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Soran is an anime-only character from the Straw Hat Pirates' separation episodes. She was a young slave girl from Tequila Wolf who found Nico Robin unconscious in the snow and took care of her.[1]


Soran's Concept Art from the Anime.

Soran is a young girl with medium length blond hair.

She wears an old, tattered prisoner suit which seems to be too big of a size. Her suit is blue with a buttoned collar, and the sleeves seem to be rolled up. She also wears brown shoes which might also be too large of a size. The number "3333" is also sewn onto her suit.[1]


Soran is a very secluded girl with little knowledge of the outside world, because she was born in Tequila Wolf.[1]

She is also quite caring, seeing that she forgave the woman who sold Robin out and vowed to give her chocolate bar to Robin when they meet again.[1]


Soran was born a slave, and has always worked building the massive bridge of Tequila Wolf. She knows very little of the outside world and copes with this by drawing islands on pieces of wood, one of which turns out to resemble a Sky Island. After Robin appeared, she told Soran all about her adventures on Skypiea, and this gave Soran the hope of someday drawing pictures of islands all over the world. She tells Robin that she thinks the bridge between islands is a good thing because it will enable people from different places to meet each other.[1]

Soran receiving some chocolate.

When Robin was discovered by the guards, Soran and the other female slaves tried to hide her, but the guards were prepared to torture Soran and the other slaves for information. Robin handed herself over to save Soran.[1]

The woman who sold Robin out later received a bar of chocolate from the guards. The other slaves began to shun her, but Soran was willing to forgive her. Soran then talked to the woman in an alley. She felt remorse and gave the chocolate to Soran, who vowed to give it to Robin as a thank you for sacrificing herself.[1]

Later, assisted by an agent of the Revolutionary army, Soran went to the prison tower to see Robin. With his help, Soran is able to free Robin, enabling her to incapacitate the attacking Tequila Wolf guards. She is later seen free outside with Robin and the Revolutionaries.[2]



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