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Speed[5] is a Shinuchi of the Beasts Pirates who is stationed in Bakura Town.[2] However, she became a subordinate to Tama due to the latter's Devil Fruit powers[3] and became an ally of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance.[6] She has been dubbed Umami (ウマ美 Umami?, English version: "Horselina") by Tama and Monkey D. Luffy.


Speed is a tall woman who, due to her Devil Fruit, resembles a centaur, with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse. The right half of her hair is white while the left half is dark-blue. She has purple eye irises, and a furry tail that is white on the left-side, and dark-blue on the right-side. She also has a light-pink piercing on her left long horse ear, and light-pink goggles on her head. She wears a half-white, half-light-blue jacket that exposes her cleavage, with dark-blue shoulder pauldrons, a short black feather cape, a light-pink pearl-like necklace wrapped around her neck, three sets of light-blue bead bracelets on her left and right wrists, two sets of silver metal armbands on her left and right forearms, white gloves on each hand, and has a saddle on the back of her horse body that has a variety of accessories on it.[1] Whenever she smiles, her mouth resembles that of a horse.[7]


Speed Portrait.png
A close up of Speed's face.
Speed Anime Concept Art.png
Anime Concept Art of Speed.
Speed Opening Over The Top.PNG
Speed from Over the Top Opening


Speed smiling like a horse.

Speed is a serious woman who cares about her duties and can get annoyed if she sees others goofing around. She is also proud because she does not like being given orders.[8] Despite this, she seems cheerful when she is praised and will smile like a horse in a humorous fashion when complimented or treated well. She seems to like explaining her powers to other people, as seen when she boasted about her great range of vision.[1]

After being tamed by Tama, Speed began to affectionately call her "Master".


Beasts Pirates

As a Shinuchi, she was put in charge of low ranking members of the Beasts Pirates who caused nothing but test her patience when it came to doing their jobs competently. She became enraged at them when they were goofing off instead of putting out a burning building, causing her to lose her temper. Her subordinates seem to hold her in high regard, often showering her with compliments.[9] After being tamed by Tama, Speed became an enemy to the Beasts Pirates, as Kaidou nearly killed her for her perceived defection,[10] and Speed later assisted Tama in spreading the Kibi Dango to other Gifters, further weakening the crew.[6]


Speed carrying Tama on her back

Upon Tama using her Devil Fruit abilities, she was able to fully tame Speed, who went from very stern to carefree and happy once Tama becomes her new master. Speed became very protective over Tama, letting her sit on her back and letting her ride her.[11] She even went so far as to defy Kaidou in order to protect Tama, putting her life in jeopardy to save her.[10] Speed also assisted Tama aiding the raid on Onigashima, becoming quite concerned for her well being when she was becoming greatly exhausted and weak from using her abilities too much. Despite her oath to keep Tama safe, she wished to help make her dream come true which would mean putting herself in harms way for her sake.[6]

Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy rides Speed like a horse.

Speed first encountered Luffy when he was rampaging in Bakura Town, earning her wrath. She was further enraged and shocked at Luffy attempting to ride her like a regular horse. She did not tolerate Luffy touching her until she was tamed by Tama, who changed her demeanor. After this, she grew to tolerate Luffy riding on her back. After Luffy found her injured in Okobore Town, Luffy made sure she was out of harm's way before fighting Kaidou.

Abilities and Powers

As a Shinuchi in the Beasts Pirates, Speed holds a high position in the crew and has authority over the lower-ranking members, and she is one of the top authorities in Bakura Town along with Holed'em and Basil Hawkins.[2]

Devil Fruit

Speed is a Horse SMILE (ウマのSMILEスマイル Uma no Sumairu?) user, giving her the lower body and ears of a horse. Her field of vision is greatly increased as well, with her claiming it to be 350 degrees.[1] Her horse legs make her a very fast runner, and she is also capable of carrying people on her back.

However, since she is part horse, she is susceptible to Tama's animal-taming Devil Fruit power.[12]


Speed drawing her bow.

Speed carries a bow on her back, although she has not been seen using it.[1]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

She is shown using it in the anime, and was skilled enough to launch a barrage of arrows quickly, skilfully aiming and shooting multiple arrows at a time against Roronoa Zoro and Kikunojo.[13]


In the anime, she is shown to be capable of Busoshoku Haki, imbuing her arrows with it to boost their power.[13]

Concludes non-canon section.


Speeds pirate ship.

Speed owns a private ship for herself she uses to sail to Onigashima with. Its size is of average, with a handful of Gifters as crew members. Her ship dons the Beast Pirates flag, with her name printed on the front sail. The bow of the ship has a figurehead of a horse, resembling the knight piece from a chess board.


Four Emperors Saga

Wano Country Arc

Speed went into the Paradise Farm to collect provisions for her and her crewmates stationed in Bakura Town. She heard the fire bell ringing, and ensured that the fire was put out as she arrived at the recently destroyed remains of Holed'em's house. She then brought the Treasure Ship of Provisions to Holed'em as she asked him what was going on, and watched as her fellow Shinuchi and some of her subordinates were suddenly taken out by Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro.[1]

Speed is tamed by Tama and Luffy.

Speed was shocked at Holed'em's defeat when Luffy, thinking she was a horse, tried to ride on her back. Speed got angry, but when Tama offered some kibi dango made from her body, she ate it and became subservient to Tama, carrying her and Luffy out of Bakura Town as they made their way to Okobore Town.[12] After Tama ate some food from the Treasure Ship of Provisions, Speed escorted her back to her home.[3]

On the way, both Speed and Tama were attacked by Kaidou when the Emperor discovered them. Speed was unable to protect Tama and she was greatly injured. She then traveled back to Okobore Town and collapsed. When Luffy found her, Speed told him what happened. He then put her out of harm's way as he fought Kaidou.[10]

When Tama was left behind, she expressed her wish to support the alliance, so Speed complied taking Tama on her own vessel. While inbound to Onigashima, Speed expressed her worry when Tama started to exhaust herself from making too many Kibi Dango's. However Tama waved aside her worry by expressing how she wished to live in a Wano without Kaidou and Orochi. Speed then resolved herself to fulfill her master's wish, alongside Daifugo and Gazelleman who were also converted into Tama's ally by the dangos. After arriving, the three distributed Tama's dangos to the other Gifters, with Speed claiming it to be a medicine to restore the injured SMILE users created by Queen.[6]

Speed later heard Tama broadcast her voice across Onigashima though Bao Huang.[14] After Tama issued the command for the newly-turned Gifters to fight against Kaidou, Speed was relieved that the plan had succeeded.[15] She then came to the aid of Tama, Nami, and Usopp, who had become a target for the other Beasts Pirates, and let them ride on her back, carrying them through the battlefield.[16]

Speed took refuge with Tama and Nami, while Usopp warded off the Beasts Pirates. Speed noted that Big Mom's Haoshoku Haki shockwave was emanating through the floor they were on and knocking out the Beasts Pirates in front of Usopp. Speed had multiple taken cuts and bruises at this point fighting her way through the raid, and still protecting Tama.[17] As the fires began to rage out of control, Speed and the Straw Hats began to descend back to the main floor to escape, coming across the sentient torso of Kinemon. Speed was left utterly speechless at it able to talk and communicate.

Major Battles

Filler Battles

Anime and Manga Differences

The anime gave Speed more scenes than in the manga. At Bakura Town, she puts up a fierce fight, firing volleys of Haki-infused arrows at Zoro and Kiku, who are able to push through her arrow shots and escape.[13]

Also in the anime, Speed is shown putting up a desperate stand against her former leader Kaidou, who greatly injures her and Tama with a fire blast.[18]

Speed Haki Arrows.png
Speed using arrows imbued with Busoshoku Haki
Speed vs Kaidou.png
Speed fighting Kaidou


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