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Silver Mine was a non-canon deserted island in the New World located near Dressrosa.[2] It was formerly occupied by the Silver Pirate Alliance led by Bill and is the main setting of the Silver Mine Arc.[1] However, it then sunk into the ocean after Bill created a large downpour of molten ore that destroyed most of the island.[3]


Silver Mine is a rocky island with its most recognizable feature being a silver fort located in the center of it. Within it Bill built his throne room where he meets with his subordinates, and sends the less able ones to work in the mines at the lower levels.[2]


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Silver Mine
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At some point in the past, Bill came to this island and began mining out silver in order to pay off his debt to Guild Tesoro. He and his collaborators, Peseta and Aveyron, also built a false organization known as the Silver Pirate Alliance with promises of conquering the New World in order to capture criminals with bounties to also pay off his debt. Any members who did not satisfy Bill were forced to work in the mines while prevented from escaping by Averyon. Desire and the other surviving members of Sweet Pirates became members of this organization after being attacked and then tricked by Bill.

Silver Mine Arc

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Both Luffy and Bartolomeo were captured by the organization while on their way to Zou and brought to this island as prisoners. However, they managed to escape and then defeat Aveyron while Zoro defeated Peseta later on. Bill then revealed the alliance's true purpose and his own role in the Sweet Pirates' destruction, depressing Desire and enraging to Luffy to soundly defeat him.

After getting beaten, Bill became desperate to please Guild Tesoro and consumed enough ore to become a living inferno. Though Luffy defeated him again, the resulting heat caused the entire island to melt and sink into the ocean, taking Bill with it and ending the Silver Pirate Alliance.


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