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Spector[2] is the owner of the Tropical Hotel.[1]


Spector is a short, pale, middle-aged man who wears a white buttoned-up long sleeve shirt, a cloth around his waist similar to a green apron, and red pants patterned with pink flowers. He has small, thick lips, round eyes, and thick black eyebrows. He also has a tiny mustache that comes out from behind his lips.[1]


Spector is always seen shaking his head, and is terrified of Bellamy and his crew.[1]


When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at his hotel, wanting to gather information about Skypiea, he refused to let them in because he feared the Bellamy Pirates, who were residing in his hotel at the time.[1]


Video Games

Non-Playable Appearances


An advertisement for Tropical Hotel.

  • An advertisement for Spector's Tropical Hotel was included in the supplementary Grand Times No. 1196 Issue. The advertisement claims that the hotel welcomes any kind of visitor, as long as they can pay for it.


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