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The Snapper Head[2] was a ship belonging to the Sun Pirates. It was destroyed by the Big Mom Pirates after the Sun Pirates sacrificed it.[3]

Ship Design and Appearance

Frontal view of the Snapper Head.

The ship has a figurehead of a fish, with flames around the neck part, while the rudder resembles a fish tail. The cabin on the middle and the back of the ship also resembles fishes. There are cannon ports on the sides of the vessel. Its overall appearance is a giant fish. The ship has five sails. The front two are dark blue, and they bear the Jolly Roger of the Sun Pirates. The middle one is dark blue, but is blank. The second one from the back is light blue. The last sail on the back is striped between blue green and green. The flag of the crew is on top of the foremost sail. After it was rebuilt, the ship had different colors on the front sail.[4]



The Snapper Head was built by Fisher Tiger many years ago.[3] He and his crew the Sun Pirates sailed on it until they were ambushed by the Marines on Foolshout Island, and the ship was sunken by cannon fire.[5]

Whole Cake Island Arc

Snapper Head in Totto Land.

Eventually, the Sun Pirates managed to salvage and rebuild the Snapper Head, and they disembarked from Whole Cake Island on it as they attempted to leave Totto Land and cut off ties with the Big Mom Pirates. However, they stayed to protect their former captain Jinbe and his new crew the Straw Hat Pirates, and when their ship the Thousand Sunny was in peril from the Big Mom Pirates, Wadatsumi replaced it with the Snapper Head, resulting in the latter ship being destroyed by the Queen Mama Chanter's cannon fire.[3]


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