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The Sister Anko is a dessert ship which is part of an expansion to Baratie. It is managed by Patty.


The submarine is built to look like an angler fish. It has a large main door that says "DESSERT" on it, with a small platform for people to stand on when above the water to allow entry and two window hatches for "eyes". The craft has a domed roof with large metal bumps on it and a periscope in the center. Like an angler fish, it has a light hanging just above the two hatches.

The main dining area is in the middle of the submarine, and is a circular room with glass walls. The main support beam is in the center of the room. Below the submarine is a giant paddle wheel that allows the submarine to move, and there is a giant fin in the back that acts as a rudder.


During the timeskip, the Sister Anko was made as an extension of the Baratie. It was made to be a dessert ship and is run by Patty.

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  • "Anko" (アンコウ ankō?) means anglerfish.
  • Anko is a popular ingredient in Japanese desserts.
  • Despite the emblem on Patty's apron saying "DESSERT", the door shown in the picture of Sister Anko in Chapter 626 says "DESSRT".

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