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O-Some[2] is a geisha who works in Wano Country's Flower Capital.[1]


Some is a young woman of average size with wavy light-colored hair that is tied into a bun at the back and has flowers attached on the right side. She wears a dark-colored kimono with a light-and-dark checkerboard pattern on the top, as well as a light obi with a star pattern.[1] Queen considers her to be very beautiful, and states that she is his second choice for a partner behind only Komurasaki.


Some is a meek woman who was quick to apologize for getting in Sanji's way, not wanting to be mistaken for a combatant in the war on Onigashima. When she was attacked by Queen (with Sanji appearing to be the perpetrator at the time), Some was shown with a look of great fear on her face.[1] She is also shown to be quite caring, and will be courageous to help those she cares about in danger, seen when she went into a battle area to find and rescue her pet mouse Chuji. Although she displays great reverence toward the Wano administration and occupying Beasts Pirates as is required, Some has rejected the romantic advances of Queen numerous times in spite of the great power the All-Star holds.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Being a geisha who was summoned from the Flower Capital to perform at Kurozumi Orochi and Kaidou's Fire Festival celebration, it is likely that Some is a very skilled entertainer.[1]

She does not appear to have any fighting skills. When Queen unexpectedly attacked her, Some was launched back a great distance and was left with heavy bleeding; however, she did remain conscious after the attack and got up without any adverse effects a short time later.[1][2]


Wano Country Arc

Some worked as a geisha in the Flower Capital and was brought to Onigashima on the day of the Fire Festival to provide entertainment for Kurozumi Orochi and Kaidou's festivities. The Beasts Pirates All-Star Queen tried to buy her services numerous times, but she turned him down. When fighting broke out as pirates and Wano citizens invaded Onigashima, Some and the other geisha hid inside a room in the Left Brain Tower Pleasure Hall. Some then went out into the hall where she encountered a running Sanji, and she assured him she meant no harm. However Queen, who had activated his invisibility power, came in and struck Some to the ground. Some was tended to by her fellow geisha, and since Queen was invisible, they believed that Sanji had been the one to strike her.[1]

Not too long afterward, Some recovered from her injuries and went out to find her pet mouse Chuji, despite Sanji and Queen fighting feriously right outside. She found Chuji and beckoned him to her, not realizing that Queen was invisible and coming up to attack her again for turning him down. However, Sanji then appeared and struck Queen, making him visible and leaving Some in surprise.[2] She was relieved when Sanji sent Queen flying out of Onigashima and returned Chuji to her, only for him to collapse in front of her. She then called for help to come to Sanji's aid.[3]


  • The names of O-Some and Chuji may be reference to the historical novel Onna Kyōkaku – Komachi no O-Some (女侠客 小町のお染? "Chivalrous Woman – O-Some of Komachi") by Tamada Gyokushusai. The protagonist of the novel, O-Some of Komachi, is accompanied by a man called Kurofune Chuji (黒船忠治?), and acts as a type of chivalrous outlaw or gentleman thief.[4]
  • Osome (お染) means "dye", and about 200 years ago, geishas in the Fukagawa region were known to wear a kimono dyed a shade of gray called Fukagawa Mouse (深川鼠), this seems to play into O-Some's pet Chuji being a mouse. [5]


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