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Sicily[3] is a Marine Rear Admiral.[1]


Sicily is a man with a thin black mustache, brown colored hair and beard, and a scar below his left eye. He wears a classical Marine officer uniform, with the hat provided with plume.[1]


Sicily as a Young Marine.png
Sicily in his youth as a marine
Sicily Portrait.png
A closeup of Sicily's face.


Sicily is respectful to his superiors, but by intentionally calling the Human Auctioning House the "Public Employment Security Office" to mask the atrocity of slavery, Sicily shows that he cares more about covering up the World Nobles inhumanity than the value of human life.[1]

Like many Marines, he fights for Justice, although whether he believes in moral justice or absolute justice is not known.

Abilities and Powers

As a Marine rear admiral, he has power over lower-ranking subordinates. His physical abilities are unknown, as he has not been shown fighting.


Sabaody Archipelago Arc

When Luffy attacked Charlos at the Human Auctioning House, Sicily reported the incident to Sengoku, citing all parties involved, which included the Kid Pirates and Heart Pirates. He told him that they had thirteen bounties confirmed, and of those thirteen, five of them were over Beli.png100,000,000. He pinned Monkey D. Luffy as the primary offender, since he started the incident. He is about to say it was at the Human Auctioning House, but corrects himself and calls it the "Public Employment Security Office." He goes on to say this this is a high priority incident since three World Nobles are being held hostage. He finished his report by telling Sengoku that the pirates had not made any demands yet.[1]

Manga and Anime Differences

The Marine replacing Sicily.

In the anime, Sicily was replaced with an unnamed Marine with dark-brown beard and hair, without the plume, the mustaches, the scar on his face and with a leaner body.[4]



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