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Shutai the Lizard is an anime-only chef from the easternmost part of the East Blue who took part in the Cooking Championship at Loguetown.[1]


Shutai is a normal sized man with a large mouth and droopy eyes. He also has a flat nose, thin eyebrows, and a mustache that sticks out of the sides of his face. Because of his facial features, he has earned the nickname, "The Lizard". Shutai wears a red uniform with a green tie and a traditional chef's hat.


Shutai seems very confident in his cooking abilities, as he was seen with a large smirk on his face before going up against Eccoli. However, when he was defeated, he became depressed, which shows that he truly believed that he could have won.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Shutai is believed to be a skilled chef, since he competed in the Loguetown cooking contest for the title of "No. 1 Chef in the East Blue." However, his skills can be debated, seeing that he lost in the first round.[1]


Loguetown Arc

Shutai went all the way from the easternmost part of the eastern sea to participate in the Loguetown Cooking Championship to win the Blue-Finned Elephant Tuna and the title of "No. 1 Chef in the East Blue." In the first round, he faced Eccoli, but was defeated by him.[1]

Major Battles


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