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The Skull Dome is the main landmark of Onigashima. The castle where Kaidou of the Four Emperors lives is built inside of it.

Layout and Locations

The most notable landmark of Onigashima, the Skull Dome, is a large rock formation resembling a skull with horns that faces south-east.[1] This mountain is easily visible from a great distance. During the battle atop the Skull Dome, Roronoa Zoro sliced off one of the skull's horns with Enma,[2] and Kaidou melted the other with his Kaen Daiko form.[3] Big Mom also caused further damage to the mountain while testing her new homie Hera, creating a three-level wide hole to the right side of the mountain's face.[4]

Thanks to its enormous size, the dome's summit can act as a battlefield for numerous fighters, including even Kaidou in his gigantic dragon form. The top of the dome can be accessed from Kaidou's Castle through a huge set of doors, which allows even the Numbers to go and come as they please.[5]

Most of Onigashima's buildings appear to be directly connected to the Skull Dome, making this landmark central to the Beasts Pirates' operations. The inside of the dome consists of various buildings lining the walls of the right and left side, with the castle being at the furthest wall.

Skull Dome Cross Section.png
A cross section of the Skull Dome.
Skull Dome Side Cross Section.png
A cross section of the Skull Dome from the side.
Skull Dome Floor Plan.png
A layout of the Skull Dome floors and buildings.
Live Floor Layout.png
An overhead view of the Live Floor and the buildings located on it.


The rooftop is a wide space big enough where Kaidou in his Beast Form, most of the Nine Red Scabbards, Izou, the Guardians[6] in Sulong form, Jack, Nangi and an army of Gifters can battle.[5]

Kaidou's Castle

Diagram of the floors in Kaidou's Castle.

Kaidou resides in a towering castle within the Skull Dome. The castle was built by Minatomo[7] and took five years to construct.[8] It is located at the very rear of the dome, at its northern-most point. The interior resembles a traditional Japanese castle, with sliding doors, paper lanterns and even bonsai tree arrangements. It consists of seven floors in total, specifically five regular ones leading to the dome's summit and two basements, the latter being each split over two further levels.

The castle appears to occupy a considerable portion of the skull's interior and can accommodate even the largest members of the Beasts Pirates with ease. Still, the place is not optimal for fights as during Luffy's battle against two of the Tobiroppo, concern was expressed over the castle's ability to withstand their attacks without suffering serious structural damage. Specific rooms within the castle include a prison cell which was once occupied by Eustass Kid,[9] a room Kaidou uses for meetings with his top subordinates.[10] and a room decorated with several bonsai trees and a Japanese armor set.[11]

According to Yamato, each floor has an attic space in-between it and the upper floors.[12]

Bottom Floor

The Armory.

  • The Armory (武器庫 Buki-ko?) is located at the very bottom of the basement floors. It contains an enormous quantity of weapons manufactured in Wano Country, with enough explosives to destroy the entire Onigashima if they were to be triggered all at once.[13]

Second Basement

Somewhere in the second basement lies an underground chamber housing a blue Poneglyph.[14]

Second Floor

  • The Treasure Repository (宝物殿 Hōmotsuden?) is a two-story building located near the back of the Skull Dome.[15] The Nine Red Scabbards rested and had their injuries treated here after their fight against Kaidou.[16] Part of the building was destroyed by an explosion that Kurozumi Kanjuro's copy of Oden detonated.[17] Kurozumi Orochi later took shelter here while waiting for Fukurokuju, and found Komurasaki in an adjacent room.[18]

Third Floor

  • The Banquet Hall (宴会場 Enkaijō?), where Black Maria and many of her direct, yōkai-themed subordinates sought refuge during the Onigashima raid.[19] Black Maria booby trapped the place with her spider webs, which allowed her to capture Sanji and hold him prisoner inside.

Fourth Floor

The Nekoka-fé.

  • The Nekoka-fé (ネコ科フェ Nekoka-fe?, literally meaning "feline café"), seemingly run and occupied by Who's-Who and his feline subordinates. Themed after a Cat Café, the large open area features several grossly oversized cat trees.[20]

Unknown Floor

  • The Guest Parlor (来賓の間 Raihin no Ma?) is a private room located somewhere in Kaidou's Castle designated to accommodate guests from outside Wano.[21] It is where the members of CP0 stayed during the Golden Kagura, observing and receiving reports from the events of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance's raid.[22]

Rear Entrance

The castle's rear entrances.

According to the blueprints Kin'emon acquired from Ashura Doji, Kaidou's castle has a rear entrance accessible only from the back of the Skull Dome, at the north of Onigashima. There are in fact two entrances, one in an upper level and another in a lower one to its left, both being part of a structure resembling an ancient Japanese shrine on top a rocky staircase. Each entrance is represented with a torii of its own.

The Nine Red Scabbards (sans Kin'emon and Denjiro) fought Kanjuro and his allied troops in the upper entrance, before invading the castle to assault Kaidou.

Live Floor

The Live Floor during the Golden Kagura.

The Live Floor (ライブフロア Raibu Furoa?, VIZ: Performance Floor)[23] is where the Golden Kagura celebration takes place. It is located right in front of Kaidou's Castle inside the Skull Dome.

It is an enormous banquet hall that can house most of Kaidou's forces, including the gigantic Numbers. It has many multi-level towers and private rooms. There is also a DJ station set up here, from where Scratchmen Apoo plays music.

Situated in front of the Live Floor is the Live Stage (ライブステージ Raibu Sutēji?, VIZ: Performance Stage),[24] the balcony of Kaidou's castle that oversees the banquet hall from above. During the Golden Kagura, Queen held his live performances here.

Cave Chamber

The Cave Chamber (岩戸の間 Iwato no Ma?) is a chamber inside a stone building tall enough to accomodate the Numbers. During the raid, Apoo brought Drake into this chamber to offer an alliance.[25]

Right-Brain Tower

The Right Brain Tower (右脳塔 Unō-tō?) is a building located south of the Live Floor, connecting it to the outside of the Skull Dome, at Onigashima's southernmost point. It primarily consists of a pathway decorated with wisteria flowers.

After rescuing Kozuki Momonosuke from the Beasts Pirates with Sanji's help, Shinobu fled here with her master while being pursued by a protective Yamato. At the end of the tower's path, Sasaki ambushed Shinobu with his Armored Division and confronted Yamato and, later, Franky.[26]

Left-Brain Tower

The Left Brain Tower (左脳塔 Sanō-tō?) is a building located east of the Live Floor, connecting it to the pond at the easternmost point of Onigashima.[27]

This was the path Nami, Carrot and Shinobu used to infiltrate the Skull Dome while being pursued by Big Mom.[28]

Pleasure Hall

The Pleasure Hall's entrance outside the Skull Dome.

The Pleasure Hall (遊廓 Yūkaku?) is located in the Left-Brain Tower.[27] It is owned by Black Maria, being a newly added expansion not found in the original blueprints of Kaidou's castle. "Woman Trouble" (女難 Jonan?) is written on the entrace.[29] The outer sections are built outside the Skull Dome atop a pond and decorated with wisteria shrubs from nearby trees as well as horn-like protrusions on the roof. The outside entrance directly connects to a long boardwalk that spans from one of the pond's shorelines to the other.[30] During the Golden Kagura, Big Mom stayed here in order to try on a kimono.

Forehead Floor

The Forehead Floor (前頭フロア Zentō Furoa?) is the entrance floor of the Skull Dome, located in its southernmost point.[31]

At the end of this floor, there is a set of stairs that leads to the upper Live Floor.

Beasts' Bath

The Beasts' Bath (百獣の湯 Hyakujū no Yu?) is a bathhouse in the Forehead Floor, to the west.

It is where Nami and Usopp went after Page One and Ulti decided to give chase to them during the Onigashima raid, with their battle taking place inside.

Forbidden Storeroom

The Forbidden Storeroom from the outside.

The Forbidden Storeroom (開かずの倉庫 Akazu no Sōko?) is an old building within the Skull Dome where discarded objects and junk are kept. Yamato took refuge with Kozuki Momonosuke and Shinobu here once Onigashima took off to the sky. It is located next to the stairway that leads into the Skull Dome's Forehead Floor. The storeroom itself appears to be closed off and in a state of decay, with some Beasts Pirates considering it a "cursed" place that no one dared to enter anymore. Because of this, Yamato thought the building was a great spot to hide from Kaidou's forces until a mouse mary detected them.[32][33]

The Forbidden Storeroom from the inside.

A destroyed dragon statue is one of the few objects worth of notice found there. It was originally located near the entrance of Onigashima, but was broken by Yamato as a sign of rebellion towards his father. Portgas D. Ace, in a sign of support, melted the statue in order to take responsibility for Yamato's deed and to send a warning to Kaidou.


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