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For the characters nicknamed "Phoenix", see Marco and Puzzle.

Sino Phoenix was one of the main antagonists of Oda's one-shot, Wanted!.[1]


Sino was a middle-aged man with light colored short hair, and a stubble on his chin and upper lip. He wore a large cowboy hat that was tied under his chin, and a light colored suit with a light shirt and dark tie. He also wore dark sunglasses.[1]


He was a mercenary who always got his kill, and did not seem to care about the murders or crimes he was doing. He was also willing to work for the police.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Sino was a very famous mercenary due to his impressive shooting skills.


He was a famous hitman, who was said to the best. The police hired Sino to kill Gill Bastar, who had been killing too many people, in order to prevent more victims in the future.

Upon being challenged by Gill (who was being possessed by Wild Joe), Sino accepted the challenge, and had a fierce gunfight with Gill. In the end, Gill was victorious, and Sino fell to his death.


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