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Sonieh is the leader of 50-men mechanic team in the Foxy Pirates. Luffy chose their flag instead of one of their shipwrights.[1]


Sonieh is an average sized man, with light colored long shaggy hair on the back of his head, and sideburns. He has a small black goatee, stubble on his upper lip, and a round nose. He wears a rope around his forehead, like other craftsmen, and a cap on his head. Like other foxy pirates, he sports a black mask.[1]


Not much is known about his personality.

Abilities and Powers

As one of the Foxy pirates shipwrights and mechanics, it is presumable that he is good at fixing and building things.


Some time, he was either won or joined the Foxy Pirates as a mechanic and shipwright. After Foxy was defeated by Luffy, he was one of the three shipwrights, along with Gina and Donovan, put up as an offer of a prize. Luffy declined the offer, and took the crew's Jolly Roger instead.


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