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The Simon Pirates (サイモン海賊団 Saimon Kaizoku-dan?) is a pirate crew led by Simon in the game, Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands.[1]

Jolly Roger

Simon Pirates' Jolly Roger

The crew's Jolly Roger is an intricate circle featuring two curved designs, with a yellow orb inside of it. This symbol is not seen on any flag, but was shown on one of Simon's paper sheets and Saphir's hand.[1]

Crew Members

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Simon Pirates 
Gad Din Zabal Niphtal 
Other Members
Saphir Rubis Emeraude Simurgh
Zau Ra Zau  Kau Ra Kau 

Crew Strength

The captain of the crew, Simon, possesses a Logia Devil Fruit that makes him a formidable opponent. The crew also contains a good range of members, in both professions and skills that make them challenging.[1]


Zabal's ship.

The only known ship the Simon Pirates possess is typically used by Zabal. It is a large, low set ship with two masts, a large cannon on the front, and a figurehead of an animal skull that has large horns.


Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands

When the Straw Hat Pirates crash-landed on the Seven Phantom Islands due to a storm, they eventually encounter the Simon Pirates. In various RPG battle, the Straw Hat Pirates eventually managed to defeat the entire Simon Pirates and leave the island.[1]


  • While exploring the island, Zoro and Nami encounter a group referred to as the Halsey Pirates (ハルゼー海賊団 Haruzē Kaizoku-dan?). It is possible this is a division of the Simon Pirates or an error, but this is unknown.


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