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Spa Island was a non-canon resort ship where the Straw Hats went to take a break once they left the Florian Triangle. Doran was the owner of the ship. This was the setting of the Spa Island Arc.


There were fifty places on Spa Island. There were slides, swimming pools, cola baths, restaurants, and many other places.


Spa Island slides
Swimming pool
Spa Island high dive
Cola Bath.png
Cola bath
Bird's eye view of Spa Island
Spa Island Cannon Form.png
Spa Island when in cannon mode


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Spa Island
Lina Sayo Nukky Straw Hat Pirates Foxy
Porche Hamburg


Once there, Nami and Robin meet the owner of the island, Doran, and Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp meet Lina and Sayo, two girls running away from Foxy. It turns out that Foxy is after the girls for their notebook, which tells you how to make a gem. He then notices the Straw Hat crew and decides to get revenge before going after the notebook. He uses a new weapon to enhance his Noro Noro Beam's effect, and tries to put the Straw Hats in the ocean, but he is easily defeated by Franky. Sayo and Lina then explain about the notebook to the Straw Hats (save for Zoro). Doran then kidnaps Sayo. He threatens to kill Sayo with unless he gets the notebook. Robin and Usopp take care of Doran and Zoro slices the cannon and frees Sayo.

Luffy then proceeds to destroy Spa Island with a Gigant Axe, but he forgets that he shrinks after using Gear 3. Sanji then ends up saving Luffy along with Lina (who was holding onto Luffy). After they get on the Thousand Sunny they realize that the gem is a round rainbow. Doran and Foxy immediately do not want the gem anymore. Three days later, Lina and Sayo have already completed the gem and sent it to the Straw Hats, but Luffy loses it among candy rain.

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