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The Space Pirates are a pirate crew of aliens originating from outer space. They are moon miners that mine anything they can find.

Jolly Roger

The Space Pirates Jolly Roger resembles a simple skull & crossbones, except that its forehead is elongated.

Crew Members

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The Space Pirates' ship.

The Space Pirates' ship was first shown in Enel's Space Adventure. It is a relatively small craft manned by several Fox-like space pirates and other creatures. Enel was shown standing on it following the destruction of the Vearth. It has been wrecked by Enel in his revenge on the Space Pirates.


Enel's Great Space Operations

The Space Pirates make their first appearance after Enel lands on the moon. Captain Seamars finds and attacks Enel and First Lieutenant Spacey who are in a crater on the moon. Seamars attacks Spacey first and skewers him with a spear like weapon nearly killing him. The Space Pirate then tries to skewer Enel, unaware that he has eaten a Logia Devil Fruit, and he doesn't even react at first. Enel then attacks and defeats Seamars.

Right after Enel defeats the Space Pirate, he is shocked to see a huge explosion in the distance. Enel then becomes overwhelmed with unconditional rage and anger.

The Space Pirates are having some type of business meeting at this time at their base where their ship is located. Enel instantly appears on top of their ship and the Space Pirates quickly react by trying to attack him. Enel begins his attack on all of the Space Pirates for destroying his Vearth. They are unable to stop him and are all easily defeated. When Enel is done with his assault, the Space Pirates base and ship lay in ruins and it is unknown if they survived or not.

The Space Pirates were on the moon excavating the ruins of the winged people of ancient times, which Enel happens to be a descendant of.


  • The Space Pirates are the first extraterrestrials shown in One Piece
  • The Space Pirates' jolly roger has an elongated skull much like that of the Xenomorph from the Alien films.
  • The jolly roger of the Space Pirates resembles that of the Long Long Pirates.
  • The Space Pirate's Jolly Roger might be a reference to the standard "grey" alien archetype prevalent in western pop culture.


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