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Shokugeki no Sanji is a set of spinoff one-shots created by Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma creators Yūto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki.


Chapter Name Release Date
1 The Dawn of Adventure Approaches July 23, 2018
2 Sanji, Banquet Assistant January 4, 2021
3 A Beautiful Dessert July 19, 2021
4 Survival! A Peach-Colored Queendom September 6, 2021
5 Crooked Cooks, Soba Salvation January 3, 2022
6 Second In Command July 25, 2022


Shokugeki no Sanji will be compiled into a single volume releasing August 4, 2022.[1] The volume will contain six chapters and various extras.[2][3]

Shokugeki no Sanji
Title Release Date Pages ISBN
Shokugeki no Sanji (食戟のサンジ?) August 4, 2022[1] 232 ISBN 978-4-08-883197-8
Cover character(s)

Shokugeki no Sanji Volume.png


  • According to an interview with Yūto Tsukuda in 2019, Eiichiro Oda has expressed interest in an anime adaptation of Shokugeki no Sanji.[4]


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