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Special Episode "Luff" is a three chapter "what if" storyline showing what would happen if Sabo had rescued Luffy and Ace at Marineford. It ran in the first three volumes of the official One Piece magazine.


Chapter 1

At the Summit War of Marineford, Admiral Akainu charges to attack Monkey D. Luffy. Appearing just in time, Sabo manages to rescue Luffy and Ace from the Admiral at the last moment before Ace's death.

Chapter 2

Following the war and Whitebeard's death, the brothers catch up on an unnamed island. Sabo reveals that he brought a bottle of Dadan's sake, and the three renew their brotherly vow.

Chapter 3

Luffy wakes up from his dream on the Thousand Sunny and walks into the kitchen to be greeted by his crew. Luffy asks Zoro and Sanji to hit him to make sure he is awake. After being hit, Luffy complains about being hit too hard, which Sanji explains it's because he went into the fridge without asking.

Meanwhile, Sabo wakes up on the Revolutionary Army's main ship while they are stuck at sea due to the lack of wind currents. Koala then teases Sabo about his dream, which she says he has been recurring every night for the past two years. This causing Sabo to engulf himself in flames with rage, only to be scolded by Koala for his recklessness. Looking at his flaming hand, Sabo is calmed by the vision of Ace's heritage. Afterward the wind picks back up, both crews continue their journey.



Special Episode Luff Second Cover.png
The second part cover.
Special Episode Luff Third Cover.png
The third part cover.


Special Episode Luff 1.png
Sabo arrives at the last moment as Sakazuki strikes.
Special Episode Luff 2.png
The brothers renew their oath.
Special Episode Luff 3.png
Luffy and Sabo wake up and the events turn out to have been a dream.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • The premise for this special was spoken by Koala in Chapter 731.
  • Each of the three title pages is different, but they all show the three sworn brothers.
    • The first title page shows the three brothers as young adults. It is the same depiction as that on the cover of Chapter 596.
    • The second title page shows the brothers' portraits in their young days and as young adults, as well as the three cups of sake.
    • The third title page shows scenes from Chapter 585 of the brothers living with the Dadan Family.
  • The first installment shows some of the events from Chapter 573 from new angles.
  • This is the second "What If?" re-imagination, the first being the ninth movie.
  • This is the second "It was all a Dream" story, the first being Episode of Nami.
  • This special was published again in One Piece Magazine Vol.12 with a new cover.

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