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Sphinx[2] is an island where Edward Newgate was born. It is currently under Marco's protection. This island is not affiliated with the World Government due to its poverty and inability to pay for the Heavenly Tribute.[1]


The village hidden behind the waterfall.

Sphinx is a relatively small island that has some ruins of an old town at the shore, but its inhabitants live in another town hidden in the valley of the mountains which can only be entered through a waterfall.

Many Sphinxes live here as domesticated animals. The island has many coniferous trees and flowering shrubs, and the houses are small and have wooden roofs.[1]


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Edward Newgate   Marco Oide Tama



Whitebeard's impoverished childhood.

At a certain point in the past, the World Government abandoned the island due to the poor residents' inability to pay the Heavenly Tribute, causing the island to become a lawless place, deepening their poor status.[1] 74 years ago, Edward Newgate was born on Sphinx.[2]

After setting out to sea and becoming the infamous Whitebeard, Newgate continued to care for his hometown and used his earnings from piracy to support the residents.[1]

After the timeskip following Whitebeard's death, the Whitebeard Pirates' former first division commander Marco became the hidden village's doctor to carry on his captain's legacy and protect the residents from being attacked by those who are looking for Whitebeard's alleged fortune.[1]

Wano Country Arc

Marco and Nekomamushi looking over the now enriched and peaceful village.

Nekomamushi and his Guardians set out to find and recruit Marco and the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates to join the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance in their plan to free Wano Country from the Beasts Pirates, eventually arriving at Sphinx.

Upon arrival, Nekomamushi went to the hidden village and talked to Marco. After turning Nekomamushi down, placing his desire to protect the village above all, he asked him to pass on a message to Luffy in Wano.[1]


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