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Shorts is the television anchor in the second Chopperman special. She also commentated on the wrestling match between Usodabada and Chopper Man with Minoru Kazeno.[1]


Shorts is an average-sized young woman with fair skin, brown eyes, and short brown hair. She wears a yellow, striped shirt with a pink undershirt and blue pants.


Shorts dislikes Usodabada and was scared when he kidnapped her. She was also surprised when he was "beating" Chopper Man in the wrestling match.

She, like most others, loves Chopper Man and finds him adorable.


Shorts was reporting the news when Usodabada and his gang took her and the TV studio hostage.

When the wrestling match between Chopper Man and Usodabada began, Shorts and Minoru Kazeno commentated on it. She spoke with Kazeno during the fight, and both suspected something amiss.

After Chopper Man defeated Usodabada and Gigantic Robot Frangashan, Shorts interviewed him.


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