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Skid is a male character of the One Piece OVA. He is the grandfather of Medaka, and an elder of their village.


Oda’s sketch of Skid from Volume 5.

Skid is an old man, with graying hair and beard. He typically wears a red knit cap and matching vest, with a blue button-up shirt underneath.


As a village elder, Skid is quite protective of his fellow villagers, especially the headstrong Medaka. He cannot, however, exert enough authority over Medaka to actually prevent her from charging into danger.

He is also remarkably generous to strangers, enough to give Luffy and Zoro the last of the village's food for saving Medaka.


After the Ganzack Pirates invaded, Skid was helpless to stop them from enslaving his homeland, putting all the able-bodied men - such as Herring - to work in a mysterious structure known as Devil's Tower. Meanwhile, elders such as himself and children such as Medaka were kept in the village as hostages.

For weeks after, Skid did his best to weather the situation and the village's dwindling food supplies. He could not, however, stop Medaka from launching raids on the pirates, and ultimately being saved by the starving castaway known as Monkey D. Luffy. As thanks, Medaka led Luffy - and his compatriot Roronoa Zoro - to Skid's house, where Skid shared the last of his food, and warnings of Ganzack's terrible might. To his dismay, these warnings went unheeded, and Medaka soon 'enlisted' her new friends against Ganzack with promises of more food.

Too old and frail to stop the trio, Skid largely stayed on the periphery of the following battles against the Ganzack Pirates. Once Ganzack's threat was finally ended, however, he joined his fellow villagers in seeing the Straw Hat Pirates off.


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