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Spice Bean is the restaurant that Ace and Luffy stopped by to eat while they were in Nanohana, Arabasta. The owner of the restaurant is Yoshimoto.[1]


Arabasta Saga

Arabasta Arc

As he waited for Monkey D. Luffy to arrive in Arabasta, Ace stopped by Spice Bean for a meal, drawing attention from a crowd due to his narcolepsy making everybody think he died while eating.

Noticing the crowd gathering around the pirate, Smoker found and recognized Ace as the Second Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Shortly after, Luffy burst into the restaurant, accidentally hitting Smoker and Ace while sending them through several walls. Luffy, apparently oblivious, took a seat and started eating. Ace recognized Luffy, but before he could call out, Smoker knocked him to the ground. The Marine Captain started talking to Luffy, who ignored him and kept eating. Not long later, Luffy remembered who he was and began running off from the restaurant.[1]


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