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The Snakeneck Tribe is a tribe of humanoid individuals primarily distinguished by their extremely long necks.[3] They were first mentioned in the list of slave prices that Duval gave to Sanji and are first seen among the racially diverse nation of Totto Land.[1]


Members of the Snakeneck Tribe have necks that are longer than a normal human's, making them much taller than most humans. Most snakeneck hybrids that have been shown have had very slender bodies that make them more closely resemble snakes, though this is not a universal feature, as seen with Charlotte Mondée.[1] Members of the tribe seem to decorate their necks with rings or tattoos similar to what the Longleg Tribe members have on their legs.


No pure Snakenecks have been identified, but seven Charlotte Family members have snakeneck lineage.

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Snakeneck Tribe
Half Humans
Charlotte Mondée Charlotte Amande Charlotte Hachée Charlotte Effilée
Charlotte Mascarpone Charlotte Joscarpone Charlotte Wiro

Interracial RelationshipsEdit

The Snakeneck Tribe are valued as slaves by normal humans considering the standard price for a Snakeneck Tribe member is Beli700,000.[2]

Snakenecks are known to live peacefully as part of Big Mom's multi-racial nation of Totto Land[1], which includes almost all known races.



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