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A Sniper is a person adept at utilizing as well as maintaining range weaponry.

Role and AbilitiesEdit

Much like musicians, snipers, in the series, are an optional and alternative occupation for any Marine or pirate. Snipers usually have great eyesight and accuracy, allowing them to hit difficult targets from a considerable distance. Due to their choice of weaponry, snipers excel best at long-range combat. Weapons that most snipers prefer to utilize include rifles and pistols, but can also include artillery such as cannons and mortars and highly customized weapons that best suits the sniper's skill.[2][3]

Snipers with great physical strength can throw seemingly harmless objects without any launchers, turning them into deadly projectiles of tremendous accuracy and precision.[4][3][5][6] Fish-Men are the most prominent of such feats, turning water droplets into high-velocity bullets,[7][8] especially those who practice Fish-Man Karate.[9][10]


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Translation and Dub IssuesEdit

Snipers have been referred to as Sharp-Shooters in the FUNimation Dub such as Sanji referring to Usopp as such when he confronted Mr. 2 in Alabasta.[11] This renaming was abandoned in the later English dubbed episodes as Foxy at the beginning of the Davy Back Fight identified Usopp as a "Sniper".[12]


  • Given the nature of their skills some snipers such as Usopp, may also double as their crews' gunner, responsible for operating and maintaining their ship's cannons and artillery.
  • While not considered traditional snipers (due to the lack of weaponry), both Trebol and Charlotte Katakuri were shown to precisely hit targets from long distances with ease.


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