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The song's debut in Chapter 368.

Sogeking's (Hero) Song is a song sung by Usopp whenever he becomes his alter-ego, Sogeking. This song was first used in Chapter 368 (Episode 257) and is played several times after during the Enies Lobby Arc.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Japanese script Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
そげきの島で Sogeki no Shima de On the Sniper Island
生まれたおれは Umareta Ore wa I was born
100ぱつ100ちゅ Hyappatsu Hyaku Chū 100 shots, 100 hits
ルルララル〜♪ Ru Ru Rara Ru〜♪ Lu lu lala lu〜♪
ネズミの目玉も Nezumi no Medama mo Even a mouse's eye
ロックオン! Rokkuon! Lock on!
お前のハートも Omae no Haato mo Even your Heart
ロックオン!! Rokkuon!! Lock on!!
そげきの島から来た男〜♪ Sogeki no Shima kara Kita Otoko〜♪ The man from the Sniper Island〜♪
ルルルルルララ Rururu Ruru Rara Lululu lulu lala
それ逃げろ! Sorenigero! You'd better run!
そげげ そげそげ Sogege Soge Soge Sogege Soge Soge
そげキング〜♪ Sogekingu〜♪ Sogeking〜♪

FUNimation Lyrics[edit | edit source]

The song dubbed by FUNimation Entertainment was sung by Usopp's voice actor Sonny Strait, and "Sogeking" was changed to "Sniper King".

Oh, the wind carries my name...
From Sniper Island far away...
When I take aim, it is straight and true...
Lu lu la la lu...

Whether you're a man or a mouse...
Lock on!
I will put your heart in my sights...

No one knows what secrets hide...
Behind this mask and my cape...
Lu lu lu lu lu la la!
There is no escape!
(Sniper King sniper pa pa)
Sniper King aims true!

Anime and Manga differences[edit | edit source]

In the manga, the song is only hummed. The anime accompanies it with a sequence parodying the opening titles of Toei's superhero programs, complete with the faux title Sniper Warrior Sogeking (狙撃戦士 そげキング Sogeki Senshi Sogekingu) and a faux logo.

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