dock system.[2]

Appearance and Design

The waver, as restored by Pagaya.

The Waver's original design has never been depicted in full, though it appeared broadly similar to Skypiea's modern models, with a single control-stem and a chassis (made of some unknown mineral) supporting a single wooden body. After Pagaya's restoration, it was installed with a modern stem containing headlight, throttles, and luggage-bag, as well as a single front wheel enabling it to run on land and water both.[3]

In its present state as the Shiro Mokuba I, most of its exterior has been painted white by Franky, and a flamboyant Yagara Bull-esque figurehead (complete with painted eyes, bridle, and headlight-holding "nostrils") installed around the stem.

Notably, the Waver is powered by a Jet Dial, allowing it significantly more speed than the typical Skypiean Waver (which utilize Breath Dials, as Jet Dials are believed long-extinct).[4] It is capable of maintaining this speed even when carrying significant weight, such as multiple tons of gold.[citation needed]



It is unknown exactly how long ago (or where) the original Waver was built, though it was eventually taken aboard the St. Briss, an exploration vessel that had been recorded as missing from the Briss Kingdom for some two hundred years.

Sky Island Saga

Jaya Arc

Luffy finds the Waver's remains.

After considerable time as an immobile wreck in some region of the Sea Clouds (theorized by Nico Robin[5] to have been a Cloud Drifting sentence), the St. Briss plunged back down to the Blue Sea, almost directly colliding with the Going Merry. Intrigued, the Straw Hat Pirates explored its remains, and Monkey D. Luffy discovered the long-disused Waver.[1] Though at first unaware of what it even was, the crew chose to keep it aboard the Merry.

Skypiea Arc

Once the Straw Hats reached Skypiea and were properly introduced to Dial technology by Conis and Pagaya, Luffy showed the salvaged Waver to Pagaya, who agreed to restore it.[6][7] Shortly after, it was spotted by the White Berets, who accused the crew of deliberately damaging Skypiean property (a "Class-10" crime); these charges quickly accumulated with others, leading all of the Straw Hats into direct conflict with Enel and his forces.[5]

Deemed accomplices to the Straw Hats, Conis and Pagaya were forced to shelter at Gan Fall's home; regardless, they refused to begrudge their new friends, and Pagaya began work on the Waver without hesitation.[8] By the next day, the Waver was completely restored, and the pair infiltrated Upper Yard to deliver it to a grateful Nami (the only member of the Straw Hats who could reliably steer any Waver).[3][4]

The Waver was almost immediately put to use, as Nami—with Aisa in tow—used it to flee the rampaging Nola.[9] To their dismay, several Divine Soldiers spotted the craft, and chased them across most of Upper Yard onto Shandora's upper ruins, in the midst of a battle royale between nearly every faction on Skypiea.[10] Before they could be struck by the crossfire, they were swept off by Gan Fall and Pierre, only to be swallowed by Nola (who had stumbled into the ruins by a separate path), Waver and all.[11]

In time, Nami managed to ride out of Nola's mouth on the Waver, though the back-blast accidentally knocked Aisa (and the earlier-swallowed Luffy) behind.[12] Worse, this escape led Nami directly to Enel; terrified by his lightning powers, she agreed to join him on the Ark Maxim, though she carried the Waver along in case of another escape opportunity.[13] Such an opportunity came when Usopp and Sanji infiltrated the airborne ark; despite Enel's wrath, all three Straw Hats managed to escape alive, Nami landing the Waver on a patch of island cloud around Giant Jack's tip.[14]

After delivering Usopp and Sanji to Giant Jack's base, Nami steered the Waver back up the beanstalk to retrieve Luffy, as he still thought her Enel's captive.[15] Even after learning otherwise, Luffy remained determined to pursue and defeat Enel, and clumsily tried to use the Waver himself.[16][17] Unable to deter him, Nami joined his commitment; by her instruction, the other Straw Hats (helped by Nola and Wyper) severed Giant Jack to form a ramp, which she climbed with the Waver's absolute highest speed, carrying Luffy into range for a final attack on Enel.[18][19]

Water 7 Saga

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

G-8 Arc

When the descent from Skypiea inadvertently landed the Going Merry in the middle of Navarone Island and its famed G-8 Marine Base, all of the Straw Hats were forced to evacuate; while most of the others swam, Nami rode the Waver to shore, and hid it among nearby foliage.[20]

The Waver remained undiscovered by the Marines—and even forgotten by Nami herself—until Usopp outlined the crew's final escape plan.[21] With Sanji's assistance, Nami re-crossed the island and easily retrieved the Waver. Soon after, she took Luffy onboard and used it to scale Navarone's cliffs and break into base commander Jonathan's office, where the crew's Skypiean gold had been impounded; defying Jonathan's precautions and immense manpower, the pair were able to load the gold onto the Waver, and return to the Going Merry.[22]

Concludes non-canon section.

Long Ring Long Land Arc

Following the crew's Skypiean adventures, Nami tried the Waver on the Blue Sea, and was elated to find it could travel ordinary seawater as well.[23]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Ocean's Dream Arc

When Drim and Tatsu stole the Straw Hats' memories of one another, Nami reverted to her old hatred of pirates, and (despite remembering nothing of its origins or operation) used the Waver to flee to the nearest island at the first opportunity.[24] The following day, she was found and reluctantly coaxed by Luffy into joining the others' search for their memories, leaving the Waver on the outskirts of the local village.[25]

After defeating Tatsu and freeing all of the stolen memories, the Straw Hats returned to the village expecting celebration, only for the villagers—themselves unwitting victims of Tatsu—to mistake them for the memory thieves. Facing a heavily-armed mob, Nami recovered the Waver and used it to run them down, clearing a path for her crewmates back to the Going Merry.[26]

Concludes non-canon section.

Thriller Bark Saga

Thriller Bark Arc

Shortly after Franky joined the Straw Hats, he secretly modified the Waver to resemble a Yagara Bull, dubbed it the Shiro Mokuba I, and placed it in Channel 1 of the Thousand Sunny's Soldier Dock System.[2] As this occurred without her permission, Nami was initially furious, but apparently found the modifications acceptable enough to not have them reverted.[27][2]

Dressrosa Saga

Dressrosa Arc

During Giolla's attack on the Thousand Sunny, Nami briefly evacuated Kozuki Momonosuke and herself onto the Shiro Mokuba. This did not last long, however, as she (along with Chopper and Brook) was forced battle Giolla directly to save the Sunny from being completely "artified" by Giolla's powers.[28]

Other Appearances

During the Z's Ambition Arc, Nami uses it when organizing a rescue operation to rescue Panz Fry from the Marines.

The Waver was also seen in the seventh One Piece movie and in the eleventh movie (with the horse figurehead).

Translation and Dub Issues

Shiro Mokuba is the Japanese for "white wooden horse" (白木馬?). While the Mokuba component tends to be translated as "rocking horse" by many sources, its connotations in Japanese are not limited to the children's toy; notably, it is a common colloquialism for military decoys, e.g the Trojan Horse.

In both the VIZ manga and the Funimation anime, the craft's name is translated as White Hobby Horse.



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